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20 Totally Terrific Letter “T” Crafts for Kids

Teaching your kids the next letter of the alphabet? Then these 20 letter “T” crafts for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners will help make sure that your kids better retain the appearance and sound of this letter.

As an added bonus, these crafts will also help with letter “T” word association!

9 Uppercase Letter “T” Crafts

So younger kids can do the cutting themselves, consider using a pair of safety scissors to help them out.

Also, here are letter “T” templates I found online in case none are provided.

1. “T is for Triangle” Craft

“T is for Triangle” Craft
Photo credit: Schooltime Snippets

Level of Difficulty: Toddler

Why settle for teaching just letters and words when you can teach shapes, too! Schooltime Snippets has the right idea with this triangle craft that just uses construction paper, foam triangle stickers, scissors, and glue.

2. “T is for Tutu” Tissue Paper Craft

“T is for Tutu” Tissue Paper Craft
Photo credit: Views from a Step Stool

Level of Difficulty: Toddler

Aspiring dancers can make this cute little tutu craft by Views from a Step Stool with mostly tissue paper and some other crafting supplies that can be found at home.

For more kids craft ideas using tissue paper, check out this compilation of tissue paper crafts.

3. “T is for Tree” Craft

 “T is for Tree” Craft
Photo credit: Fantastic Fun and Learning

Level of Difficulty: Preschooler

Let kids turn paper and cardboard back into a tree with this tree craft courtesy of Fantastic Fun and Learning. In addition to cardboard and tissue paper, kids will also need a fork to create fun bark patterns on the tree’s trunk!

4. “T is for Turtle” Craft

“T is for Turtle” Craft
Photo credit: All About Learning Press

Level of Difficulty: Preschooler

Turtles are some of the coolest and oldest reptiles that have lived on earth. Kids can make their very own with this simple turtle craft from All About Learning Press by using some of the usual crafting materials, a googly eye, and the free turtle and “T” templates available on the site.

5. “T is for Tiger” Craft

“T is for Tiger” Craft
Photo credit: My Teaching Station

Level of Difficulty: Preschooler

Terrific or terrifying? Either way, tigers are really awesome animals to learn about. With this craft from My Teaching Station, kids can learn all about tigers using googly eyes and the template, as well as school supplies you might already have at home.

My Teaching Station provides a 57-page template that includes both lower and uppercase letters of the alphabet for a small fee.

6. “T is for Turkey” Popsicle Stick Craft

“T is for Turkey” Popsicle Stick Craft
Photo credit: The Resourceful Mama

Level of Difficulty: Preschooler

This turkey craft by Kim at The Resourceful Mama is a neat letter “T” craft preschool kids can make.

One of the best things about the letter “T” is that kids can use popsicle sticks to make the entire shape of the letter. No cutting required!

Can’t get enough of popsicle stick activities? I’ve compiled a list of fun and easy popsicle stick crafts for kids that are fun for the whole family.

7. “T is for Tractor” Craft

“T is for Tractor” Craft
Photo credit: Totally Tots

Level of Difficulty: Preschooler

Totally Tots brings their A-game to the letter craft showdown with this tractor craft that incorporates not one, but TWO letter “T” shapes.

Kids can make this very “T” craft with craft foam and supplies you probably already have handy!

8. “T is for Train” Craft

“T is for Train” Craft
Photo credit: Momstown

Level of Difficulty: Preschooler

Two word associations for the price of one? Yes, please! Momstown shows kids both a train and track craft with this engaging learning activity.

The best part about this craft is that it only requires construction paper and a cutout of a train image!

9. Origami Uppercase “T”

Level of Difficulty: Kindergartener

The folding required for origami is an excellent way to help develop a kid’s dexterity and fine motor skills, and this origami letter “T” by Origami Humpy is a good way to do just that.

4 Lowercase Letter “t” Crafts

10. “t is for Tree” Craft

Level of Difficulty: Preschooler

Make a fully grown apple tree with the help of Nona’s tree craft. The great thing about this paper craft is that all the materials needed are easy-to-find, budget friendly, and most likely found at home.

11. “t is for Tiger” Craft

“t is for Tiger” Craft
Photo credit: Learning 4 Kids

Level of Difficulty: Preschooler

How cute is this little tiger cardboard paper roll craft by Learning 4 Kids? There’s not much else to this letter “t” craft besides paint, sticky tape, and the printable tiger and letter “t” templates.

There are so many other crafts you can do with empty paper rolls. Check out this list of toilet paper roll crafts that are great for toddlers and preschoolers!

12. “t is for Treasure” Craft

“t is for Treasure” Craft
Photo credit: No Time for Flash Cards

Level of Difficulty: Preschooler

Time to find some treasure with this coin and jewel filled treasure craft by No Time for Flash Cards. Get your hands on some plastic coins and craft jewels, as well as a few other staple craft materials, and you’re ready to go.

13. Origami Lowercase “t”

Level of Difficulty: Kindergartener

Jo Nakashima shows viewers how to make a lowercase letter “t” from folding a piece of paper. Kids can do this, too, by following his video tutorial and with a grown-up standing by and ready to help with the more complicated or precise folds.

7 Other Letter “T” Crafts

14. Paper Plate Tiger Craft

Paper Plate Tiger Craft
Photo credit: Glued to My Crafts

Level of Difficulty: Toddler

Bring a tiger home from the jungle with this really easy-to-do paper plate tiger craft from Glued to My Crafts. Aside from a paper plate, kids will also need tissue paper, cardstock, glue, and some office or crafting tools found at home.

15. Paper Towel Roll Tree Craft

 Paper Towel Roll Tree Craft
Photo credit: Super Simple

Level of Difficulty: Preschooler

Spark your little one’s passion for tree conservation with this easy-to-make paper towel roll tree craft from Super Simple.

In addition to a used paper towel tube, kids will need construction paper or bristle boards, scissors, glue, a fork, paint, a paintbrush, pom poms, and a black marker to create their very own forest or grove.

16. Paper Loops Turtle Craft

Paper Loops Turtle Craft
Photo credit: Easy, Peasy, and Fun

Level of Difficulty: Preschooler

Here’s a cool paper and textured turtle craft courtesy of Easy, Peasy, and Fun. This letter “T” word association activity can be made with arts and craft supplies your kids might already own, as well as the turtle template provided on the site.

Accessing their template comes at a cost, so an alternative is to draw the turtle yourself.

Don’t stop at turtles – check out this list I compiled of easy-to-do animal drawings for kids.

17. Paper Bag Turkey

Level of Difficulty: Preschooler

Need a turkey for Thanksgiving? Then let Stephanie help you out by teaching you how to make this stuffed paper bag turkey craft using a brown paper lunch bag, googly eyes, plastic grocery bags, construction paper, cardstock, a stapler, and a black marker.

18. Teapot Craft

Teapot Craft
Photo credit: Messy Little Monster

Level of Difficulty: Preschooler

I love this teapot craft because not only is it engaging, the result is a personal gift for your little one to give to their teacher, grandma, or any adult they care about.

Kids can serve up some tea with this teabag holder in the shape of a teapot using typical craft supplies as well as paint, sequins, stickers, and the template provided on the site (just keep in mind that the template comes at a cost).

19. Paper Towel Roll Totem Pole

Paper Towel Roll Totem Pole
Photo credit: My Creative Life

Level of Difficulty: Preschooler

Let them craft and learn about different cultures as well with this totem pole craft by Cindy. To make these iconic monuments, kids will need a used paper towel roll, binder clips, and other common craft materials.

20. Toilet Paper Rolls Train Craft

Toilet Paper Rolls Train Craft
Photo credit: Kids Activities

Level of Difficulty: Kindergartener

Kids Activities has a great upcycling activity that uses empty toilet paper rolls and bottle caps to create a DIY locomotive.

While this cool train craft is actually quite simple, it does require other materials kids might not already have handy, such as paint, foam brushes, a hole puncher, and a low temp glue gun.

Cute Letter “T” Crafts for the Kiddos

Kids will become familiar with the shape, sound, and words associated with an all new letter of the alphabet with these 20 letter “T” crafts that let them have fun and learn at the same time.

Once you’ve finished these letter “T” crafts, check out these other letter crafts as well:

Which of these letter “T” crafts did your kids enjoy the most? I’d love to hear your thoughts!