19 Easy Step-by-Step Motorcycle Drawings

Keep the adrenaline and spirits high with these exciting motorcycle drawings!

The sweet growl of a revving motorcycle is as satisfying to a biker as the crunch of fresh sourdough bread is to a baker.

It’s an unusual comparison, maybe, but after completing these motorcycle drawings, you’ll realize that the sound of scraping of pencil against paper is just as soothing. (ASMR is an entire category on YouTube if you didn’t know.)

So let’s ignite those mental engines and let artists go full speed with their imagination with these motorcycle drawings.

Motorcycles in the City: 25 Mph

Let’s set a slow and steady pace for beginners with these easy motorcycle drawings.

1. Motorcycle Doodle

Photo credit: How To Draw.Pics

The parts of a motorcycle may be complicated, but drawing a doodle of it in your bullet journal shouldn’t be.

Be inspired by the simplicity of this motorcycle doodle created by How To Draw.Pics.

2. Light Motorcycle Toy

Photo credit: How To Draw For Kids

A motorcycle drawing for kids and scandals aren’t too different: it’s easier if you cover it up.

That’s exactly what How To Draw For Kids has done with the engine and other parts of their motorcycle drawing!

3. Junk Motorcycle

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

A person without any background in mechanics will find an abandoned motorcycle pretty much worthless.

A motorcycle aficionado, however, can repair a junk metal into a serviceable, and even prized, ride.

Just like in algebra, let’s find the value of this basic motorcycle shared by Art Drawing.

4. A Red Chopper

Photo credit: I Heart Crafty Things

Owning a motorcycle could be a necessity for some; having more than one becomes a lifestyle. A biker will display their beloved and well-maintained collection of motorcycles.

One of the more stylish types of motorcycle is the chopper, iconic for its extended front fork and overall eye-catching design.

I Heart Crafty Things showcases a red chopper motorcycle in their drawing tutorial.

5. Sportbike of a Trailblazer

Photo credit: Easy Drawing Tutorials

The adrenaline rush of a biker probably reaches the stratosphere when zooming at extreme speeds. That’s what I assume racers feel like every time they “ride or die.”

But, of course, safety is a top priority (unless you want to go beyond the stratosphere and reach the gates of paradise).

This sportbike drawing by Easy Drawing Tutorials looks like it’s capable of achieving deafening speeds.

Scooters for Casuals

6. Scooter for the Everyday Commuter

Not all bikers have that ride or die mentality. Some just want an efficient and budget-friendly way get to school or deliver flowers to grandma.

Riding a scooter is one of the most efficient way to get around the city.

Technically, scooters aren’t motorcycles, but their weight, size, and affordability make them the preferred vehicle by thousands of commuters.

Here’s a quick way to draw a scooter, brought to you by b6 Arts for kids.

7. Another Scooter

Photo credit: Drawing123

A moped is an upgrade to a bike; a scooter is an upgrade to a moped.

This might not be a Vespa but Drawing123‘s scooter could get the job done as well as any other ride.

Motorcycles on the Highway: 50 Mph

A moderate acceleration is required to reach our artistic destinations.

We’ll reach those with these intermediate motorcycle drawings.

8. The Comfortable Cruiser

A long drive has never been more relaxing with such a sweet ride as the one illustrated by Art For Kids Hub.

They’ve chosen fiery orange paintjob for their motorcycle; customize according to your preference. (I’d paint mine as black as the void).

9. Customized Motorcycle

Longer distances require bigger, more capable engines.

I don’t expect less with such a powerful motorcycle as Suỵt !!! Mai Có Biến – New‘s cruiser bike, which can cover more ground

10. Flaming Chopper

Photo credit: Drago Art

By flaming chopper, I don’t mean the burning helicopters typically seen in war films—you’re more likely to see Ghost Rider than those.

This chopper by Drago Art simply has a flaming design, characteristic of Hot Wheels vehicles.

11. Sport Touring Bike

Photo credit: Envato Tuts+

Get the best of both worlds in a sport tourer.

Combining the endurance of a touring motorcycle and the performance of a sports bike, a sport touring motorcycle like the one presented by Envato Tuts+ is a great balance of speed and comfort.

Dirt Bike for Adventurous Bikers

12. Seasoned Dirt Bike

Suspension, shock absorber, knobby tires, lightweight—all of which are essential to a dirt bike that travels over rough and unsteady terrain.

All of the boxes are ticked in Moshley Drawing‘s detailed dirt bike drawing.

13. Dirt Bike for the Off-Road

Just like wild Pokemons, dirt bikes are rarely seen in urban areas.

That’s not because they’re too cool (which they are) to be ridden in the streets; but rather lacking key features (taillights, side mirrors, turn signals, etc.) make them unsafe—not to mention illegal—to be driven in busy streets and bustling boulevards.

So it’s best to keep the dirt bike in open fields or rocky hills.

Motorcycles in Tournaments: 75 Mph or Above

Veterans on biking and art will appreciate these highly sophisticated motorcycle drawings.

14. Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Judging the quality of this motorbike, the acceleration on this bad boy must be top-notch. It’s a Harley-Davidson, after all.

Equally as impressive—if not more—is how this sketch is artfully done by 1 Medias Drawing, who applies fifty shades of grey on this slick vehicle by using only three colored pencils.

15. Detailed Chopper

Photo credit: Super Coloring

These choppers certainly cut the wind when they zip through the road. But that’s not why they’re referred to as “choppers.”

Choppers are modified motorcycles whose parts have been cut, or chopped.

That revelation is surprisingly simple—and sound way less cool than the idea of slicing air with speed.

16. A Motorcycle Blueprint

Anyone itching for a detailed guide on a motorcycle sketch will be in for a treat with this amazing video tutorial.

Not only will you be given a closer look at the more intricate parts of a motorcycle, but Scott Robertson‘s video tutorial also gives a very valuable lesson on perspective, which has endless applications in art.

With the level of detail found in this one sketch, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the blueprint of an actual motorcycle.

17. The Motorcycle of the Future

Photo credit: How To Draw Comics

Check out this futuristic motorcycle by How To Draw.Pics. Not even RoboCop’s vehicles can top this design, which seems like a self-driving motorcycle.

Although a self-driving vehicle is a distant possibility, tech billionaires like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos could make one of those right now. Probably.

Motorcycles with Rider

18. Giant Motorcycle, Tiny Rider


They say a driving a car is way safer than riding a motorcycle. Not if you have a motorcycle like this—brought to you by merhan drawings.

Twice the size of the average motorcycle, this one is almost like a car without the top or doors.

19. A Motorcycle Racer

Draw Arts delivers to us the iconic image of a pro motorcycle racer drifting a corner.

Thanks to diligent practice and the unique ability to switch off their fear response on command, racers who perform such stunts regularly make them look like a walk in the park.

Enjoy the Sweet, Sweet Ride

Whether it’s a dirt bike or a futuristic motorcycle or just a classic cruiser, these motorcycle drawings will zoom you forward and propel you towards your artistic goals!

Let’s take a look at other drawings that may interest your little ones: