20 Cute and Heartwarming Hedgehog Drawings

From cartoon-style drawings kids can learn to more realistic ones for more experienced artists, these hedgehog drawings will help you appreciate these furry mammals.

There are a lot of common misconceptions about spiky creatures, but as we’ll explore below, some of these are unfounded.

If you’re planning to have hedgehogs as a pet but are still unsure, then spend time reflecting on them while making these adorable hedgehogs!

Materials for Hedgehog Drawings

5 Simple Hedgehog Drawings

The hedgehog’s small size and plump appearance might look irresistible to kids. But before getting friendly with a hedgehog, you must earn its trust.

The same applies to drawings—don’t jump to the harder drawings without learning the basics.

1. How To Draw a Hedgehog

Art For Kids Hub starts our list with their simple hedgehog drawing.

Without too much concern with the details, they start fleshing out the quills by drawing strokes on the hedgehog’s back—a technique that’s useful in many drawing scenarios.

2. Hedgehog for Kindergartners

Photo credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

The quills of hedgehogs are actually hair that’s hardened throughout its evolution.

So it’s not inaccurate to depict them as a kind of hair like Drawing Tutorials 101 have done in their drawing tutorial.

3. Simple and Cute Hedgehog

Cute and minimalistic, this doodle by Artimee will capture the hearts of anyone who attempts to draw it.

Don’t hesitate to head in the drawing with a marker, since mistakes can provide valuable lessons—especially in drawings.

4. Spiky Cartoon Hedgehog

DrawinGeek takes their hedgehog spikes to a different level, making them thicker at the base, and making the hedgehog look like a durian fruit.

5. Hairy Hedgehog

Titatu Art shares a hedgehog image that most of us have in our heads: meek, bristly, and limbless.

I wasn’t planning on getting a hedgehog today, but it appears I’m gonna have to after this drawing.

3 Cartoon Hedgehogs

Because of their distinctive quills and generally tame personality, hedgehogs have had their fair share of representation in cartoons.

Here are some hedgehogs, drawn in a cartoon style.

6. Happy Hedgehog

One striking trait of cartoon drawings is the wide eyes. That’s not lacking in this drawing presented by Super Easy Drawings.

Considering its disheveled look, the only thing lacking in this drawing is a comb for the furry thing.

7. Furry Hedgehog

Photo credit: Easy Drawing Guides

Since spikes are made of keratin, they resemble human nails—only they’re more capable of doing serious damage!

I need to ask this hedgehog the secret to a good manicure because those spikes are smooth like butter!

8. Bushy Hedgehog

Photo credit: Easy, Peasy, And Fun

Hedgehogs are not porcupines—they’re not even from the same family.

As rodents, porcupines belong to the less charming family of mice, rats, and capybara (the last one arguably the cutest in the rodent family); hedgehogs on the other hand belong to the same family as gymnures and moonrats, ironically.

Here’s another hedgehog with unkempt spikes, shared by Easy, Peasy, And Fun.

5 Kawaii Hedgehogs

How to make your hedgehogs endearing? Depict them in a kawaii style.

Not sure what kawaii is? Head to our list of kawaii Perler beads

9. Adorable Blue Hedgehog

Photo credit: Tatyana Deniz

No, the blue spikes don’t make this kawaii hedgehog Sonic. This hedgehog by Tatyana Deniz is more endearing than the popular track athlete.

10. Autumn Hedgehog

It’d be amusing to watch hedgehogs do their activities before winter. Like other hibernating animals, hedgehogs forage for fruits and nuts, explore territories, and build nests to keep warm during the long winter.

We see that exact scenario in Art for Kids Hub’s autumn hedgehog drawing. The hedgehog is surrounded by a mix of green, yellow, and auburn leaves that make up fall foliage.

11. Step-By-Step Cartoon Hedgehog

For a hedgehog with a touch of the fantastical, refer to asicno’s cuddly hedgehog depiction.

With those magical eyes, this little fellow doesn’t need to do anything to put me under its charm.

12. Hedgehog with Dandelion

Draw So Cute doesn’t fail to meet the needs of its audience; this hedgehog holding a dandelion is no exception.

It looks up to the sky as if being grateful for surviving the cold making it to spring.

Check out what other flower doodles your hedgehog can carry.

13. Hedgehog for Valentines

Photo credit: Art Projects For Kids

Being alone during Valentine’s shouldn’t be awful. Here’s a love letter from Art Projects For Kids to give to your closest friends or relatives.

4 Realistic Hedgehog Sketches

Realistic drawings are the next step when we’ve achieved mastery over elementary drawings.

Let’s see if our skills have made any improvement with these realistic hedgehog sketches.

14. Cute Realistic Hedgehog

Photo credit: Drawing For All

Another physical characteristic that differentiates hedgehogs from porcupines is the snout: they’re pointy and sleeker than their rodent counterparts.

These realistic sketches show it more clearly, and we see it in Drawing For All‘s hedgehog.

15. Bristly Hedgehog

I wish I could sleep the heat away, as hedgehogs that live in the desert do.

Harriet Muller has a hedgehog sketch that will ramp up your artistic skills.

16. Just Want to Boop that Snoot

Let’s take a closer look at the hedgehog’s snout with LethalChris Drawing’s video tutorial.

This is one of the most distinguishing features of the hedgehog—and for good reason.

Like a pig using its snout to find truffles, hedgehogs use their elongated snoots to sniff out whatever tasty treat is on the menu for that day—snails, centipedes, mushrooms, eggs, frogs…

Unsurprisingly, the hog part of their name is derived from the way hogs search for food.

17. Baby Hedgehog Drawing: Realistic

The quills of a hedgehog don’t detach easily: they’re as planted on their backs as our nails are on our fingers and toes.

It means there’s a chance they could pierce the hedgehog.

Thankfully, it’s more flexible than one would think. So rest assured, this baby hedgehog created by drawing note won’t injure itself by lying on its back.

3 Popular Hedgehogs

18. Sonic the Hedgehog

Photo credit: Easy Drawing Tutorials

Hedgehogs assume a curled position when feeling threatened. But it’s a misconception that they can roll around in that position.

As such, Sonic’s status as a hedgehog is very questionable. But that won’t stop fans of the movies and game from recreating a drawing of their favorite character, like this one by Easy Drawing Tutorials.

Don’t step on the brakes and create these Sonic Perler beads.

19. Shadow the Hedgehog

Let’s turn to Sonic’s more skillful and cooler ally, Shadow the Hedgehog. Looking at the black and red color combination already surpasses Sonic in every way.

But that’s my opinion. Cartooning Club How To Draw shares the secret to drawing a great Shadow the Hedgehog drawing.

20. Shaymin: Pokemon Drawing

There’s no shortage of wild and original animal-inspired creatures in Pokemon. Curiously, hedgehog Pokemons are countable by hand, with Shaymin being the most notable one.

Having a bushy and flowery back instead of quills, Shaymin is a legendary-type Pokemon that has endeared multiple generations of players.

You gotta catch ’em all, right? Start your journey with these Pokemon Drawings!

These Hedgehog Drawings Are on Point!

I hope these hedgehog drawings have improved your skills, and have given you enough time whether to have them as a pet or not.

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