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18 Exquisite Letter “E” Crafts Kids Will Enjoy Making

Learning about the alphabet can be quite tedious for toddlers and preschoolers especially when memorization is involved. Do you know what will make it fun and memorable? Crafting!

Crafting gives your kids the opportunity to work with their hands and develop fine motor skills. It enhances imagination, promotes creative play, and builds self-confidence too.

Teach your kids the Letter “E” with these 18 crafts that kids will enjoy making. For easy reference, these are already grouped according to uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and crafts of things that start with the letter “E”.

Uppercase Letter “E” Crafts

Let’s start things off with these eight uppercase Letter “E” crafts that can help reinforce visually stimulated learning.

1. “E is for Eagle” Craft

“E is for Eagle” Craft
Photo Credit: Crystal & Co.

Here’s a majestic bird that will pique the interest of toddlers and preschoolers. Crystal & Co. provide step-by-step instructions on how to make this “E is for Eagle” craft using black, orange, white, and brown construction paper, eggshells, googly eyes, newspaper, a toy hammer, a glue stick, scissors, and tacky glue.

This is a fun and easy activity for the kids. However, be warned – it can get messy!

There’s a downloadable template for the Letter E on the website but you’d have to buy it. You can also try making the letter E template on your own, or you can use the other letter “E” templates found on this crafts list.

2. “E is for Ear” Craft

“E is for Ear” Craft
Photo Credit: Crayons & Cravings

Crayons & Cravings show kids how to make this “E is for Ear” craft using craft foam, cardstock, black marker, scissors, and glue. Download the free ear template and letter E template before the start of the activity and cut them out already so your kids won’t have to use the scissors.

3. “E is for Earth” Craft

“E is for Earth” Craft
Photo Credit: The Simple Parent

Here’s an activity that will not only teach your kids about the Letter E but it’s also a great opportunity to teach kids about the importance of taking care of our planet. The Simple Parent shows kids how to make this simple craft with just green and blue markers, white paper, and a pencil.

4. “E is for Egg” Craft

“E is for Egg” Craft
Photo Credit: Frugal Mom Eh!

Frugal Mom Eh! has a nice “E is for Egg” craft project. It makes use of yellow, pink, and white craft foam, black marker, googly eyes, glue, and scissors.

This is an easy activity that kids can work on by themselves, as long as safe craft scissors are used. A free letter E template is available for download.

5. “E is for Elephant” Craft

“E is for Elephant” Craft
Photo Credit: All About Learning Press

A letter “E” crafts list won’t be complete without this animal. Toddlers and preschoolers can make use of this free downloadable template when making this “E is for Elephant” craft from All About Learning Press.

Your kids will need two sheets of printer paper, gray, pink, and purple cardstock, googly eyes, pencil, black marker, glue stick, and scissors.

6. “E is for Elf” Craft

“E is for Elf” Craft
Photo Credit: Must Have Mom

Must Have Mom shows kids how to make this magical “E is for Elf” craft with the use of craft foam, glue, googly eyes, cardstock, scissors, and a black marker.

The details of the elf cutout are pretty intricate so an adult’s help is needed. Small kids can then glue down the different pieces on their own.

7. “E is for Elmo” Craft

“E is for Elmo” Craft

With black, white, and orange construction paper, red paint, fork, and the Letter E template, your kids can make this “E is for Elmo” craft all by themselves. School Time Snippets has step-by-step instructions.

This activity may be messy but it’s undeniably fun and will keep the little ones occupied for some time.

8. “E is for Envelope” Craft

Punk Rock Preschool’s tutorial video above teaches kids how to make this “E is for Envelope” craft using construction paper, four long-sized white envelopes, glue stick, and watercolor with a brush. No adult help is needed here. Your kids will love working independently!

Lowercase Letter “E” Crafts

After learning about uppercase letter “E” crafts, we move on to making lowercase “e”! This list of five crafts can help supplement your existing lessons on the Letter E.

9. “e is for Eel” Craft

This electrifying “e is for Eel” craft by Punk Rock Preschool makes use of inexpensive craft materials that you might already have at home – blue, green, and yellow construction paper, black and green markers, glue stick, and scissors. Watch the video above to learn how to make this craft.

10. “e is for Egg” Craft

 “e is for Egg” Craft
Photo Credit: Totally Tots

Totally Tots shows kids how to make this adorable “e is for Egg” craft using orange, white, and yellow craft foam, yellow feathers, a googly eye, scissors, glue, and a pencil.

Toddlers and preschoolers will need an adult’s help in cutting out the various pieces of this craft. With minimal supervision, they can work on gluing the pieces on their own.

11. “e is for Eggplant” Craft

“e is for Eggplant” Craft
Photo Credit: Daddy Mommy and Me

Using purple and white construction paper, felt papers in light and dark green, a green pipe cleaner, scissors, glue, and pencil, kids can make this “e is for Eggplant” craft from Daddy, Mommy and Me.

This craft is also a great way to introduce kids to vegetables and healthy eating. What do you think?

12. “e is for Elephant” Craft

“e is for Elephant” Craft
Photo Credit: Yummy Thumbs

This craft is the baby version of craft number 5. Yummy Thumbs teaches kids how to make a lowercase version of an animal that’s considered to be a gentle giant. Using construction paper, glue, googly eyes, and scissors, kids can easily make this lowercase “e is for Elephant” craft. An adult needs to help out with the cutting, though.

13. “e is for Elmo” Craft

“e is for Elmo” Craft
Photo Credit: Momstown

Here’s a great idea: why not seek the help of the furry red Sesame Street character to help kids learn the letter E? Momstown teaches kids how to make this “e is for Elmo” craft using red, white, black, and orange construction paper, scissors, and glue.

A toddler will need help cutting the letter and shapes. A preschooler can work with a craft scissor – and with minimal adult supervision, of course.

Crafts of Things that Start with the Letter “E”

To complete our crafts list, here are five crafts of things that start with the letter “E”.

14. Eagle Handprint Craft

Eagle Handprint Craft
Photo Credit: Simple Everyday Mom

Simple Everyday Mom shows kids how to make this eagle handprint craft using colored cardstock in brown, gray, yellow gold, and white, scissors, and glue stick. A free eagle template is available for download on the site but you would have to input your email address.

If your kids aren’t proficient in the use of scissors, I highly suggest cutting the different pieces first before they start working on this craft. They’ll also need an adult’s help in tracing and cutting their handprints.

15. Easter Egg Craft

Easter Egg Craft
Photo Credit: Hoosier Homemade

Using plastic or chalkboard eggs, craft foam, felt paper, pipe cleaners, pom poms, googly eyes, pencil, black marker, scissors, and glue, kids can make Easter egg crafts as taught by Hoosier Homemade.

16. Elephant Toilet Paper Roll

Here at Cool Kids Crafts we’ve already given you 20 reasons to hold on to those empty toilet paper rolls. But here’s one more!

Easy Kids Craft’s tutorial video above shows how to make an elephant from an empty toilet paper roll, scissors, cardstock, glue, googly eyes, acrylic paint, and a paintbrush.

This activity involves a lot of cutting so this requires adult involvement. When all the cutting and assembling are done, kids can take over and paint the elephants!

Do you want more elephant craft ideas? Check out my post on 15 Elephant Craft Projects Kids Can Make At Home!

17. Paper Cup Elf Craft

Paper Cup Elf Craft
Photo Credit: Fireflies and Mudpies

This is an adorable holiday craft from Fireflies and Mudpies that you and your kids can make together using paper cups, gold glitter paper, colored cardstock, googly eyes, gold pipe cleaner, scissors, glue, white colored pencil, single hole punch, and black marker.

There’s a free elf downloadable template which you can cut out first. This craft has a lot of details so it needs a lot of a grown-up’s involvement.

18. Coffee Filter Eskimo Craft

Coffee Filter Eskimo Craft
Photo Credit: Brenda Johnston

Kids can make this coffee filter Eskimo craft with the instructions from Brenda Johnston. They’ll need construction paper, coffee filter, cotton balls, pom pom balls, glitter glue, googly eyes, white glue, a pencil, and scissors.

If you draw and cut the pieces beforehand, your kids can work on putting the different parts of the Eskimo together.

“E” Crafts Make Learning More Exciting!

Why settle for boring methods of learning when you can make them more exciting? These Letter “E” crafts are fun to make, either alone or with an adult’s supervision.

Do you know of any more Letter “E” crafts? Feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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