19 Easy Rose Drawings for Your One True Love

Create and witness the beauty of these easy rose drawings!

Tulips, orchids, peonies, cherry blossoms—even with an endless variety of flowers existing in the world, the rose still stands out as a romantic flower with a timeless elegance.

Small wonder it’s a popular gift for loved ones.

Whether embellishing your bullet journal or broadening your skills as an artist, rest assured that there will be no thorny issues when making these easy rose drawings.

Materials for Easy Rose Drawings

  • Pencils: Roses, especially the more complicated drawings, require attention to detail and proper shading. These are highly recommended for such tasks.
  • Sketch book: It’s nice to see sketches compiled in one place.

5 Rose for Beginners

The most stunning of roses may develop multi-layered blooms, displaying their splendor with a bed of petals.

But those complex ones will arrive later; let’s start with these one-dimensional rose drawings for beginners.

1. How To Draw a Simple Rose

Photo credit: How To Draw For Kids

Observing a budded rose bloom after two weeks is a sight you don’t want to miss.

Just as you pay attention to the needs of a blooming flower, don’t neglect the basics even on this simple rose drawn by How To Draw For Kids.

2. Word Drawing: Rose

What’s the fastest way to remember a rose drawing?

I believe it’s by following drawinghowtodraw‘s video tutorial, which shows how to draw a rose with the word ‘rose’.

3. Easy Peasy Rose

The intricate petals of roses are the perfect subject for artists who love a challenge.

Beginners who aren’t on that level yet, though, can begin with this simplified rose by Sherry Drawings.

We can observe the rose curving as it you reach the middle, but nothing a novice can’t handle.

4.  Leafy Rose

Photo credit: Art Projects For Kids

The leaves of roses are serrated, with some varietals being more conspicuous than others.

Art Projects For Kids is one of the few drawings on the list that accurately portrays the rose the way it should be.

5. Budding Rose

Photo credit: Easy, Peasy, And Fun

Roses sometimes assume a heart-like shape when blooming, giving credence to the rose as a symbol of romance.

That’s certainly noticeable in this rose illustration by Easy, Peasy, And Fun.

Learn to add more depth to your drawings by following this rose.

4 Intermediate Rose

Layer your rose with a little bit more complexity with these four rose drawings for intermediate artists.

Decorate a bullet journal quickly in our flower doodles.

6. Blooming Rose

It takes plenty of effort to take a budding rose to full bloom—pests must be controlled, harmful fungi must be eliminated, and the roses must be fed with the right nutrients.

It seems Mister Brush knows to take proper care of their flower, as they draw a magnificent rose flower.

7. How To Draw a Rose: Intermediate

Photo credit: Easy Drawing Tutorials

Being a symbol of beauty and romance, it’s easy to forget that roses are living plants.

Every part of a rose has a purpose, either for survival or reproduction.

Take a holistic approach to your rose plant by following Easy Drawing Tutorials, who highlights not only the fragrant petals, but also the stem, leaves, and sepals.

8. Shape Drawings: Draw a Rose from Heart Shape

Whenever you forget how to draw a flower, another simple way to draw one is by following YoKidz drawing tutorial, which demonstrates how to draw a flower from a heart.

In this rendition, the flower is entering its second bloom phase.

9. Letter Drawing: How to Draw Rose from Letter “S”

Impress someone by drawing a rose from a letter as a starting point.

A P DRAWING fleshes out their rose from the letter “S,” proceeds to draw the spiral typical of budding roses, and finishes the drawing by surrounding it with leafy details and a smaller rose in the background.

3 Kawaii Rose

Plants are not sentient like animals, but these next three drawings show that their “moods” are affected by the changing of seasons.

10. Rose for Adolescents

Photo credit: Easy Drawing Guides

Keep your roses happy by nurturing them, keeping caterpillars and slugs away, and giving them plenty of sunlight.

Based on this drawing, Easy Drawing Guides has all the boxes ticked when it comes to keeping their rose healthy.

11. Cute Blushing Roses

Red Roses always seem to steal the spotlight when it comes to drawings, or picking roses in general.

Give love to other colored roses, too—like white roses, which represent purity and innocence, or lavender roses, which signify fascination and charm.

Mofukawa, for example, designs a rose with blue petals, symbolizing the unattainable because it’s not naturally occurring.

12. Kawaii Rose

Roses need not be realistic to look pretty; Garbi KW‘s adorable drawing exemplifies that.

The thick outline and the shadings adjacent to it enhance the kawaii characteristics of this rose.

3 Rose Bouquet

One rose signifies one true love, just like in Beauty and the Beast. The meaning of a bouquet of roses can vary depending on the number of flowers.

Let’s explore the different significance of a bouquet of roses.

13. Simple Rose Bouquet

When you think someone is wonderful, then gifting them six roses can be a meaningful way of conveying that feeling.

Sayah Arts has handpicked the best roses and plucked them of thorns, ready to be drawn by you.

14. Kawaii Rose Bouquet

Sometimes in a bouquet, the presentation of roses is just as important as the flowers and their condition.

Should you use a bolder color or a soft one that remains in the background? Should the ribbon be showing, or let the other components stand out?

The possible arrangement of a bouquet is endless. Take inspiration from Draw So Cute‘s kawaii, pink bouquet with a giant ribbon.

15. Roses for Valentine’s Day

While roses are the main star—or focal flower—of these bouquets, adding other flowers provides a serene break from the monotony of the red roses.

Whether you’re secondary flowers to include your mother’s favorite calla lilies, or adding textural fillers to make it seem more organic, it’s important to note of the style you’re trying to convey.

In their video tutorial, EasyDrawingTutorials prioritized simplicity and elevating the elegance of the roses in their bouquet.

4 Flowery Rose

Now that we’ve covered the basic rose drawings, let’s move on to the more nuanced ones, providing a challenge to more experienced artists.

16. Detailed Rose Bloom

Budding roses are often overlooked for the more dazzling roses in bloom—in complicated sketches, at least. And for good reason.

These roses in bloom—like TeamRocketDraws‘s multilayer drawing—offer a great trial for artists who want to boost their artistic skill and creativity.

17. Thorny Rose

Photo credit: Drawing For All

Let’s not overlook the important parts of a rose: the stem is a food delivery system; the leaves absorb energy from the sunlight and air; the petals attract pollinators…

Without a comprehensive approach, an artist will never reach their potential.

So don’t focus merely on the alluring flower; follow the lead of Drawing For All.

19. Step-By-Step Realistic Rose Drawing

Light perspective is another important aspect that an artist should learn. Shading is a helpful practice to enhance that area.

TeamRocketDraws is here with another rose, this time in black and white.

Don’t Let Your Skills Wilt!

Being able to draw both plants and animals can come a long way in your training as an artist.

Roses are the ultimate symbol of love, but don’t neglect the importance of other flowers, too!

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