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17 Outstanding Letter “O” Crafts

“Oscar the octopus ogled the orange ocean.” If that sentence doesn’t stick, then these letter O crafts will.

The letter “O” is arguably one of the easiest vowels to remember and the most versatile because it will remind preschoolers and toddlers of a simple circle.

What I love about the crafts on this list is that most of the materials you’ll need are inexpensive or most likely already in your home.

Help your kids familiarize the 4th vowel of the alphabet with these simple and fun letter “O” crafts!

10 Letter “O” Preschool Crafts

One way to make the process of crafting entertaining for you and your children is by introducing them to cute creatures! Below are ten easy letter “O” animal crafts.

1. “O is For Owl” Craft

“O is For Owl” Craft
Photo credit: ABC See, Hear, Do

What You’ll Need:

Make this simple letter “O” owl craft from ABC See, Hear, Do with your kids that only requires construction paper, scissors, glue, a black marker, and optional googly eyes.

What You’ll Do:

Start by cutting a letter large “O” from a piece of construction paper. If your toddler is too young to use children’s scissors, take care of the cutting yourself and let them handle the pasting.

If you’re interested in doing more owl crafts, then head to our craft guide which includes easy and cute owl crafts for kids.

2. “O is For Octopus” Craft

“O is For Octopus” Craft
Photo credit: Kids Activities Blog

What You’ll Need:

This easy and cute letter “O” is for octopus craft shared by Kids Activities Blog requires construction paper, small pom poms, scissors, and glue. Googly eyes are optional, but they do give a bit more character to the octopus!

What You’ll Do:

Simply cut the letter “O” from a piece of construction paper. Then, trace parallel lines along the edges of the paper and cut those to form the tentacles. Finally, paste the tentacles onto the “O” and you have an octopus!

Have your kid glue the small pom poms onto the octopus to create vibrant tentacles.

3. “O is for Ostrich” Craft

 “O is for Ostrich” Craft
Photo credit: The Teaching Aunt

Did you know ostriches are the largest bird on the planet? They weigh more than 200 pounds! That’s why they’re flightless. But don’t let their weight fool you and your toddlers because they are extremely fast animals!

What You’ll Need:

Have fun creating this letter “O” ostrich craft shared by The Teaching Aunt that only requires construction paper with your children.

What You’ll Do:

Simply cut a letter “O” from a piece of black construction paper and cut the ostrich’s head from a piece of pink construction paper. If your kids are doing the cutting themselves, make sure to supervise.

4. Toilet Paper Roll Octopus

Toilet Paper Roll Octopus
Photo credit: East Coast Mommy

If you and your kid want a bit of an extra challenge, try putting together this letter “O” toilet paper roll octopus brought to you by East Coast Mommy.

What You’ll Need:

An empty toilet paper roll, paint, scissors, and googly eyes.

What You’ll Do:

Paint your toilet paper roll the color of your choice. Trace lines from the bottom of the roll up to the middle, and then cut to create the tentacles. Detail the tentacles with small o’s and create a face by adding googly eyes. That’s it!

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5. “O is for Ox” Craft

“O is for Ox” Craft
Photo credit: All About Learning Press

This powerful animal will certainly leave an impression on toddlers and preschoolers because of its imposing horns and large nose.

What You’ll Need:

You’ll just need basic materials such as glue, scissors, markers, and a pair of googly eyes.

What You’ll Do:

All About Learning Press provides instructions and a free downloadable template for this massive ox.

6. Handprint Octopus Craft

Handprint Octopus Craft
Photo credit: It Happens In A Blink

Here’s an easy letter “O” craft by It Happens In A Blink that you can do in less than 15 minutes. While not strictly a letter ‘O’, this handprint octopus craft will surely be memorable and entertaining for preschoolers and toddlers.

What You’ll Need:

You don’t need much to make this handprint craft: just some paint, a piece of paper, and your kids’ hands.

What You’ll Do:

Being messy is part of the process that makes this project memorable, so don’t be afraid to get in on the action and dip those palms in paint as well!

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7. Paper Plates Owls Craft

 Paper Plates Owls Craft
Photo credit: The Measured Mom

Convenient and fun to make, develop your kids’ scissors and painting skills with this paper plate owl craft by The Measured Mom. This is a great letter “O” craft for toddlers and preschoolers alike.

What You’ll Need:

This small project doesn’t take much effort and resources: you’ll need a couple of paper plates, brown paint, and round head fasteners or a stapler.

What You’ll Do:

Color both paper plates with whatever color choice your kid decides they want to make their owl. Then cut one paper plate in half and glue it on either side of the other, intact paper plate. Voila! You have an owl.

Googly eyes make this craft silly and entertaining for your children, so it’s highly recommended to add them!

8. “O is for Orca” Craft

“O is for Orca” Craft
Photo credit: Must Have Mom

Reinforcing the alphabet with this letter “O” orca craft by Must Have Mom will be amusing for toddlers and preschoolers.

What You’ll Need:

You need basic materials, such as scissors and glue, craft foam, and the orca template provided by Must Have Mom. You’ll need to subscribe to their mailing list to access the template.

What You’ll Do:

Have your kids cut a letter “O” and the orca template from craft foam, and then paste the orca together. If kids aren’t old enough to handle children’s scissors, please have an adult do the cutting.

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9. Easy Paper Chain Octopus Craft

Easy Paper Chain Octopus Craft
Photo credit: Woo Jr. Kids’ Activities

Here’s another challenging but entertaining octopus craft that will help develop your kids’ motor skills, which are essential for many aspects of life such as hand-eye coordination.

What You’ll Need:

This octopus craft isn’t too complicated or resource-heavy to make. All you need is purple construction paper, glue, and a pair of children’s scissors.

What You’ll Do:

Woo Jr. Kids’ Activities provides clear step-by-step instructions for this fun letter “O” craft.

10. “O is for Otter” Craft

“O is for Otter” Craft
Photo credit: That Bald Chick

This is a very cute letter “O” craft that your kids will surely find adorable. This one is so easy to make, even your toddler will enjoy it!

What You’ll Need:

All you need is colored construction paper, glue, and a pair of scissors. And the printable templates for the letter “O” and the cute otter.

What You’ll Do:

That Bald Chick also shares simple and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.

5 Letter “O” Crafts for Toddlers

11. “O is For Orange” Craft

“O is For Orange” Craft
Photo credit: The Simple Parent

The orange is a summer fruit that’s always a delight to eat, so help your toddlers familiarize themselves with the letter “O” with this delicious fruit by making this simple craft by The Simple Parent.

What You’ll Need:

You just need orange construction paper, scissors, glue, and a pencil for the outline. The Simple Parent provides a letter ‘o’ template for you to print.

What You’ll Do:

This craft is very simple: all you have to do is print the template, trace, cut, paste, and voila – you’ve made a letter “O” orange!

Add some of these apple drawings, and you’re on your way to owning an orchard.

12. Paper Plate Citrus Craft

Introduce your kids to the citrus family with this video tutorial by Easy Kids Craft that includes the lemon, the lime, and the orange. This is quite an educational activity for your kids, as they will learn about citruses of different colors and reinforce the letter “O” because these fruits are all round!

What You’ll Need:

A paper plate is the main material you need for this craft. You also need green, yellow, and orange paint for lime, lemon, and orange fruits.

13. Citrus Printing Letter “O” Craft

Citrus Printing Letter “O” Craft
Photo credit: Rhythms of Play

Rhythms of Play found an interesting way of using citrus for print-making art. Handprints are very popular among toddlers, but they’re messy. Using citruses as stamps creates a fascinating stamp pattern.

What You’ll Need:

You have the option to choose a variety of citrus fruits to use, ranging from a large grapefruit or a tiny clementine. Pick whichever is available to you, of course!

What You’ll Do:

Rhythms of Play provides the details of how to create this unique citrus art with your children. Naturally, the fruit requires cutting, so adult supervision is necessary.

Not citrus but just as succulent are these watermelon Perler beads.

14. “O is For Olaf” Craft

“O is For Olaf” Craft
Photo credit: Crafty Morning

Fans of Disney’s Frozen will have a blast making this Olaf craft. This snowman might be cold to the touch, but Olaf has a very energetic and warm personality. There are plenty of opportunities to draw the letter “O” in this craft!


15. “O” is for the Color Orange” Craft

“O” is for the Color Orange” Craft
Photo credit: The Measured Mom

Get ready to send your kids on an orange objects scavenger hunt because you will need them for this letter “O” craft activity shared by The Measured Mom!

Find and use assorted orange objects, ranging from buttons, craft feathers, and orange pom poms, or opt to color objects with orange paint.

16. O is for Ocean

Photo credit: Books and Giggles

We’re really taking a deep dive into the letter O, especially when it stands for ocean.

The ocean may look homogenous but Books and Giggles knows how to make the waves more distinguishable in their drawing.

17. O is for Owl Toilet Paper

Photo credit: Ducks ‘n a Row

Real-life owls are rarely colorful. Crafts are a chance to make creatures that only exist in the imagination, like this vibrant owl made by Ducks ‘n a Row.

Letter “O” Crafts That Toddlers and Preschoolers Will Love

These letter O” crafts are as easy as they are memorable. It’s crucial for toddlers and preschoolers to develop their motor and visual skills, and learning through crafts is an enjoyable and effective way to do so.

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