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19 Fun Letter J Crafts for Preschoolers

The letter “J” is the 9th letter of the alphabet, and it just so happens to be a part of a lot of words that are a jolly good time to craft.

Below are 19 fun letter “J” crafts, from uppercase “Js” to lowercase, as well as crafts for things that begin with the letter “J.”

Note: Since some of these crafts require the use of scissors and paint, I recommend safety scissors and washable paint for kids to use, especially toddlers and preschoolers. I also recommend that a grown-up cut all the necessary materials beforehand.

Uppercase Letter “J” Crafts

Here are 10 capital letter “J” crafts for preschoolers and toddlers that a grown-up might need to help with.

1. “J is for Jellyfish” Craft

Photo credit: Crystal & Co.

A jellyfish is such an interesting creature! Did you know some jellyfish can produce their own light? While this jellyfish craft can’t do that, Crystal & Co.’s craft is still a cutie.

All kids need is glitter paint, a paintbrush, googly eyes, newspaper, construction paper, glue, scissors, and the free letter “J” and jellyfish templates.

2. “J is for Jaguar” Craft

Photo credit: Kids Activities Blog

For this letter J craft, Kids Activities Blog shows kids how to make a jaguar straight from the jungle using orange construction paper, scissors, a pipe cleaner, googly eyes, a pom pom, glue, and a black crayon.

3. “J is for Juice” Craft

“J is for Juice” Craft

Photo credit: Teach Beside Me

Here’s a really easy letter J craft from Teach Beside Me made up of pink construction paper, a paper straw, scissors, a crayon, and an uppercase letter “J” cutout.

While Teach Beside Me does provide a letter “J” template, it’s not free. Alternatively, you could always encourage your kids to draw their own letter “J” on a piece of paper and help them cut it out!

4. “J is for Jewels” Craft

 “J is for Jewels” Craft

Photo credit: School Time Snippets

With just some craft jewels, scissors, glue, construction paper, and a marker (for drawing the letter J), School Time Snippets teaches kids how to make this simple, cute, and sparkly “J is for Jewels” craft.

5. “J is for Jack O’ Lantern” Craft

“J is for Jack O’ Lantern” Craft

Photo credit: Glued to My Crafts

Is Halloween coming up? With cardstock, scissors, glue, a green pipe cleaner, washi tape, and the free template, kids can make this simple jack o’lantern craft from Glued to My Crafts.

6. “J is for Jesus” Craft

“J is for Jesus” Craft

Photo credit: Catholic Icing

Nothing rings in the holiday season quite like candy canes! And kids can make this letter J candy cane craft with baby Jesus courtesy of Catholic Icing.

All they need is any type of paper, paper filler, washable red paint, scissors, felt, and a Manila file folder.

7. “J is for Jingle Bells” Craft

All Kids Network shares a tutorial on how to make a cool “J is for Jingle Bells” craft!

The materials for this craft are construction paper, ribbon or yarn, jingle bells, cotton balls, scissors, glue, and All Kids Network’s letter “J” template.

You’ll need to register your email on their site if you want to download the template.

8. “J is for Jeep” Craft

“J is for Jeep” Craft

Photo credit: Our Kid Things

“Beep beep” honks the jeep! Our Kid Things uses craft foam, scissors, a black marker, glue, and cardstock to teach kids how to make this cute letter J craft that features a jeep driving down the J’s slope.

9. “J is for Jet” Craft

“J is for Jet” Craft

Photo credit: My Teaching Station

Kids can make a cool and quick jet with this tutorial from My Teaching Station. All they need is colored paper, glue, and scissors!

They’ll also need the alphabet template from the site, but it’s not free. If you’re not willing to shell out cash, kids can draw the letter J with a little help from a grown-up.

10. Origami Uppercase Letter “J”

This letter J craft will require some help from a grown-up. Origami Humpy’s video shows kids how to fold a piece of paper to create a simple uppercase letter J.

This would be a great activity to enhance a toddler or preschooler’s fine motor skills!

Lowercase Letter “j” Crafts

Below are 3 lowercase letter j crafts kids can easily do with some supervision from a grown-up.

11. “j is for Jellyfish” Craft

“j is for Jellyfish” Craft

Photo credit: Totally Tots

Here’s a pretty pink jellyfish made from a lowercase “j” from Totally Tots to brighten your kid’s day. It’s really simple to make, and all they need is pink craft foam, clear glitter, glue, scissors, a pencil, a paintbrush, and a plastic sheet protector.

12. “j is for Jaguar” Craft

“j is for Jaguar” Craft

Photo credit: All About Learning Press

All About Learning Press shares a tutorial and a free downloadable letter “j” template so kids can make this creative jaguar craft which uses the dot above the “j” as the jaguar’s head – how creative!

The other materials needed are googly eyes, cardstock, glue, a pencil, scissors, and a black marker.

13. Origami Lowercase Letter “j”

Crafts Guru teaches kids how to make a letter “j” by simply folding a piece of paper. If you think your kids are too young for this craft or that they might have a hard time folding the paper, then use this as a teaching opportunity!

Crafts of Things That Start With the Letter “J”

The following are 6 letter J crafts of things that start with the letter “J.” Some of these crafts are more suitable for older kids or will require help from a grown-up.

14. Origami Jellyfish

Niko Niko Origami shows kids a simple and easy-to-do origami jellyfish. Younger kids may need help from adults as their motor skills might not be at the level of precision needed for the folds.

For even more sea critter crafts like this, check out my article on jellyfish crafts!

15. Paper Plate Jaguar Mask

Paper Plate Jaguar Mask

Photo credit: Woo! Jr. Kids Activities

Let your kids become the jaguar they were meant to be with this paper plate mask tutorial from Woo! Jr. Kids Activities. The materials they’ll need are:

  • Paper Plate
  • Washable paint (orange, yellow, white, black, and pink)
  • Elastic cord
  • Hole puncher
  • Paint palette
  • Paint brushes
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Black marker

That’s a lot! But all of these materials will result in a cool jaguar mask your kids can wear!

16. Jack and the Beanstalk Craft

Jack and the Beanstalk Craft

Photo credit: No Time for Flash Cards

Your kid doesn’t have to be named Jack to make this letter J craft! No Time for Flash Cards shows kids how to make this craft with markers, washable paint, scissors, a paintbrush, and pictures of themselves and their siblings or friends.

17. Jester Paper Hat Craft

Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse shows kids how to make a fun jester hat they can wear! All they need are scissors, colored markers, cardstock or construction paper, and the downloadable template.

Access to the template would require you to subscribe to Maple Leaf Learning’s website.

18. Jungle Diorama Craft

Despite dioramas usually being difficult to make, Carol from “Arts and Crafts with Crafty Carol“ shows kids how to easily make this jungle diorama with a shoe box, animal figurines, fake plants, styrofoam balls, scissors, glue, and blue tissue paper.

Furthermore, don’t sweat it if you don’t have animal figurines or fake plants! Carol shares alternatives for these materials in her video.

19. Jack O’ Lantern Jack in the Box Craft

Natalia from Natalia’s Toolbox combines two things that start with the letter “J” to make one awesome Halloween craft. To make this, kids will need the following:

  • Printer paper (white and orange)
  • Construction paper
  • Ruler
  • Craft pliers
  • Pen
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Paperclip

Fair warning: while this craft is pretty cool, a lot of the steps are not suitable for preschoolers or toddlers, so this project is best left for mommy or daddy to do with help from the kiddos along the way.

Just some Jolly Ole Letter J Crafts

Turn a boring summer day into a fun-filled learning opportunity with these 19 fun and creative letter “J” crafts your toddlers, preschoolers, or even older kids can do!

Did you try some of these letter J crafts with your kids? Let me know what their favorite one was in the comments below!

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