17 Stethoscope Drawings for Aspiring Doctors

Aspiring little doctors and nurses will benefit immensely from making these stethoscope drawings. What is a stethoscope? It’s an essential medical instrument used by doctors. So important in fact, that they carry it with them at all times!

In this list, we’ll be showing different ways how to draw a stethoscope. Imagination will be tickled as children design each component of the stethoscope. The most important aspect, of course, is to have fun while drawing!

Materials Needed

Thankfully, a stethoscope isn’t required to draw one. If your supplies are running low, don’t worry! —I have the materials just for you.

9 Basic Stethoscope Sketches

These first nine drawings start with a simple stethoscope and end with a very realistic stethoscope.

1. Stethoscope Drawing for Kids

Let’s start with Eaktas Drawing School’s super easy design.

This is perfect for beginners—preschoolers and kindergarten—as the design is appealing and colorful.

The artist uses a round-shaped object to guide them in drawing the headset, the upper part of the stethoscope that comprises earpieces and ear tubes.

A coaster or a glass with a wide mouth will do fine in creating that circle guide.

For similarly simple drawings, head on to our list of easy animals to draw.

2. Basic Stethoscope

Stethoscopes come in many different forms. There are those with bright purple tubes and chestpiece with a rainbow finish; there are all-black stethoscopes with a glossy chestpiece; and there are standard ones with a pure and clean stainless steel look.

Which one your little ones end up making is up to them. But here’s Yo Kidz’s channel suggesting one type of stethoscope.

For a colorful experience, why not try these shimmering rainbow crafts for kids?

3. Stethoscope and Heart

In their effort to thank the nurses and doctors who save lives every day, Art For Kids Hub has made this charming—some would say heart-warming—stethoscope wrapped around a heart.

Fittingly, the heart represents the object of examination when using a stethoscope, as well as a symbol of appreciation for all the hard-working people in the healthcare sector.

Speaking of hearts, check out these eye-catching heart Perler Bead patterns!

4. Stethoscope with Finer Details

Photo credit: Drawing For All

Just a little bit of shading on a drawing can change its appearance of it drastically. A case in point is Drawing For All‘s very simple yet appealing stethoscope—finished with some pencil shades.

5. Stethoscope with 3D Chestpiece

So far, we’ve been seeing the stethoscope on a two-dimensional plane. That doesn’t capture the entire picture.

The chestpiece of the stethoscope—the one the doctor places on the chest of the patient—is made up of two circular ends: a small and a big one.

With a simple shift in visual perspective, Articco Drawing’s video tutorial enables us to see what a chestpiece looks like.

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6. Cartoon Stethoscope

It’s not easy to draw freehand—especially when it involves a convoluted stethoscope. Respect to those who can!

That’s why you should reward your little ones with a treat after making this large drawing made by Moshley Drawing’s channel.

7. Step-By-Step Stethoscope Drawing

Photo credit: I Heart Crafty Things

Here’s another winding stethoscope made by I Heart Crafty Things. This one is colored blue, but if it were me, I’d color it a rose pink!

8. Drawing a Medical Set

The stethoscope is just one part of a doctor’s medical toolkit—there are others with more specialized applications and far weirder names.

But Super Cool 4 Kids shows us how to draw things we’re familiar with: syringes, Band-aid, ambulances, and pills.

9. Intricate Medical Stethoscope

Kids today aren’t familiar with the wired earphones that magically self-entangle themselves once you let go of them.

Don’t get me wrong—they still exist today but are a dying breed among the wireless and true wireless and noise-canceling and in-ear and open-ear. That’s what stethoscopes remind me of.

Just as rare are stethoscope drawing guides that are as intricate and refined as the one shown on Michael Takatch’s channel.

6 Drawings of Doctors Wearing a Stethoscope

What is a stethoscope but an instrument? Indeed, without a user, it is nothing but a piece of metal and rubber.

Here are six drawings of doctors and nurses wearing or using a stethoscope.

To hone your little ones’ skills further, show them these train drawings!

10. Doctor Drawing for Kids

After lines and doodles, stick drawing may be one of the first things a child will draw. It’s the first step in their creative journey.

Drawing for kids’s video tutorial builds upon the stick-figure drawings and adds some body—literally—to the doctor.

11. Doctor Cartoon Drawing

Aspiring doctors will find no resistance to drawing their future job—especially when the guide is as smoothly facilitated as Art and doodles for Kids’s channel.

12. Another Doctor Drawing

An indispensable part of the healthcare workforce, indefatigable nurses work day or night to identify and provide for the needs of patients.

HTDraw commemorates nurses through this easy drawing. In this tutorial, we see her wearing a stethoscope around her neck—typical of those working in hospitals and clinics.

13. How to Draw a Nurse

Draw So Cute’s channel is a staple in drawing kawaii things. “What’s kawaii?”, you might ask.

It’s a popular style of drawing, derived from the Japanese “kawaii,” which translates as cute.

I’d wager that your little ones will get the basics of kawaii or chibi style after drawing several of these.

If this has intrigued you, then there’s more coming your way in this list of kawaii Perler bead patterns.

14. Friendly Doctor Drawing

Photo credit: Drawing For All

It’s true, medical students study for a very long time before becoming a doctor. They must master the human anatomy—through countless hours of reading, as well as hands-on practice in the lab.

In fact, most graduating medical students look like this veteran doctor made by Drawing For All. I’m joking, of course.

But persistence and diligence are qualities that will divide experts from amateurs in virtually any field, not just the medical one.

15. Draw a Doctor in Action

Few drawing guides are as encompassing as this one shared by WORLD OF ART’s channel.

It illustrates a pediatrician assessing the health of a little boy on his mama’s lap. The drawing is simple yet it leaves an impact on the viewer.

2 Stethoscope For Experienced Artists

Less intended for doctors, and more for aspiring artists, these next two drawings will challenge anyone trying to step up their artistic game.

16. Insane 3D Stethoscope

This drawing from Naseela’s Diary looks intimidating. But it’s the shading that makes it seem like it’s complicated stuff.

I’m not trying to overlook the basics of the outline, but the shading in this one plays a huge role in making it an appealing drawing.

17. Drawing a Female Doctor

Gali Gali Art’s video tutorial is less focused on the details of the stethoscope, and tries to emphasize the facial features and hair of this woman.

This is as much of a lesson in body proportions as it is in paying attention to the finer details.

Listen To Your Heartbeat

This list of stethoscope drawings is perfect for aspiring doctors. Not only that, but these sketches also practice the skills of would-be artists as well.

Whether doctor or artist, sound advice is to listen to what their hearts want.

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time for thinking about career paths. In the meantime, here are some drawing lists to help them mull it over: