18 Easy and Striking Drawings of Snakes

There’s no need to venture into the dense jungle or explore deep lairs to create some terrific but easy drawings of snakes—I’ve secured them here for you.

Although they’re not seen as commonly as spiders, centipedes, and other creepy crawlies, snakes still terrify many people. Should they be scared?

After following one of these snake drawing guides—which includes cute snakes and baby snakes—you might conclude they’re not so bad after all.

Drawing Materials

4 Straightforward Snakes

There are two types of snakes, venomous and constrictors. Pretty straightforward. If you see one nearby, run away. Very simple.

1. Basic Snake Drawing

Photo credit: Hello Artsy

I have to confess: I lied. Snakes are very complex creatures, especially when looking at their biology. An ophiologist—or snake expert—would attest to that.

But snake drawings are far from being complex, especially when it’s made as easily as Hello Artsy has drawn it.

2. A Snake for Beginners

Here’s a small but valuable lesson on perspective, delivered to you by Articco Drawing.

The head is noticeably larger than the tail, conveying that the snake is within striking distance from you.

Just kidding! This is a very friendly snake—trust me.

3. Slithering Snake

Photo credit: Drawing Photos

Drawing Photos shares an unmistakable drawing of a snake. This snake is perfect for a symbol or insignia.

If your children are a fan, they can even post it on their bedroom door to discourage people from entering without permission.

It’s made with no fuss, in six simple steps.

4. Draw Snake with Letter “S”

Is there a more fitting way to draw a snake than with the letter “S”? Jon Harris makes it easier for everyone to remember how to draw these serpents with their “S for snake” guide.

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4 Cartoon Snakes

To make these reptiles less threatening, I’ve also included several cartoon snakes that make it easier for children to devour.

5. Silly Snake

Photo credit: Verb Now

The secret is out: the key to making scary creatures less menacing is shared Verb Now. Slapping a couple of googly eyes on them works like a charm.

It’s so effective that even Nagini would look ridiculous. (Nagini is Lord Voldemort’s pet from the Harry Potter series).

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6. Snake Cartoon

Check out this snake found on YoKidz’s channel. This snake doesn’t have jaundice—most snakes just have intimidating yellow eyes!

It sharpens their vision and helps them catch prey a lot quicker.

7. Easy Nine-Step Snake Drawing

Photo credit: How To Draw For Kids

How do you start a snake drawing? Not from the tail, of course. That much is obvious, How To Draw For Kids tells us, as they start their nine-step drawing from the head all the way to the tail.

8. Baby Cartoon Snake

Many people have a fear of snakes. We’re hardwired to think that slithering and crawling creatures might be a threat to our existence, after all.

But would you be scared of a snake like this?

Shared by Art For Kids Hub, this video tutorial features a snake with an enormous head and a small body, typical of a drawing style known as “kawaii”.

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3 Coiled Snakes

Let’s see some coiled snake drawings, and find out why they do such a behavior.

9. Coiled Green Snake

Photo credit: Art Projects For Kids

One of the reasons snake coil is to regulate their body temperature. Being cold-blooded animals, they rely on external heat, and coiling in a spiral position helps conserve heat.

We see, for example, this snake from Art Projects For Kids, which is coiled under the sun to ramp up its metabolism (with the added bonus of a suntan).

10. How to Draw The Snake Emoji

Another reason to assume this stance is for snakes to have a better defensive posture.

In this spiral position, its vital organs are more protected. Having a straight or squiggly posture is basically an open invitation to hack their long bodies.

Draw So Cute, inspired by the snake emoji, shows us how coiling is done. As you can see, this snake is not only protected but prepared to strike.

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11. Snake Coiled Up a Tree

Photo credit: How To Draw.Pics

Have you ever seen a snake scale a tree? There must be at least one law of physics being broken there. And to do it with no arms or legs makes it even more impressive.

How To Draw.Pics shows us a drawing of a python coiled around a branch, surveying the landscape for prey, or luring a bird with its worm-like tail.

And unlike the other snake drawings, they colored their snake blue—a refreshing sight from the nauseating green.

4 Cute Snakes

Here’s the section that will convince you that snakes can be cute after all.

12. Adorable Snake

Photo credit: We Draw Animals

Take a look at this amiable snake drawn by We Draw Animals. It’s super adorable, and the bifurcated tongue is the icing on the cake.

13. Snake with Flower

Mofukawa delivers a snake that kids will misinterpret for a worm. Make no mistake, this is a snake—and a very cute one.

As if its squishy body wasn’t enough to melt our hearts, the artist adds a little pink flower to endear us totally.

14. Charmer Snake

Not all two-dimensional drawings are elementary. Take a look at this drawing by Learn step by step, for example.

We can clearly discern the head being in the foreground as opposed to its tail in the background.

15. Chubby Snake (Kawaii)

Did you know that some snakes are ovoviviparous?

If you don’t want to bother learning about it, just like you didn’t want to bother pronouncing it, then proceed to draw this chubby snake shared by LenaR Art.

In case you’re curious, ovoviviparity is a reproductive strategy in which the animal develops eggs and hatches them inside the body—which is not as complicated as it sounds.

3 Hissing Snakes

I assume you’ve conquered the fear of snakes by now. Proceed with caution with these hissing snakes.

16. A Great Serpent

Photo credit: Easy Drawing Guides

If you thought giant snakes only existed in movies, think again. There used to be a prehistoric snake that grew up to 42 feet. It was called Titanoboa.

I consider myself lucky to live in an era where jumbo snakes only exist in our imagination—and drawings, like this one by Easy Drawing Guides.

17. King Cobra

Cold-blooded is a term to describe those who show no empathy for others. Snakes are cold-blooded, in both senses of the word.

But sometimes they’re only being provoked, like this king cobra by Art For Kids Hub, who illustrates this cobra magnificently with its hazelnut coloration.

Remember, these snakes want to avoid us as much as we want anything to do with them.

18. A Rattled Snake

Draw a viper with amazing detail by following Cartooning Club XL’s video tutorial.

Just like the needle-like fangs of a viper, the artist executes with great precision each stroke and shading.

Don’t Wait for Imagination to Strike!

Snakes wait for the opportune moment to strike—it’s required to earn the title of “cold-blooded”.

Don’t be like a snake. Don’t wait for the imagination to strike, and act now so you can enhance your drawing skills.

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