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18 Cheery Christmas Perler Bead Patterns

Deck the halls with some of the most attractive Christmas Perler bead patterns you can make!

Kids are impatient to open their presents on Christmas morning. But before they tear apart the carefully wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree, hand them these Perler bead activities so the gifts feel extra rewarding.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

4 Christmas Perler Bead Kits

For a hassle-free experience, check out these Perler bead kits with a Christmas theme. These kits have been prepared and designed solely for the Christmas season.

With these, you’ll be able to create festive winter designs, like candy canes, snowmen, reindeers; special Christmas wreaths; and, a couple of nice 3D Perler bead projects.

1. Christmas Perler Bead Kit

We love to decorate our homes with a traditional festive motif; why not consider other winter designs that will complement those Christmas designs nicely?

For that reason, I’ve included this small Perler bead packet containing around 2,000 Perler beads, which, assembled, create 13 different winter Perler bead projects.

2.  Christmas Tree 3D Perler Bead Kit

There’s no such thing as too many Christmas trees inside a single household. Have a big one in your living room, then have another small one made of Perler beads in your kids’ bedroom.

I love this 3D Christmas tree because of its eye-catching base star shape from which you build up the tree. Of course, it’s topped off by a regular Christmas tree star.

3. Christmas Wreath Kit

If the traditional wreath you keep making year after year is starting to feel tiresome, you have the option of making a refreshing one through this incredible kit.

The big red ribbon is an eye-catcher for me. Anyone can create their favorite seasonal characters provided in the pattern sheet like Santa, gingerbread man, or Frosty the Snowman.

4. 3D Christmas Holiday Village Kit

Really get into character and feel like Santa’s entire workshop village is in your home with this 3D Christmas Holiday kit.

Children who behaved well this year are perfect candidates for receiving a gift like this. Creating a mini world with Perler beads is a great way to pass the time for children, enhancing their fine motor skills, and stimulating their creativity through imaginative play.

5 Christmas Tree Perler Beads

1. Christmas Tree Pattern for Kids

Photo credit: Christmas on Brik

It’s exciting and heartwarming to see our little ones assemble Perler beads for the first time. For an easy Christmas tree design for kids, check out this basic pattern seen on Brik.

2. Tall Christmas Tree

Photo credit: hihi8 on Bracelet Book

As those tiny tots gain better control over their fine motor skills, the complexity of patterns should be increased to match their skill level. But a pattern that’s too difficult might soon become overwhelming.

Luckily, hihi8 on Bracelet Book provides a pattern that’s not too easy nor too hard; similar to Goldilock’s preference, the difficulty is just right.

3. 3D Christmas Tree

Photo credit: The Cents’Able Shoppin

Certain designs, like the Christmas tree, look flat in 2D. We do not want to see the Christmas tree simply laying down, but standing majestically upright. But 3D designs seem so difficult to produce.

Worry not, because that’s what The Cents’Able Shoppin shares in their guide—a 3D Christmas tree easy enough for kids to replicate.

To convince you that 3D designs aren’t too difficult, here are 3D Perler bead patterns you should check out.

4. Decorated Christmas Tree

Photo credit: bbbytes on Kandi Patterns

Most of the time, it’s the 2D patterns that are more intricate and tough to create. It’s the subtle changes in color that make a design like this one by bbbytes challenging.

Formidable as they might seem, these complex designs reward whoever undertakes and finishes them.

5. Kawaii Super Mario Christmas Tree

Christmas is also celebrated in other imagined worlds, like that of the Mario brothers. Create one of the most adorable Perler bead Christmas tree by following Frost’s Entertainment’s guide.

Longtime fans will appreciate these Mario Perler bead patterns. For other adorable patterns, I also suggest our list of kawaii Perler bead patterns.

6 Christmas Symbols Perler Bead Patterns

6. Christmas Wreath

Photo credit: Crumpet on Kandi Patterns

The Yuletide season is a great introduction to different symbols. For example, the Christmas wreath represents eternal life, symbolized by the circular shape and evergreen plant.

Teach them about Christmas symbols while making this pattern by Crumpet.

7. 3D Holiday Wreath

The Christmas wreath as shown here in Meg’s video tutorial has a depth aspect provided by the white and red flowers.

The method for attaching the flower to the wreath is quite interesting, and should only be done by adults. Check out the tutorial to learn more.

8. Ornament Cards

Photo credit: Perler

Christmas is also a time of giving presents and showing appreciation for loved ones. Perler has the perfect greeting card that children can give to their grandparents, or any cherished family member.

9. Christmas Gift

Photo credit: amusedpumpkin on Brik

Christmas eve—it’s the point at which children are at their excitement limit. That’s because they get to open the Christmas presents the next morning.

Before that, though, share this pattern by amusedpumpkin with your children and do something productive before the big release on Christmas day.

10. An Assortment of Christmas Symbols

Photo credit: XcUiDi on Friendship Bracelets

For a comprehensive pattern involving anything Christmas-related, look no further than the designs shared by XcUiDi.

11. 12 Days of Christmas Perler Bead Cards

Photo credit: Perler

If you’re looking to fill your Christmas tree with DIY decorations, I recommend this 12 Days of Christmas Perler bead card by Perler.

It’s also a great opportunity to listen and sing along to the tunes of the namesake song.

3 Santa Perler Beads

12. Small Santa Perler Beads

Photo credit: Ashley302 on Kandi Patterns

Let’s not forget the big man who never fails to give presents to nice children. For an easy pattern to commemorate him, simply follow Ashley302‘s pattern.

13. Santa’s Face

Photo credit: mindofmiller on Brik

It’s not necessary to create the whole body of Santa—a pattern of his face (like this one by mindofmiller) is enough for him to consider putting the naughty children into the nice list.

14. Santa and His Sleigh

Photo credit: Perler

Santa is ready to travel hundreds, even thousands, of miles to see the smile on children’s faces. Perler brings to you a Perler bead Santa with his sleigh and Rudolph.

4 Gingerbread Man Patterns

15. Cute Gingerbread Man

Photo credit: SusanGuinto on Brik

Who can forget the most adorable cookie during the Christmas season? This gingerbread man by SusanGuinto is sure to bring joy in your seasonal activities.

16. Gingerbread Man Wearing a Santa Hat

Photo credit: ChocoLoco on Bracelet Book

Nothing speaks festive louder than this pattern of a gingerbread man wearing Santa’s hat. Shared by ChocoLoco, this is a strong way to begin the Yuletide season.

17. Gingerbread Man House

Photo credit: Hassey on Bracelet Book

Where does the gingerbread man live? In his gingerbread house, of course! The house is as sweet as his personality, and this pattern shared by Hassey shows it.

18. 3D Gingerbread House

Take a step further and make a 3D gingerbread house. Kids who are ready to take on a challenging task are in for a treat with this guide by draw pixel art’s channel.

‘Tis The Season to Be Jolly!

I hope that you and your little ones have enjoyed these Christmas Perler bead patterns. Don’t forget to sing along to some favorite Christmas tracks to really set the merry mood!

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