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20 Nice N’ Easy Letter “N” Crafts for Kids

Having a fun activity or craft associated with learning the alphabet is a great way to help kids remember how the letter looks, how it sounds, and the various words that begin with it.

Let your kids have fun while learning all about the letter “N” with these 20 letter “N” crafts!

While some of these crafts provide their own letter templates, here are templates for an upper and lowercase letter “N” just in case!

9 Uppercase Letter “N” Crafts

1. “N is for Nest” Craft

 “N is for Nest” Craft

Photo credit: Kids Activities

“B” is for birds, but “N” is for their nest! Kids Activities gives kids an activity where they make a nest with the letter “N” using colored paper or construction paper, googly eyes, yarn, glue, and scissors.

2. “N is for Narwhal” Craft

“N is for Narwhal” Craft

Photo credit: All About Learning Press

Underwater unicorn? The Jedi of the sea? No matter what you call them, kids can easily make this neat narwhal craft courtesy of All About Learning Press. All kids need is cardstock, printer paper, a googly eye, glue, a pencil, a marker, and scissors.

Marie, the blog owner, even provides templates!

3. “N is for Newt” Craft

Little Farmers shows kids how to make an easy-to-do and not at all poisonous newt craft with just colored cardstock or construction paper, scissors, a black marker, and glue.

4. “N is for Ninja” Craft

“N is for Ninja” Craft

Photo credit: The Simple Parent

Ninjas are extremely popular, and kids can make one based on the cartoon show Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Simple Parent shows how to make a letter “N” ninja using cardstock, googly eyes, glue, scissors, a pencil, a black marker, and their free letter “N” template.

5. “N is for Noodles” Craft

“N is for Noodles” Craft

Photo credit: Confidence Meets Parenting

Uncooked noodles can be used for this activity by Confidence Meets Parenting. To make this noodle craft, kids will need uncooked noodles (any type will do!), scissors, glue, paper, and their letter “N” template.

6. “N is for Net” Craft

 “N is for Net” Craft

Photo credit: No Time for Flash Cards

Teach kids how to catch fish, even if it’s just candy fish, with this net craft from No Time for Flash Cards. Kids will need tulle, candy fish, markers, scissors, glue, construction paper, and double stick tape for this craft.

7. “N is for Night” Craft

“N is for Night” Craft

Photo credit: Our Kid Things

A cool night breeze is really great, especially after a hot day. Crystal from Our Kid Things teaches kids how to make this simple night craft with craft foam, glue, scissors, and cardstock.

Crystal also provides a letter “N” template and a night template complete with clouds, stars, and the moon.

8. “N is for Newspaper” Collage

“N is for Newspaper” Collage

Photo credit: Learning 4 Kids

Learning 4 Kids combines both the night sky and newspaper for this newspaper collage craft. To make one, kids will need newspaper, glue, scissors, paint mixed with water, a yellow crayon, and the blog’s letter “N” template.

9. Origami Letter “N”

Get ready to improve your folding skills, kids! Origami Humpy teaches kids how to make an uppercase origami letter “N” with a piece of paper. Of course, a grown-up can step in if the kiddos are having difficulty with the folds.

5 Lowercase Letter “n” Crafts

10. “n is for Ninja” Craft

Ninjas blend into the night and their surroundings! With colored paper, scissors, and glue, Anna shows kids how to make this easy-to-do ninja craft.

11. “n is for Noodles” Craft

“n is for Noodles” Craft

Photo credit: No Time for Flash Cards

Noodles are delicious and a great snack when you’re hungry! Here’s a lowercase noodle craft by No Time for Flash Cards. On top of some uncooked noodles, kids will need construction paper, colored markers or paint, glue, and scissors.

12. “n is for Net” Craft

“n is for Net” Craft

Photo credit: Totally Tots

Here’s a net craft courtesy of Totally Tots which also shows kids what a typical net looks like. The materials they’ll need are a pantyhose, craft foam, scissors, glue or tape, and a pencil.

13. “n is for Night” Craft

“n is for Night” Craft

Photo credit: Momstown Burlington

Helps kids prepare for bedtime with this “nighty night” craft from Momstown Burlington that includes a fun rhyme to go along with the craft!

What’ll they need? Just construction paper, scissors, glue, crayons, and a piece of felt or cloth.

14. Origami Lowercase Letter “n”

This craft is quite difficult for younger kids and may even require more help from a grown-up, but Jo Nakashima gives a nice step-by-step video tutorial on how to make this origami lowercase letter “n” out of a piece of paper.

6 Other Letter “N” Crafts

15. Paper Finding Nemo Craft

Look kids! You found Nemo! Make sure he doesn’t get caught again with this tutorial from Easy Kids Craft. The materials needed are colored paper, scissors, a pencil, paint, a paintbrush, glue, and a black marker.

16. Bird Nest Craft

Bird Nest Craft

Photo credit: Preschool Toolkit

Bird’s nest can be made from a variety of materials such as twigs, grass, leaves, or it can even just be just a hole in a tree.

This simple nest sensory craft from Preschool Toolkit can be made by kids using felt, cardboard, yarn, string, feathers, and pom poms.

17. Pipe Cleaner Narwhal Craft

Kids can have an adorable little narwhal friend of their own with this video from Craft Project Ideas. They’ll just need pipe cleaners, a glue gun (opt for a low temperature one for kids to use), pom poms, googly eyes, and scissors to create this underwater unicorn!

18. Paper Bag Ninja Craft

Paper Bag Ninja Craft

Photo credit: I Heart Crafty Things

Hi-yah, indeed! I Heart Crafty Things shows kids how to make these cool ninja paper bag puppets with the following:

Make two or more so kids can have a ninja puppet battle royale!

19. Necktie Craft

Necktie Craft

Photo credit: Craft Elf

Kids, get ready to suit up with this fun and colorful necktie craft from Craft Elf. To make this necktie, kids will need craft foam, an elastic band, glue, a hole puncher, and a stapler.

20. Noah’s Ark Craft

Noah’s Ark Craft

Photo credit: Catholic Icing

Noah built an ark and got two of each animal to board it before the great flood. This Noah’s Ark craft from Catholic Icing will require kids to use construction paper, animal stickers, scissors, glue, and pipe cleaners to re-enact Noah saving the animals of the world.

Nifty Letter “N” Crafts

Let your kids try these 20 nifty letter “N” crafts to help them easily recognize and learn the letter and the words that begin with it.

Have your kids tried any of these letter “N” crafts? Which one is their favorite? Which word did they enjoy learning about the most? Share it in the comments down below.

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