21 Incredibly Cute and Puffy Kirby Drawings

Kirby of the Stars, as he’s known in Japan, will take you to Dream Land and beyond with these cute Kirby drawings!

The Super Nintendo era has ushered into the world new exciting adventures and an unforgettable cast of characters that we still admire today: Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, and of course, the star of this list, Kirby.

We’ll be looking at various Kirby drawings, some of which are challenging—but all of them cute.

If you’re anything like Kirby, you’ll face these obstacles with a positive attitude!

9 Cute Kirby Drawings

Being a pink and puffy character, Kirby is inherently cute. It’s hard to resist making these cute Kirby drawings.

These first nine drawings will showcase Kirby taking on different poses: standing, running, ballooning, and jumping on stars.

1. Plain Kirby

Kirby has a cheerful demeanor, one that’s ready to protect Dream Land.

That’s certainly shown in this video tutorial by Cute Tea Drawings, who depicts a Kirby who’s eager to meet his artist.

2. Waving Kirby

Some goodbyes are inevitable. Personally, I would never say goodbye to this pink ball of joy.

But it’s possible that in this drawing by Easy Cartoon Drawings, Kirby isn’t saying sayonara but waiting enthusiastically to tour you in Dream Land.

3. Kirby: Reaching for the Stars

Kirby is a very powerful being, casually jumping from one star to the next to take on any foe who dares threaten his home, Dream Land.

As seen in this video tutorial by Mofukawa, it seems like Kirby enjoys putting evildoers in their rightful place.

4. Kirby: Puffing Up

Limitless potential.

That’s what makes Kirby so powerful. He can suck the power of others and use it against them, be it flying, shooting ice shards, wielding swords, or even breathing fire.

That’s why no one should provoke this Kirbaby, lest he puff up like he does in this drawing by Artwork Pictures.

5. Kirby Flushed with Anger

You don’t wanna see Kirby angry. But if anything, seeing an angry Kirby only makes him even more endearing.

This Kirby my-how-to-draw.com is expressing his determination to protect his friends and Dream Land rather than letting out his frustration.

6. Running Kirby

Image credit: Super Coloring

If there’s one thing that Kirby does the most in the games, it’s running around. To pick up items, to attack enemies, to jump from one level to another…

You may be busy running errands too, but don’t miss this running Kirby made by Super Coloring.

7. Fighter Kirby

You might think to yourself, “How much damage can a pink ball of softness really inflict?”

Wait until you see Kirby’s impressive resume: a long list of worlds saved and defeated foes, ranging from the common Waddle Dee (the equivalent of a Goomba in Super Mario) to intergalactic cosmic threats, like Void Termina.

So if you think this Kirby wearing a bandana (courtesy of Moshley Drawing) looks a wee bit silly, think again.

8. Balloon Kirby

The name “Kirby” was inspired by a company that sold vacuum cleaners, hence his super inhaling abilities. At least that’s what the theories—which are highly plausible—suggest.

EasyPicturesToDraw illustrates Kirby who just inhaled someone’s flying abilities and is ready to reach for the stars.

9. Kirby Plush

I was having second thoughts about getting my own Kirby plushie. But after seeing a squishy and pudgier-than-usual Kirby rendition like this, there’s no doubt about it—I need it.

Like, right now.

This small blob might as well be a pink black hole, sucking anyone who so much as catch a glimpse into making this drawing by Cool Kids Art.

4 Special Kirby Drawings

10. Christmas Kirby

It’s not Christmas yet, but it does feel like it after seeing this super adorable Kirby wearing a Santa hat, a drawing delivered by Draw With Peach.

The blue Kirby is a unique touch, to say the least.

Coloring Kirby white or even yellow—which was supposed to be his original look—is also a great way to explore this character. In fact, when a second player enters the game, the Kirby they play defaults to yellow.

11. K-i-r-b-y Drawing

How often do you encounter an artist who can turn the word “Kirby” into actual Kirby?

makes that activity look effortless with their letter-into-figure drawing.

12. Flipbook-Style Kirby

When instructing your little ones to make these cute Kirby drawings, don’t forget to remind them to reach for the stars. Like how Draw Magic! has done in their incredible Kirby drawing.

This activity is more focused on shading and attention to the color than it is on the pencil aspect.

13. Kirby Eating a Car

Goofy and bizarre as it looks, Kirby swallowing something as bulky as a car is just an ordinary task in his daily life of protecting the citizens of Dream Land.

This Kirby gulping down a car drawing by Daily Doodles for You is certainly one of the more distinctive sketches on this list.

3 Kirby Crossovers

Kirby has come a long way since his debut in 1992.

Crossovers with other characters since then are certainly not lacking, most notably with other Nintendo characters.

14. Super Mario x Kirby

Kirby jumped over to the Mushroom Kingdom and stole our favorite plumber’s iconic cap. Could this make our puffy Kirby even more overpowered?

We could only speculate while doing Render Demo‘s Kirby and Mario crossover drawing.

We can’t get enough of Mario, so here are some Mario Character Drawings and Mario Perler Bead Patterns!

15. Link x Kirby

Being a pink ball is certainly an advantage for artists who love to inject elements of other mainstream characters into Kirby.

For example, 60 Second Art, flawlessly designs a Kirby who has taken the role of Link from The Legend of Zelda.

Try it with your favorite characters: take an accessory or equipment that’s iconic for them and apply them to Kirby!

Want to know more about Link? Check out our Legend of Zelda Perler beads!

16. Hello Kitty x Kirby

Image credit: Drago Art

Another character who’s excellent for cosplaying is none other than the wholesome Hello Kitty.

With her pure and innocent demeanor, Hello Kitty has no difficulties in dressing up as other characters, and Kirby is no exception.

Drago Art shares one version of a Hello Kitty and Kirby fusion. What other ways can you depict these two immaculate characters together?

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2 Detailed Kirby Drawings

Prepare to be blown away by these two Kirby drawings.

17. Cute Kirby Drawing: Marker Edition

If you’re looking for an inspiring work of art that you could simply look up to when your creative reserves are depleted, follow it’s marie‘s Kirby illustration.

While the activity doesn’t omit an initial sketch, the guide concentrates on the coloring phase, which is a marvel to just watch.

18. Kirby: Detailed Pencil Drawing

Looked as a whole, Kirby is not perplexing to look at—he has no more than five colors.

But if we take shading into consideration, as Luz Galmiche has in their video tutorial, then that changes things up a bit.

Now you’re looking at at least five colors just from the pink shading alone. Too challenging? I know Kirby wouldn’t back down.

3 Kirby Friends and Allies

Kirby is not alone in his mission to defend his home. Let’s meet some of his allies!

19. Side Character: Meta Knight

One glance at Meta Knight tells us he’s the complete opposite of Kirby.

While they do share noble and protective roles, Meta Knight’s more rugged and armored appearance may mislead some into thinking he’s violent.

Personally, I love fighting as Meta Knight in Super Smash Bros., and that’s why I’m grateful for Cool Kids Art who gives more love to this character.

20. King Dedede

King Dedede has been a mainstay in the Kirby series that he’s taken on more roles than a Hollywood actor: an archenemy, then a friend, then an archrival…

Because of such inconsistent roles, this self-proclaimed king is often ignored by its citizens.

21. Bandana Waddle Dee

We all need a supportive individual on our side, and in Kirby’s case, that’s Bandana Waddle Dee!

This character is beloved for his loyalty and friendship, which he has proved many times in Kirby’s countless adventures.

These Kirby Drawings Are Starting to Take Shape!

There’s more to this pink and puffy personality; Kirby has shown that even a ball of cuteness can show determination that’s key to saving the world.

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