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19 Zesty Zebra Preschool Crafts

The zebra might be black and white, but these equines are more than meets the eye. Don’t worry, though, these zebra preschool crafts aren’t as complicated as these splendid animals.

Fun fact: the stripes on a zebra are similar to a human fingerprint in that it’s unique for each individual.

Like stripes on a zebra, each zebra preschool craft made will be different for the various little hands that will piece them together!

Don’t be afraid to turn your hands black and white—it’s all part of the process and fun of making these activities!

6 Zebra Paper Crafts

Paper crafts are among the first handiwork that children get to create. The blank page might seem daunting, but these guides will be there every step of the way to guide those little hands.

1. Newspaper Zebra for Preschoolers

Photo credit: In The Bags Kids’ Crafts

There might be fewer newspapers circulating than before since nowadays they go straight to your digital feed.

But I’m sure every now and then the nostalgia of reading and feeling an actual paper emerges.

In such cases, do a meaningful activity before throwing that newspaper out. In The Bags Kids’ Crafts shows how in their environmental-friendly craft.

2. Zebra Heart Craft

Photo credit: Crafty Morning

Paper crafts are a great way to introduce children to shapes.

Crafty Morning, in particular, illustrates in their guide how to create a zebra by using a heart-shaped paper cutout.

Intriguingly, the end product only vaguely resembles a heart and looks like an actual head of a zebra!

The heart shapes in this craft make it a very good candidate for Valentine’s day.

Looking for crafts to make on Valentine’s? Don’t lose heart, and start with these Valentine Box Ideas!

3. Z is for Zebra

Photo credit: Kids Activities Blog

The classroom should be as conducive to learning as possible. Highly entertaining animal crafts are but one way to do that.

It may not be accurate, but doing this letter “Z” for zebra craft by Kids Activities Blog is both engaging and creative.

There’s no better way to learn the last (but not least) letter of the alphabet than with this activity!

Let’s find out other ways how to familiarize the letter Z with these letter Z crafts!

4. Zebra Fork Painting

Photo credit: Glued To My Crafts Blog

Are you training your little ones to eat on their own? This fork zebra painting by Glued To My Crafts Blog might prove useful.

Start by dipping the fork in black, non-toxic paint, and direct those little hands to press down a white paper.

The points and tines of the fork are perfect for those zebra patterns. Pay attention that they don’t accidentally eat the paint, though!

5. Recycled Zebra Toilet Paper

Reanimate a forgotten toilet paper roll by following Risi Kids Play’s highly intuitive video tutorial.

Depending on the size of the rolls, the zebras born from these recycled materials could be a young zebra, also called a foal; or an adult, which is referred to as either mare or stallion (female and male, respectively).

6. Another Toilet Paper Roll Zebra

Photo credit: Easy, Peasy, And Fun

Toilet paper roll crafts are not made equal.

Some are purists and stick with just the toilet rolls. Others, like Easy, Peasy, And Fun find ways to innovate their crafts by incorporating other materials, like pipe cleaners.

3 Paper Plate Zebra

Paper plates are another material that’s easily obtainable. Most of the materials here are already present at home.

7. Happy Zebra Paper Plate

Photo credit: Arty Crafty Kids

Refine brushing skills with Arty Crafty Kids‘s wonderful zebra painting.

I know that the zebra is not that complicated to color. And against a white background, the coloring is reduced to just black.

But don’t let that discourage you—that just means there’s much more focus that can be directed toward each stroke!

8. Creative Zebra Craft

Photo credit: Glued To My Crafts Blog

Let’s add some texture to your zebra paper plate crafts by following Glued To My Crafts Blog.

The inclusion of black yarn adds a lot of charm (not to mention the sensory experience)!

9. Painting Zebras on Paper Plate

Photo credit: Preschool Powol Packets

As mentioned above, zebras are unique—each can be identified with their unique stripes.

The same can be said with this preschool zebra painting on a paper craft, delivered to you by Preschool Powol Packets.

Vertical or horizontal lines, big or small smudges, few or many spots—the sky is the limit, and each product will undoubtedly be unique.

3 Zebra Mask Crafts

Choosing an animal to roleplay is a staple in many preschool activities. Any child interested in zebras can look no further than these three zebra mask crafts.

10. Half Zebra Mask

Photo credit: That Kids Craft Site

Can’t find the time to create a full mask? That Kids Craft Site has got your back with their partial zebra mask.

The only complicated aspect of the craft is the stripe patterns, which, after delineating an outline, are easily filled with a black marker.

11. Full Zebra Mask

Photo credit: East Coast Mommy

A zebra mask doesn’t have to be complicated. With their wild imaginations, children can recognize easily what animal East Coast Mommy has made.

All that’s needed is a paper plate plus coloring and cutting materials.

12. Intricate Zebra

When time permits, go all out with Craft Sweet Craft’s thorough mask craft.

The materials needed are still the same. The difference lies in the execution of this craft.

This project will consume an afternoon; with guidance, an hour, tops.

4 Unique Zebra Crafts

There are original zebra crafts out there that have been thought out of the box. Let’s explore some of them here!

13. Clothespin Zebra

Photo credit: In The Bags Kids’ Crafts

Perhaps inspired by a slinky toy, In The Bags Kids’ Crafts creates a mesmerizing zebra craft out of clothespins.

It might not be as stretchy Slinky the Dog from Toy Story, but it’s praiseworthy for its novelty and aesthetic look!

14. Zebra Knuckles

Photo credit: I Heart Crafty Things

Making kids’ crafts and toys at home is an inexpensive way to develop the creativity and skills of kids.

Extra money saved from buying toys can instead be added to a savings jar, which can be used for a future trip to the zoo to see some real zebras!

That savings jar will easily be filled when I Heart Crafty Things provides such an easy and accessible zebra toy guide.

15. Zebra Paper Bag

Photo credit: ABCs of Literacy

Role-play with animals has never been easier and more accessible than with ABCs of Literacy‘s paper bag craft.

3 Handprint Zebra Crafts

Handicrafts that are sensed with the touch are impressed more readily on children. Handprint activities are no exception.

Seize the day with these zebra handprints!

16. Handprint Zebra Cutout

Photo credit: Crystal and Comp

Most handprints involve plunging hands into paint and high-fiving a piece of paper. Not this activity by Crystal and Comp.

This craft is more of a press-and-outline type of handprint, which is as enjoyable as any handprint craft.

17. Zebra Handprint Art

Photo credit: Red Ted Art

Red Ted Art presents us with the handprint painting we’re familiar with: messy, instructive, and above all, super fun!

Water-based paint is best to easily remove any stains. Using non-white paper is also very recommended, unless you’re imprinting with black paint.

18. Footprint Zebra

Photo credit: The Pinterested Parent

Everyone is so involved in handprints that footprints are often forgotten. Here’s The Pinterested Parent reminding us that there are other ways of leaving your mark on paper.

Zebra Crafts That Are Stripe-tacular!

Interactive and enjoyable, these zebra preschool crafts are excellent in developing the fine motor skills of children, stimulating creativity, and sparking their interest in animals in general.

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