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14 Perler Bead Letters for Young Children

Perler bead letters are one of the easiest ways to reinforce the alphabet in your toddlers’ and preschoolers’ developing minds.

In addition to developing their alphabet skills, these Perler bead letters provide an opportunity to develop their hand-eye coordination, which is a foundational skill for A LOT of activities.

Help them to figure out what consonants and vowels are, and let them distinguish between upper-case letters and lower-case letters, with this compilation of Perler bead letter patterns that range from plain designs to festivity-inspired ones.

You never know – your child might even spell out their first word!

Materials for Perler Bead Letters

5 Simple Perler Bead Alphabet Patterns for Kids

The first Perler bead patterns are simple enough to be followed by toddlers and preschoolers.

You must be very familiar with Perler beads by now. If not, check out our post on easy Perler bead patterns where you’ll find an introductory video tutorial for this activity.

1. Lower Case Alphabet Perler Beads – Video Tutorial

Let’s start with a simple video tutorial from Perler Party that showcases and patiently guides you on how to easily place lower-case letters on the pegboard.

Not only will your kids memorize the letters from watching this, but this video tutorial will also reinforce the sound of the letters through the nursery rhyme played.

2. Thick Upper-Case Alphabet Letters

Photo credit: HamaBeadsPattern123

Placing Perler beads on a pegboard is both a physical and mental activity that’s perfect for growing toddlers.

It trains their hand-eye coordination and it also teaches them how to count when placing the beads.

HamaBeadPatterns123’s channel has provided a tutorial for these chunky upper-case letters that will no doubt leave an impression on your child’s learning.

3. Colorful Alphabet

Photo credit: mindofmiller on Brik

A display of colors can be a blessing or a curse: it can either focus or distract.

Gauge the attention of your little ones while doing this alphabet pattern made by mindofmiller, and adjust the colors according to their reactions.

4. Upper-Case and Lower-Case Serif Font Letters

Photo credit: Wonderful Stitches

Kids need to build a firm foundation for their vocabulary, and one of the basic lessons they need to learn is distinguishing upper-case letters from lower-case ones.

I find that this alphabet pattern from Wonderful Stitches is a very good starting point. And while it’s not necessarily a fuse bead pattern, the grid still lends itself pretty well to peg boards!

The pattern is made in a way that makes it intuitive for young children, placing upper-case letters beside their lower-case counterparts to make it easy for them to learn.

5. Alphabet with Picturesque Beach Pattern

Photo credit: migotka on Friendship Bracelets

Children will grasp concepts better and will retrieve ideas faster when the lessons are funny, amusing, or both.

Not only will migotka‘s picturesque beach pattern keep your children engaged, with the crabs and seashells to stimulate their imaginations, but adults will also have a bonding moment with their kids by seeing such a relaxing image of the ocean.

Explore more of the ocean through crafts with these ocean crafts!

5 Creative Perler Bead Letter Patterns

The next Perler bead letter patterns will feature attractive and creative ideas that will hook your children.

It includes designs that you would see from popular media and games, such as Disney.

6. Mickey Mouse Letter “M”

Mickey Mouse Letter Perler Bead
Photo credit: donna_7_16 on Kandi Patterns

Make your own Mickey Mouse letter with this pattern brought to you by donna_7_16.

Though this pattern just contains the letter M, challenge your kids to spell their first names or the name of their favorite Disney characters.

While the Mickey Mouse template is already provided, other letters might prove difficult for your kids, so support their letter-making process by providing them with other letter designs.

While this Mickey Mouse-inspired Perler bead letter is not specific to the letter M, we do share a post about letter M crafts.

7. Retro Style Alphabet Patterns

Photo credit: Friendship Bracelets

Feel a little cross-eyed? We shared the same experience if your eyes were fooled by these retro-style alphabet bead patterns.

This almost looks like an optical illusion with the letters appearing to be distorted yet clear at the same time.

These retro designs remind us fondly of the past. Drive down memory lane and create your unique memories with these scrapbook kits for kids!

8. London Perler Beads

Photo credit: Mymy78 on Friendship Bracelets

Spell the British capital in capital letters and fashioned in the flag’s colors with Mymy78‘s London pattern.

?. Letters in Sign Language

Photo credit: KrazyKnots on Bracelet Book

Letters can be expressed not only on paper and through voice, but through hands with sign language!

Memorizing a single letter in sign language is challenging enough for an adult, so here are the first six letters of the alphabet—with the remaining ones seen on KrazyKnots‘s pattern.

9. Elements: Copper, Silver, Gold

Photo credit: ENCB1408 on Bracelet Book

Letters are the building blocks of the alphabet, whereas elements are building blocks in chemistry.

To express these elements, we need the help of letters! The ones displayed on ENCB1408‘s pattern are copper, silver, and gold.

Rg stands for roentgenium, which is a man-made element that should only be of concern to scientists.

3 Famous Letters and Logos Perler Beads

10. Letter “G” Gryffindor Crest Pattern

Photo credit: Alicia Sivert

Alicia Sivert reminds us that it’s never too early to influence your young children and introduce them to the Harry Potter saga, whether it’s reading the novels or watching the movies.

Make this letter Gryffindor crest featuring a letter “G” after you’ve fully initiated them into the Potterverse.

Can’t get enough of Harry Potter, can ya? Well, we’ve got you covered with these Harry Potter crafts.

11. Letter B (Barbie)

Photo credit: itsamber on Bracelet Book

Barbie breaks out of Barbie Land and smashes the box office with her very own movie.

Those who Ken not get enough of Barbie should look forward to making itsamber‘s Barbie logo!

12. D is for Disney

Photo credit: Rapreme on Bracelet Book

Few logos are as recognizable as this letter D shared by Rapreme.

These Disney Perler bead ideas will inspire you to do more activities!

2 Bonus Perler Bead Alphabet Patterns

The last 2 Perler bead patterns include Halloween-themed as well as Christmas-themed designs for you to enjoy during these seasonal festivities.

One of the most anticipated activities during Halloween is carving a pumpkin, so try these jack-o’-lantern crafts next Halloween.

13. Ooze-Covered Alphabet for Halloween

Photo credit: Friendship Bracelets

For Halloween-themed activities, you shouldn’t miss out on making these ooze-covered alphabet letters from Friendship Bracelets that you can stick on your fridge with some self-adhesive magnets.

Kids will be amazed at the gooey effect that these Perler bead letters have.

Halloween calls for spooky ideas and crafts like these awesome Halloween painted rocks.

14. Christmas-Colored Perler Letters

Photo credit: XcUiDi on Friendship Bracelets

Let the Yuletide season begin early with these Christmas-inspired Perler bead letters that XcUiDi shares.

Hang these small creations on your Christmas tree with a piece of string to start a new tradition!

Easy Perler Bead Letters for Young Kids

I hope your kids will have an easy understanding the letters of the alphabet after making these Perler bead letters.

Share in the comments below which of these Perler bead letters you and your children are planning to create!

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