19 Aquatically Easy Dolphin Drawings

Get ready to dive into these cheerful and easy dolphin drawings!

Dolphins are playful and fascinating, partly because they’re marine mammals, which means they share uncanny similarities with terrestrial animals, like having lungs or producing milk for their offspring, which are typical of mammals.

Water you waiting for? Hone the skills required to capture the charm of these acrobatic sea creatures by following one of the guides below!

Basic Materials for Drawing

5 Plain Drawings of Dolphins

Beginners are recommended to start with these five easy dolphin drawings. Prepare to be astonished by the works here, for some have surprising techniques.

1. Basic Dolphin with Crayons

Children love crayons. It’s one of the materials they’re introduced to in preschool.

It’s not surprising to see why; their colors are bright, and unlike pointed, colored pencils, they’re mostly harmless.

And of course, they are perfect for developing raw fine motor skills, which is why Art For Kids Hub has employed it in their preschool dolphin drawing tutorial.

2. Simple Dolphin

Photo credit: Rainbow Printables

With the right creativity, any type of drawing can be reduced to its simplest form.

Rainbow Printables doesn’t make it harder than it needs to be and creates a basic blue dolphin from start to finish in their guide.

3. How To Draw a Dolphin in Six Steps

Photo credit: Hello Artsy

Artists seem to ignore the fact that blue dolphins don’t exist at all in the real world.

But who can blame them? Under the proper conditions such as lighting and the color of the water, dolphins (and even other things underwater) may appear as having a bluish coloration.

Hello Artsy isn’t easily fooled by such optical illusions and demonstrates that in their six-step dolphin tutorial.

4. Baby Dolphin (Kawaii)

Photo credit: Drawing Howtos

Drawing Howtos knows exactly what style has a wide appeal to children. It’s the kawaii style, of course!

With its heartwarming qualities, like a simple blush or inflated body proportions, any kawaii style is rarely disappoints children.

5. Transform “77” Into a Dolphin

How do you turn two digits into a marine mammal? Doodle Art Time will demonstrate it to you in their mind-blowing video tutorial.

To give you a preview of this drawing, the starting point of two numbers develops into the dolphin’s pectoral flippers and body.

6. Four-Step Dolphin Drawing

Photo credit: Jae Johns

One feature of the dolphin that can often go unnoticed is its blowhole.

Being a mammal, dolphins need oxygen to live, and the blowhole is a convenient way for a marine creature to inhale and exhale without emerging from the water. But they do so anyways because that’s how they roll.

Jae Johns doesn’t omit this crucial body part in their drawing tutorial.

5 Cartoon Dolphin Drawing

Sometimes transforming drawings into more relatable cartoon animals is the key to encouraging children sit down and draw.

Here are five dolphin drawings that look like they’re from a cartoon show.

7. Cute Dolphin Drawing

Photo credit: How To Draw For Kids

Drawing is not a single process. The artist envisions what she wants to draw then begins to outline rough shapes on paper.

From that outline, he may extend a line or draw a curve, until more and more details add up to complete the whole picture.

How To Draw For Kids takes that basic but often overlooked approach.

8. Pretty Dolphin

Photo credit: Drawing Now

Drawing Now presents a proper cartoon dolphin drawing, which seems like a female as distinguished by its prominent eyelashes.

9. Dolphin with the Beautiful Eyes

Photo credit: Easy Draw Everything

Don’t let the wet eyes Easy Draw Everything‘s dolphin fool you: dolphins are more mischievous than they appear.

It’s not abnormal to see playful dolphins in water parks steal their trainers’ goggles or caps, only to return them a few moments later.

If anything else, such humorous behavior by the dolphin is to be admired; I’d immediately give that dolphin a fish treat if that were me.

10. Light-Blue Dolphin

Photo credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

Let’s return to a fantastical world where dolphins have coloration other than gray by following Drawing Tutorials 101‘s dolphin.

But don’t let that discourage your little ones to make rainbow-colored dolphins, because when it comes to creativity, the sky is the limit.

11. Baby Cartoon Dolphin

For the definitive cartoon drawing, look no further than How2DrawAnimals’ video tutorial.

Created with an artful style, this dolphin marks all the checks of a proper dolphin: the grey color with a hint of blue, the curves on its tail and fins, the blubber.

5 Jumping Dolphin Drawings

Dolphins are famous for their acrobatics in and out of the water. These next five projects give a glimpse of their spirited nature.

12. Playing on a Sunny Day

Photo credit: Art Projects For Kids

Dolphins jump for several reasons. One is for social interaction. And what is more fun and effective to attract peers than showing your talents through graceful somersaults?

Here’s Art Projects For Kids with a drawing of a dolphin enjoying the summer weather.

13. Make a Splash!

While dolphins won’t create tidal waves with their splash, it’s sufficient for any dolphin in the distance to see the message.

LetsDrawThat shows exactly how dolphins communicate through splashing.

14. Out of the Water!

A dolphin’s gotta eat, too! Leaping in the air can be a great method to spot prey, especially when the visibility in the deep ocean becomes less clear.

Draw With Pappu’s channel delivers an excellent dolphin, leaping out to scope unsuspecting victims.

15. Giving a Performance!

Other times leaps in the air are meant to stagger prey. The dolphin in this drawing by YoKidz uses the same technique, only this time it uses it as a performance to stun audiences.

Observe the tricks played by this dolphin, and you’ll find that it’s not tricky to draw it at all.

4 Killer Whale Drawings

As you might have guessed, orcas—also known as killer whales—are part of the family of dolphins.

Learn some killer techniques in these four orca drawings.

16. Plain Orca

Mister Brush wastes no time and gets down to brass tacks with their plain orca drawing.

The best thing about drawing orcas is that you don’t need to debate whether it’s blue or grey—spoiler warning, it’s black and white.

17. Funny Cartoon Orca

Photo credit: Drawing How To Draw

If you learned some dark facts about the killer whale, you probably wouldn’t sleep tonight. But knowing them can contribute to a deeper understanding and respect for this creatures.

Still, if you don’t care to be haunted before sleep, here’s a funny cartoon killer whale, brought to you by Drawing How To Draw.

18. The Majestic Orca

Photo credit: Easy Drawing Guides

A king-sized orca can measure 26 feet and weigh up to 12,000 pounds. For comparison that’s twice as large as a male elephant, although not as heavy.

Easy Drawing Guides shows us the colossal dimensions of this ocean predator.

19. Breaching Killer Whale

Photo credit: How2DrawAnimals

I mentioned that dolphin splashes are negligible—not the case when the dolphin we’re referring to is the killer whale.

Orcas leap—or breach—for a variety of reasons, and I’m convinced one of them is to terrify commoners like you and me in our sea adventures.

Whether that’s true is up for debate. For now, relax and make this incredible killer whale drawing by How2DrawAnimals.

Fin-tastic Marine Mammals!

Whether it’s the orca that’s caught your attention or you found the cartoon style relatable, these easy dolphin drawings go a long way in honing your artistic and creative techniques.

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