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17 Resourceful Roblox Perler Beads

With these Roblox Perler beads, there’s no need to imagine multiverses where the only limit is creativity—everything you wanted in a sandbox is right there!

That’s what attracted millions of players to Roblox. The platform’s intuitive tools and appealing variety have cemented Roblox as one of the best sandboxes, standing among other greats like Minecraft and Garry’s Mod.

If you’ve played other sandboxes and want to try a new one, or if you’re a Roblox veteran and wish to realize your projects in real life, these Roblox Perler beads won’t disappoint in building the world of your dreams.

While there are no main characters in Roblox, some iconic characters have been acknowledged as mainstays of the game. Let’s explore them below!

Materials for Roblox Perler Beads

6 Easy Roblox Perler Beads

“Noob” is one of the most recognizable characters in Roblox. No question he’ll be featured in many of the items below, including in these first six easy Roblox Perler beads.

1. Noob Face Pattern

Photo credit: stargyal on Bracelet Book

A new player starting the game will be identified as part of the Noob category. As such their default skin (or avatar) will be this yellow, emoji-looking block.

This appearance is usually paired with a blue top, which stargyal has omitted in their Noob face pattern.

2. Another Noob

Photo credit: eybms on Kandi Patterns

Take your Noob face to the next level with eybms‘s pattern. There’s a color nuance in the depicted pattern, but that shouldn’t be the main concern for kindergartners—it should be the symmetrical arrangement of the Perler beads.

3. Noob with Roblox Friends

Photo credit: Pinterest

One of the most appealing aspects of Roblox, especially for the young ones, is the social interaction that can be had.

In it, players can participate in a multitude of events, join as many groups as they’d like, and most fun of all, build their world together.

The pattern depicted above shows a group of friends—including a newly enlisted noob—having a great time.

4. Minecraft-Style Noob

Photo credit: Nova Skin

What do you do when you’re faced with wanting to play both Roblox and Minecraft? Nova Skin‘s has an answer to such a dilemma: play both!

In their pattern, Nova Skin creates a Roblox design in a Minecraft style, merging the best of both worlds into a single Noob.

There’s more waiting for you in these Minecraft Perler Bead Patterns!

5. Roblox Man Perler Bead

Photo credit: Sarah O Donovan on Pinterest

Of course, the Noob isn’t the only dominant figure in Roblox. The game also recognizes the Roblox Man as one of its icons.

Indeed, it’s so important that Roblox Man (also known as Robloxian) is synonymous with the Roblox brand.

Sarah O Donovan illustrates just one of the many modified Roblox Man that the game offers.

6. Roblox Logo Pattern

Photo credit: ximogenlaw on Bracelet Book

Every great brand has a simple logo that’s easy for everyone to memorize. Roblox is no exception.

The logo of Roblox is a tilted square with a hole in the middle—a square donut. How could one forget a square donut?

There are variations of the logo; ximogenlaw shares a red one. Make it more interesting with your favorite colors, too!

6 More Roblox Characters

Let’s look at intermediate Perler bead patterns, and get to know some other distinguishable faces from Roblox.

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7. A Bigger Noob

Photo credit: Fatima_yay on Bracelet Book

Fatima_yay shares a standard Noob design, complete with its arms and blue tank top. The outline makes sure beginners can discern each part of the Noob Man.

8. Baller Roblox

Photo credit: lance_eats_bugs on Kandi Patterns

It’s only a matter of time before content in games is immortalized as a meme. For Minecraft, it was the villagers’ noises that became a source of humor; for Fortnite, the T-Pose.

In Roblox, it’s the Baller character that blew up, showing up as a meme on various social media platforms.

A boss in one of the customized games, The Baller is captured accurately by lance_eats_bugs, who nails the details down to the character’s smirk.

9. Roblox Piggy 3D Perler Beads

Roblox’s potential lies in players being able to create the games of their making. Wherever their imagination goes, the player can make it—the sky is the limit.

One such visionary is the creator of Piggy, a horror game that has terrified thousands already. Violet Cupcake shows us how to make one of the nightmares contained in it.

If horror pigs are too stressful, turn to more peaceful ones in these pig Perler beads.

10. 3D Noob Pattern

Photo credit: Krysanthe

Roblox is all about building: creating virtual worlds, simulating different situations, layering various levels. It’s only fitting to construct something like this 3D Noob project by Krysanthe.

This undertaking is ironically not for noobs—it will take some effort to piece this model together.

11. Swole Noob

Photo credit: NnijaRed on Brik

There’s one thing that makes newbies stand out, and it’s not having the standard look like this swole Noob, which is delivered by NnijaRed.

Even if they’ve changed their appearance, noobs still exhibit conspicuous behavior, like wandering aimlessly, getting stuck, or being unaware of world rules.

12. Dabbing Noob Guy

Photo credit: Pinterest

Dabbing is such a widespread cultural phenomenon that penetrating games such as Roblox is inevitable.

Here’s a dabbing noob, flaunting his lack of experience, probably along with his other companions.

5 Roblox Experiences

Whether role-playing scenarios, or first-person shooter simulations, or fantastical adventures, or hangout by the beach, the player can realize them as “Experiences.”

Here are some that gained a lot of traction over the years.

13. Rainbow Friends Pattern

Photo credit: IzaDL on Bracelet Book

Experiences are basically games created by users in Roblox. In any category, there’s most likely an Experience that will appeal to you.

In the horror realm, there’s no shortage of talented creators. One of them is the founder of Rainbow Friends, a multiplayer Experience where a group of players must survive a tragedy that befell them.

IzaDL shows Blue, one of the weird creatures encountered by the players.

14. Another Blue

Photo credit: Bellaguindon on Pinterest

Bellaguindon shares another Blue pattern, showcasing his yellow crown and drool.

15. Rainbow Friends: Red Pattern

Photo credit: lisapetra on Bracelet Book

It’s chilling to know that Red—a pattern of which lisapetra provides—is the only character that’s not hostile in Rainbow Friends. Being unaware of Red’s ulterior motives doesn’t help the mood at all.

16. Piggy Sgt. Monroe Head

When playing Piggy, Sergeant Monroe will be a sight for sore eyes. Trained in the military, this skilled mole is indispensable in many missions.

Notably, he was a key player in retrieving the cure.

17. MeepCity: Face

Photo credit: Crystak on Bracelet Book

For a game as expansive as Roblox, simulation Experiences form only a fraction of the total games to be played. But within that small percentage, there are noteworthy Experiences that have captured thousands of players.

One of them is MeepCity—a logo of which is shared by Crystak.

Not Just a Game, It’s a Community!

Roblox, with its engaging content, intuitive tools, and free-to-play model, has come a long way since its inception.

What are you waiting for? Start building your world now!

Let’s look at other activities that will help you expand your collection of Perler beads: