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20 of the Greatest Letter “G” Crafts for Little Hands

With a toddler’s and a preschooler’s short attention span, getting them to focus can be challenging. A great tool for parents and teachers to use is crafting. Crafts make teaching and learning more fun, interactive, and enjoyable.

Here are 20 of the greatest letter “G” crafts for little hands. Choose from uppercase and lowercase crafts, and crafts for things that start with the letter “G”.

Uppercase Letter “G” Crafts

This list of 10 uppercase letter “G” crafts range from simple to complex, and would need the help of an adult, especially when cutting.

1. “G is for Garden” Craft

“G is for Garden” Craft
Photo Credit: The Measured Mom

The Measured Mom has a list of letter “G” crafts and one of them is this “G is for Garden” activity that makes use of construction paper, flower and butterfly stickers, and colored pens.

This is a project that’s perfect for little kids. By using stickers, there’s no need to use scissors anymore. Your kids can make this one on their own!

2. “G is for Gingerbread” Craft

“G is for Gingerbread” Craft
Photo Credit: Crayons and Cravings

Kids will love this “G is for Gingerbread” craft from Crayons and Cravings. They’ll need colored cardstock or craft foam, googly eyes, black marker, scissors, and glue. Remember to download the free letter G and gingerbread templates beforehand.

Toddlers and preschoolers will need help tracing and cutting. You can do these for them and give them the pieces to glue together.

3. “G is for Giraffe” Craft

“G is for Giraffe” Craft
Photo Credit: The Blessed Country Mom

A letter “G” list won’t be complete without a giraffe – and The Blessed Country Mom has the instructions on how to make this “G is for Giraffe” craft using yellow and orange construction paper or craft foam, a googly eye, scissors, and glue.

An adult’s help is needed to trace and cut the pieces, after which, the kids can assemble the giraffe by themselves.

4. “G is for Glitter” Craft

“G is for Glitter” Craft
Photo Credit: How To Do Something

While it’s true that not all that glitters is gold, this adorable “G is for Glitter” is too precious to pass up on. How To Do Something shows kids how to make this craft using just four things – glitter, cardstock, scissors, and glue.

This is such a fun craft to make. Working with glitter may be magical for kids but things can get messy, too!

Here’s a splat mat that I LOVE to help manage the mess. I always put this down on the table before we start craft projects. We actually have three of these. One for my 4 year old’s crafts, one for under my 1 year old’s high chair at meal time, and one at Grandma’s house!

5. “G is for Globe” Craft

“G is for Globe” Craft
Photo Credit: Must Have Mom

Must Have Mom show kids how to make this “G is for Globe” craft using craft foam, white school glue, scissors, cardstock, and a black marker.

You will have to enter your email address on their website to access the letter “G” template. Your kids will need help with tracing and cutting but once these are done, they can finish the activity by themselves.

6. “G is for Goat” Craft

“G is for Goat” Craft
Photo Credit: All About Learning Press

Kids are fascinated with goats – and this “G is for Goat” craft will help them learn more about the letter “G”. All About Learning Press has the instructions plus a free downloadable goat craft template.

7. “G is for Goldfish” Craft

“G is for Goldfish” Craft
Photo Credit: I Wonder Bee

This “G is for Goldfish” craft will go swimmingly well with the instructions from I Wonder Bee. Your kids will need blue and orange colored paper, crepe or tissue paper, marker, pencil, scissors, and glue.

8. “G is for Goose” Craft

“G is for Goose” Craft
Photo Credit: My Teaching Station

My Teaching Station has a “G is for Goose” craft that makes use of colored paper, scissors, and glue. The website has alphabet templates which you can download for a price. If you don’t want to spend money on templates, there are templates available in this list which you can download for free.

9. “G is for Grass” Craft

G is for Grass” Craft
Photo Credit: Sly Spoon

Here’s an easy-to-make “G is for Grass” craft from Sly Spoon. It makes use of brown craft paper, a letter “G” cutout, grass shoots, glue, and scissors.

Toddlers and preschoolers can work on this craft by themselves as long as you’ve already prepared the letter “G” template before they start. They’ll love being able to work independently!

10. “G is for Gumball Machine” Craft

“G is for Gumball Machine” Craft
Photo Credit: The Teaching Aunt

With the use of colored art paper, scissors, pencil, and glue, you and your kids can make this “G is for Gumball” craft from The Teaching Aunt.

Cutting out the small “gum” circles will be challenging for small kids. An adult can help the kids out and let them glue the small circles inside the gumball machine. An easier option, to allow kids to work more independently, is using colorful dot stickers.

Lowercase Letter “g” Crafts

This list of four lowercase letter “g” crafts will also help develop letter recognition among toddlers and preschoolers.

11. “g is for Goose” Craft

“g is for Goose” Craft
Photo Credit: Totally Tots

Totally Tots teaches kids how to make this “g is for Goose” craft using white and yellow craft foam, white feathers, a googly eye, a pencil, scissors, and glue.

After tracing and cutting the lowercase letter “g” and beak pieces, your kids can glue all the pieces together to form a goose.

12. “g is for Goat” Craft

“g is for Goat” Craft
Photo Credit: Home with Hollie

Home with Hollie has the lowercase version of craft number 6. Kids can make an adorable goat using brown, yellow, and white construction paper, another construction paper for the background (your choice of color), googly eyes, scissors, and glue.

Small kids will need help cutting out the shapes. Show them what the finished craft should look like and leave them to work on gluing all the pieces together.

13. “g is for Grapes” Craft

“g is for Grapes” Craft
Photo Credit: From ABCs to ACTs

From ABCs to ACTs uses white cardstock, construction paper (black, brown, green, and purple), a green pipe cleaner, glue, and scissors in making this “g is for Grapes” craft.

A lot of tracing and cutting is involved so make sure that an adult is available to help.

14. “g is for Guitar” Craft

Punk Rock School’s video tutorial above teaches kids how to make this “g is for Guitar” craft using colored construction paper, yarn, glue stick, scissors, and marker.

Crafts of Things that Start with the Letter “G”

To further reinforce learning, here are six more crafts – this time of things that start with the letter “G”.

15. Handprint Ghost Craft

Handprint Ghost Craft
Photo Credit: Simple Everyday Mom

It’s never too early, or too late, for a good scare! This handprint ghost craft would be great as a Halloween project, but because it’s inexpensive and easy, kids can make these ghosts all year round.

The kids will need black cardstock, white acrylic paint, a paintbrush, and black and orange markers for this. Simple Everyday Mom has the step-by-step instructions.

16. Paper Plate Giraffe Craft

Paper Plate Giraffe Craft
Photo Credit: Crafty Morning

Crafty Morning makes use of a paper plate in making this cute giraffe craft, together with yellow and brown paint, a paintbrush, yellow construction paper, glue, scissors, and a black marker.

17. Pipe Cleaner Glasses Craft

Pipe Cleaner Glasses Craft
Photo Credit: 123 Homeschool 4 Me

123 Homeschool 4 Me shows kids how to make funky glasses using pipe cleaners. There’s a lot of twisting and turning involved in this craft so an adult’s help is needed.

18. Toilet Paper Roll Goat Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Goat Craft
Photo Credit: Crafty-Crafted

Using a toilet paper roll, brown paint, a paintbrush, construction paper (black, brown, and white), and cotton, Crafty-Crafted teaches kids how to make this toilet paper roll goat.

Feeling inspired? Here are 30 more craft ideas. Cotton balls and toilet paper rolls are some of our favorite crafting materials for this age range.

19. Stuffed Felt Gorilla Craft

Stuffed Felt Gorilla Craft
Photo Credit: Wild Flower Ramblings

Wild Flower Ramblings made this adorable stuffed gorilla craft using felt, cotton, hot glue, and scissors. Make sure to keep the hot glue gun out of childrens’ reach.

The best part is, the website has gorilla printable pages that you can download for free!

20. Clothespin Grasshopper Craft

Clothespin Grasshopper Craft
Photo Credit: Mom Unleashed

Mom Unleashed teaches kids how to make this fun grasshopper craft just using wooden clothespins, green pipe cleaners, green paint, a paintbrush, googly eyes, and a hot glue gun.

The kids can paint the wooden clothespin but an adult would have to work on gluing the different pieces together.

“G” is for Great!

Crafts are golden, crafts are great! They make learning easier and more fun.

Do you want more great crafts from the other letters of the alphabet? Check out my post on 20 Fun and Enjoyable Letter “H” Crafts, or 18 Letter “i” Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers.