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21 Zazzily Zany Letter “Z” Crafts for Kids

Being the last letter of the alphabet—and a rarely used one—the letter Z is often in the back of our minds. Here are some letter Z crafts to consolidate it in the minds of your preschoolers!

10 Letter “Z” Crafts

Most of these crafts provide a template of the letter “Z” itself, but here’s a template I found just in case none is provided.

A number of these crafts require googly/wiggly eyes, so here are some great options that come in various sizes.

1. “Z is for Zoom” Painting Activity

Zoom Art
Photo credit: Hodge Podge Craft

Hodge Podge Craft has a fun and messy letter “Z” craft for preschoolers that even a toddler can do.

If you already have some old toy cars, then just gather some paint and the typical craft materials, and your kids are good to go!

Make sure to prepare a work area and dress your little one in old clothes as this craft can get really messy!

2. “Z is for Zucchini” Craft

Zucchini Craft
Photo credit: All About Learning Press

All About Learning Press shares an easy-to-do zucchini craft to help teach kids all about veggies.

The only prep you’ll have to do is to print out the template as most of the craft tools and materials needed for this activity can be found at home.

3. “Z for Zebra” Marble Painting

Zebra Painting
Photo credit: Schooltime Snippets

Schooltime Snippets has a cool marble painting idea for you that’s also a zebra craft!

To make this work of art, you’ll need marbles, paint, a googly eye, and some other crafting materials you most likely have at home.

4. A Fabulous “Z is for Zebra” Craft

Add more color to your next zebra craft by tossing some soft pom poms in it, like All Kids Network does.

The materials needed for this letter “Z” craft are pom poms and the letter “Z” and zebra parts templates provided on the site. You will need to sign up for their newsletter to access each.

5. “Z is for Zzzzz” Craft

Zzzz Craft
Photo credit: Totally Tots

Letter “Z” crafts don’t always have to represent nouns or verbs – they can also represent onomatopoeias!

Totally Tots shares a simple “Z” craft of the sound we make when we sleep.

What materials do your kids need to make one? Craft foam, a pom pom or a sequin, and just some staple craft supplies.

6. “Z is for Zigzag” Craft

Zigzag Craft
Photo credit: Home with Hollie

Now, the only difference between upper and lowercase letter “Z” is the lowercase one having a shorter line in the middle, making all three lines equal in length.

This zigzag craft by Home with Hollie only requires basic arts and craft tools that you likely already have on hand.

7. Foam “Z is for Zipper”

Zipper Craft
Photo credit: Frugal Mom Eh!

Here’s an easy little zipper craft to help associate the word to the letter “Z” by Frugal Mom Eh!

After you finish up this craft, you can work with your kids on fine-tuning their motor skills by teaching them how to zip up their coats.

8. “Z is for Zipper” Papercraft

Zipper Craft
Photo credit: From ABCs to ACTs

This craft is pretty similar to the one above, but this zipper covers the entire letter Z.

ABCs to ACTs has put together a fun and easy craft using materials you almost definitely have on hand.

9. “Z is for Zipper” Zipper Board

Zipper Board
Photo credit: Learning 4 Kids

My kids constantly put holes in their pants, making them hard to donate. Instead of throwing them out, cut out the zipper and follow the instructions at Learning 4 Kids to make a fun sensory board.

Bonus points for helping your kids work on zipping up their own clothes.

10. Letter “Z” Origami

Origami can be a fun challenge for kids, but you will definitely need to lend a hand.

This one may be more of a “watch Mom or Dad fold this paper” type craft, but your kids will have fun just spending time with you.

Origami Humpy & Crafts‘s guide facilitates the crafting of this origami.

11 Other Letter “Z” Craft Ideas

11. Fuzzy Stick Zig Zags

Now, here’s a really easy activity to enhance your little one’s fine motor skills.

Craft Project Ideas shows that just using fuzzy sticks (aka pipe cleaners) and shaping them into zig zags helps improve a child’s dexterity while associating the word with the letter “Z.”

12. Zinnia Finger Painting Activity

Zinnia Painting
Photo credit: Preschool Play and Learn

Here’s another easy “Z” craft toddlers can do courtesy of Preschool Play and Learn.

With some usual crafting materials, a pom pom, and an ink pad, kids will be able to paint this simple zinnia.

Oh, and be sure to have some baby wipes handy to wipe the paint off your little one!

13. Zucchini People

Zucchini People
Photo credit: Gift of Curiosity

It’s getting increasingly difficult to find crafts with the letter Z.

So let’s get abstract. Grab a zucchini from your kitchen (or more likely the store because who just keeps zucchinis on hand?) and follow Gift of Curiosity to turn that zucchini into a person.

Your kid may or may not enjoy slicing up their new friend at the end of the day too.

14. Zebra Handprint

Photo credit: It Happens In A Blink

Every child possesses a medium they might not have unlocked yet. I’m talking about handprints!

While everyone’s palm is unique, the things that can be achieved with handprints are the same: unlimited potential, endless possibilities!

It Happens In A Blink demonstrates how to create a zebra using paint and the palm of your tiny humans.

Still unconvinced? I present to you these turkey handprint crafts and snowman ornaments made from handprints.

15. Toilet Paper Roll Zebra

Zebra Craft
Photo credit: Crafts by Amanda

Next time you empty a roll, set it aside instead of tossing it into the trash.

In this tutorial, Crafts by Amanda shows kids how to turn those empty rolls into zebras!

Kids can make even more animals by checking our list of toilet paper roll crafts.

16. Zoo Craft

Zoo Craft
Photo credit: Ducks’ n a Row

Kids can make a zoo that houses animals with this zoo craft by Ducks’ n a Row.

They include a printable cage template at the bottom of their website, so all you need to gather up are pipe cleaners, animal stickers, a craft knife and some basic arts and crafts supplies.

Afterward, why not head to the local zoo as a special treat?

If you want to let your kids draw the animals themselves, then I’ve compiled some easy animals to draw as well.

17. Zebra in a Zoo Craft

Zebra Zoo Craft
Photo credit: DLTK’s Sites for Kids

How about combining a zebra and a zoo for some Z-ception? DLTK’s Sites for Kids has a cool zoo craft with animals such as a zebra or an elephant inside a cage. The materials needed for this are just common craft materials you most likely have handy.

DLTK also provides printables for the animals:

Colored or black & white for the zebra and elephant.

Colored or b & w for a lion and a monkey.

18. Popsicle Stick Zombie Craft

Popsicle Stick Zombie
Photo credit: Glued to My Crafts

Get ready for the zombie apocalypse with an easy-to-do letter “Z” craft.

Glued to My Crafts has this neat zombie craft that uses jumbo and mini popsicle sticks, as well as clothespins. Kids will just need an additional glue gun, googly eyes, and some common crafting tools they might already have.

19. Zodiac Craft and Painting

Zodiac signs have been around for millennia, but their influence over people has diminished over time, especially after humans discovered that constellations don’t exist for us.

Yet their appeal remains strong, and there’s nothing wrong with getting a boost of confidence from these astrological signs.

These zodiac crafts from Pumpkin Emily are no less meaningful than the other letter Z crafts in this list, and might even spark your children’s interest in more serious science: astronomy!

In that case, let me suggest these space crafts!

20. Zodiac Sign with Popsicle Sticks

Photo credit: Craft Project Ideas

If the previous craft proved to be more challenging than expected, Craft Project Ideas has got you covered with a more child-friendly craft: popsicle stick zodiac signs.

There’s a useful chart on their page to base your constellation on.

21. Zombie Paper Plate Craft

Photo credit: Mess For Less

Zombies and zebras are the often go-to when creating letter Z crafts. What if we combined those two?

The result… not this craft by Mess For Less, because it’s just a zombie craft.

Alas, there has yet to be a zombie zebra craft to be made.

Letter “Z” Crafts with a Zing!

At first glance, the number of crafts with the letter Z seems small. But this list proves otherwise.

Once you’re done teaching them all about the letter “Z,” why not go back and have a review of previous letters like the “V,” “J,” “F,”or “H“?