26 Easy Penguin Drawings for Kids

Can you guess what we’re going to draw today? This type of bird is black and white and an excellent swimmer, but it can’t fly. Today we’ll do some easy penguin drawings for kids.

Penguins are magnificent and interesting creatures. They mostly live in the southern part of the world where the climate is colder. The fastest type of penguin can swim at a speed of 36km/h.

Continue reading to learn how to draw a penguin while learning some fun facts along the way!

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Art Supplies You’ll Need

Your kids will find these materials useful in drawing the perfect penguin. These materials are proven and tested because they are the same materials that my kids and I use for all our drawing projects.

13 “How To” Penguin Drawing Step-by-Step Guides

1. Baby Penguin Drawing Tutorial

Baby Penguin Drawing Tutorial
Photo Credit: We Draw Animals

Did you know that a baby penguin is called a chick or nestling? A cute name fit for a cute animal.

Learn how to draw a chick from head to toe in this drawing tutorial.

2. Easy Blue Penguin Drawing

Easy Blue Penguin Drawing
Photo Credit: Verb Now

Penguins have a binocular vision which means that their eyes can adapt to both air and water. However, penguins are near-sighted whenever they’re on the surface and have much clearer eyesight when they swim in the water.

3. Penguin with Earmuffs and Scarf

Penguin with Earmuffs and Scarf
Photo Credit: Birch and Button

Ever wondered if penguins get cold? Even though they live in some of the coldest parts of the planet (like Antarctica), their bodies are built to withstand the harsh weather. These little penguins look tougher than they look!

4. Chubby Penguin Sketch

Chubby Penguin Sketch
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

When a penguin is born, both of its parents play a role in taking care of it. The mom and dad take turns in incubating the egg and eventually feeding the small chick.

Chicks are showered with love and affection just like this cute penguin drawing.

5. Adorable Penguin Drawing

Adorable Penguin Drawing
Photo Credit: I Heart Crafty Things

There are 20 different types of penguins and they all come in different shapes and sizes. We have the African penguins, King penguins, and Fairy penguins to name a few. One thing they have in common is their sheer adorableness.

6. Easy Drawing Sketch

Easy Drawing Sketch
Photo Credit: The Draw Bot

What’s cool about this bird is that it can survive both on land and water. Penguins walk on land with their hind legs while they use their flippers when they swim and dive in the water.

Experience the underwater world with these ocean crafts.

7. Big-Eyed Penguin Sketch

Photo credit: Drawing Teachers

Let this cute penguin waddle on your sketch pad. Its big eyes and tiny beak will convince you to include it in your penguin sketches. This step-by-step tutorial will make it easier to achieve the perfect penguin drawing.

8. Tiny Penguin Drawing

Who’s the cutest penguin of them all? This little guy!

You’ll be missing out if you don’t include this easy penguin drawing on your list because it includes everything you’ll want in a penguin drawing—it’s cute, cuddly, and charming.

9. Smiling Penguin Sketch

Smiling Penguin Sketch
Photo Credit: The Draw Bot

This smiling penguin is ready to become your friend. Penguins are generally friendly toward people. Most of their predators like seals, sharks, and whales reside in water so they’re more at ease whenever they’re on land.

10. Side View Penguin Illustration

Side View Penguin Illustration
Photo Credit: Nothing But Penguins

Familiarize yourself with all the angles of a penguin. It will make you a better artist if you understand your subject well. This side-view penguin drawing tutorial will be helpful.

11. Stranded Penguin

Photo credit: Art Projects For Kids

You may worry about the situation of this stranded penguin—put on there by Art Projects For Kids—but penguins if anything are great swimmers!

12. Happy Penguin Family Drawing

Happy Penguin Family Drawing
Photo Credit: Peewee Picasso

Making crafts is for the whole family to enjoy. I’m sure that drawing this penguin family will be a fun activity not just for your kid but for the other family members as well.

Ohana means family. Make some Stitch perler beads with your family through this post.

13. Penguins Dancing on Ice

Living in a desolate and freezing continent, penguins have learned to stay warm in groups, called colonies.

These penguin colonies vary in size: from a tight-knit family of a few individuals to entire generations that number in the thousands.

4 Easy Penguin Drawings

14. Huggable Penguin Drawing

Huggable Penguin Drawing
Photo Credit: Samanthas Bell

Penguins may not be able to fly but they’re incredible swimmers. Some penguins even spend 75% of their life enjoying the underwater.

15. Baby and Mom Penguin Sketch

Baby and Mom Penguin Sketch
Photo Credit: Ctaylor5uk

Penguins and their chick have a special bond. They’re there from the moment they hatch until the time when the chick is ready to face the world one waddle step at a time.

16. Dancing Penguin Sketch

Dancing Penguin Sketch
Photo Credit: Printable Free Coloring

Happy Feet is an iconic movie. Learn how to sketch Gloria! If you haven’t watched this fun film, I highly recommend that you watch it NOW.

17. Christmas Penguin Illustration

Christmas Penguin Illustration
Photo Credit: Drago Art

This penguin is ready to celebrate the holidays with you. It’s even wearing its best hat and scarf for the occasion.

Celebrate the holidays with your loved ones by doing these Nightmare Before Christmas perler beads patterns.

2 Cute Penguin Drawings

18. Penguin Chick

Most animals exhibit different traits as babies compared to developed adults; penguins are no exception.

Penguins as babies rank as one of the cutest creatures out there. How2DrawAnimals shows us how to draw one.

19. Blue-Eyed Penguin

As if penguins aren’t adorable enough, Facedrawer adds an endearing detail to the eyes of this little penguin.

5 Penguins of Madagascar Drawings

20. Penguins of Madagascar Sketch

Penguins of Madagascar Sketch
Photo Credit: Coloring Home

Just smile and wave boys…smile and wave.

These four penguins are really sneaky but you’ll know that you’re in for an exciting adventure whenever the Penguins of Madagascar is on.

21. Cool Skipper Drawing

Skipper is a born leader. He’s courageous, clever, and best of all has the best intentions at heart when it comes to his brother penguins.

Facedrawer – How to Draw will teach you how to draw the fearless leader.

22. Rico with a Hammer Sketch

Rico with a Hammer Sketch
Photo Credit: Drawing Tutorials 101


Rico may not speak a lot in the series but that doesn’t make us love him any less. He’s charming and an important character. The penguins’ exploits won’t be complete without him.

23. Waving Private Drawing

Waving Private Drawing
Photo Credit: We Draw Animals

When in doubt, the best thing to do is to smile and wave like in this Private drawing tutorial.

24. Kowalski Drawing Tutorial

We all need a friend like Kowalski. He’s the brain and inventor in the group. Brownie points for being a loyal pal, too.

Azz Easy Drawing’s video tutorial will show you how to draw Kowalski.

2 Realistic Penguin Drawings

25. Momma and Baby Penguin

Photo credit: My Modern Met

The scenery of these penguin subjects is often omitted from these tutorials—maybe because Antarctica is a vast expanse of boring snowy mountains and icebergs.

But for better understanding and greater appreciation, it’s important to situate these flightless birds in their natural habitat, just like how My Modern Met does in their striking drawing tutorial.

26. Sketch of a Penguin Chick

Photo credit: Artlex

For the ultimate test, challenge yourself with Artlex‘s penguin chick sketch, which is so detailed that you can almost sense the damp feathers on the baby bird.

Let’s Draw Some Penguins!

Your kids will love doing these easy penguin drawings. Drawing these cute creatures will be a fun and productive bonding activity for you and your kid.

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