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18 Letter “i” Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Getting kids interested in learning about letters might be a bit hard if done in the traditional manner, so let’s make learning the letter “i,” and words that begin with it, creative and fun instead.

Below are some incredible and simple letter “i” crafts for toddlers and preschoolers to help them remember the letter, as well as some of the words that start with it.

These crafts are arranged by uppercase and lowercase “i” crafts, as well as crafts without the need to make the letter “i.”

And as most of these crafts require the use of scissors, I suggest having your toddler or preschooler use safety scissors.

Uppercase Letter “i” Crafts

Let’s start off with 9 uppercase letter “i” crafts for toddlers and preschoolers.

1. Letter “I” Origami Craft

Starting with an incredibly simple craft, Origami Humpy has a video tutorial on how to make an origami letter “I” from a sheet of paper. Depending on the step, a grown-up might need to help with some of the folding.

2. “I is for Iguana” Craft

I is for Iguana”

Photo credit: Kids Activities Blog

Kids Activities Blog shows kids how to make an iguana from the letter “I” with green construction paper, googly eyes, green and red pipe cleaners, glue, and safety scissors – super simple! Neat, right?

3. “I is for Insect” Craft

I is for Insect

Photo credit: Powerful Mothering

“I” is also for creepy crawling insects, and kids can easily make one with this guide from Powerful Mothering using the following: safety scissors, glue, construction paper, crayons or colored pencils, and googly eyes.

Powerful Mothering does provide a template (at the bottom of their page), and you’ll just need to enter your email to get it.

4. “I is for Inchworm” Craft

I is for Inchworm

Photo credit: All About Learning Press

Here’s an animal you don’t hear about everyday. Toddlers and preschoolers can use this free printable template from All About Learning Press to make this nifty “I is for inchworm” craft.

They’ll also need 2 sheets of printer paper, cardstock, a googly eye, glue, pencil, a marker, and safety scissors.

5. “I is for Indian Corn” Craft

I is for Indian Corn

Photo credit: School Time Snippets

While corn begins with the letter “C,” one type of corn is known as Indian corn. With washable paint, pom poms, clothespins, green and brown construction paper, and safety scissors, School Time Snippets shows kids how to make this “I is for Indian corn” craft.

This craft is also a great way for kids to start learning about the different variants of food.

6. “I is for Ice Cream” Craft

I is for Ice Cream

Photo credit: Crystal and Comp

One triple scoop ice cream cone, please! Crystal and Comp shows kids that all they need is colored paper or construction paper, safety scissors, colored markers, buttons, pom poms, and glue to make this simple “i is for ice cream” craft.

They also include a free printable template for this letter “i” craft.

7. “I is for Icicle” Craft

I is for Icicle

Photo credit: Our Kid Things

Need something colder than ice cream to cool your kids off? Our Kid Things shows how toddlers and preschoolers can make this easy-to-do “I is for icicle” craft with just craft foam, glue, safety scissors, a blue pen or marker, and colored cardstock – pretty simple, right?

8. “I is for Igloo” Craft

I is for Igloo

Photo credit: The Simple Parent

Have your kids craft this yummy ice shelter with this guide from The Simple Parent.

The materials needed include a sheet of white paper or cardstock, two sheets of black cardstock or construction paper, marshmallows, glue, and safety scissors. The Simple Parent even includes a free printable template!

Afterwards, you and your kids can eat the leftover marshmallows for a quick celebratory snack!

9. “I is for Island” Craft

I is for Island

Photo credit: No Time for Flash Cards

After those cold and icy crafts, here’s a sunny island kids can make! Kids can create this easy-to-do “I is for island” craft from No Time for Flash Cards by using five sheets of different colored construction paper, glue, crayons, and safety scissors.

Lowercase Letter “i” Crafts

Up next, here are 3 lowercase letter “i” crafts your toddler or preschooler can easily do!

10. Letter “i” Origami Craft

I know what you’re thinking, how do you make an origami lowercase “i” with the dot on top? With the help from Origami with Jo Nakashima’s video, kids (with a bit of assistance from a grown-up) can create this origami “i,” dot and all.

11. “i is for Iguana” Craft

i is for Iguana

Photo credit: From ABCs to ACTs

Here’s the lowercase “i” version of the iguana craft from number 2. From ABCs to ACTs uses green construction paper, googly eyes, safety scissors, glue, and a sheet of white cardstock to teach toddlers or preschoolers how to easily make this craft.

12. “i is for Inchworm” Craft

i is for Inchworm

Photo credit: Totally Tots

This lovely “i is for inchworm” craft from Totally Tots that showcases a cute inchworm munching on a leaf can be made by toddlers or preschoolers with green and brown craft foam, a leaf, a pen, a pencil, safety scissors, and glue or tape.

Words Beginning with Letter “i” Crafts

Lastly, here are 6 crafts of words that begin with the letter “i” your kids will have fun putting together (with a little help from a grown up, of course).

13. Toilet Paper Roll Iguana Craft

The aptly named Easy Kids Craft shows kids how to make an iguana out of empty toilet paper rolls using safety scissors, glue, green paint (I suggest washable paint), and a marker – it’s that easy!

14. Pom Pom Inchworm Craft

Pom Pom Inchworm

Photo credit: Sight and Sound Reading

This is a cute inchworm craft from Sight and Sound Reading your kids can easily do. All they need are pom poms, glue, safety scissors, a pipe cleaner, and googly eyes, and they’ll be making these in a cinch!

15. Shaving Cream Ice Cream Craft

Shaving Cream Ice Cream

Photo credit: Crafty Morning

With shaving cream, white cardstock, washable paint (green, red, and brown), cardboard, safety scissors, a marker, and a paintbrush, kids can make this realistic and yummy looking ice cream craft from Crafty Morning.

Make sure to supervise your kids when they use the shaving cream to ensure they don’t accidentally eat it.

16. Aluminum Foil Icicle Craft

Aluminum Foil Icicle

Photo credit: Kids Craft Room

Kids can create simple faux icicles with this guide from Kids Craft Room. The only things needed are aluminum foil, glue, blue glitter, and strings. It’s that simple!

Since aluminum foil tends to have sharp edges, please make sure to supervise younger children who may not have refined fine motor skills just yet when doing this particular craft.

17. Magic Nuudle Igloo Craft

Here’s a crafting material you don’t see often. Magic Nuudles are biodegradable building blocks made from cornstarch that are safe for children of all ages!

The YouTube channel Animaplates shows kids how to make an igloo with Magic Nuudles, a paper plate, a wet sponge, and glue.

18. Island Diorama Craft

This diorama craft (which is completely made with paper!) from Diya’s Funplay is most suitable for older kids and will require help from a grown up if done with preschoolers.

This video teaches kids, step by step, how to make a really cool island diorama by using a large sheet of blue butcher paper, colored paper (green, brown, and yellow), glue, and safety scissors.

“I” is for Incredible Crafts!

Have kids learn all about iguanas, igloos, and other words with these 18 letter “i” crafts. Toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy the learning process, which will help them retain the letter and words much easier!

Have you taught your kids the alphabet yet? Are you teaching them now? Let me know in the comments below!

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