20 Easy Bear Drawings You Can Follow

Bears are mighty, a symbol of strength. At the same time, they look cuddly and playful; no wonder you’re motivated to create some bear drawings.

There are plenty of bear species, and unless you’re a zoologist or Dwight Schrute, you’d categorize them into four types: brown bear, black bear, polar bear, and pandas.

Those are the exact groupings found below—plus a teddy bear category for those who grew up with such a companion.

While these bears are different from each other, they share something in common: they’re quite easy to draw. So don’t be intimidated, and let’s begin!

Materials for Drawing

Let’s not dive into these drawings with our bare hands. Here are some tools that may help you.

5 Brown Bears

Many of us are familiar with the brown bear. Take your pick below—there are adorable bear drawings, and there are designs that terrify the soul.

1. Busy Bear

Photo credit: Jae Johns

Here’s a simple bear, in its usual walking position—busy foraging for berries and mushrooms—shared by Jae Johns.

The design is so simple even a kindergartner won’t have a hard time replicating it.

2. Soft, Non-Violent Bear

Photo credit: How To Draw For Kids

Bears are quite territorial: trespassing on their home will be met with a roar at best, and ferocity at worst.

Luckily, this bear by How To Draw For Kids is the complete opposite of the hostile bear we think about.

With its approachable demeanor, this bear might even invite you for a bowl of porridge.

3. Grizzly Bear Drawing in Nine Steps

Photo credit: Hello Artsy

If there’s one thing unifying these bear designs, it’s their gargantuan size: some brown bears can weigh up to 1,000 lbs after all!

Hello Artsy‘s bear is no exception, featuring a sagging belly that grazes the ground.

The artist gets slightly realistic with its bear design, including details of its ruffled fur.

4. Bear Drawing (Standing)

Photo credit: Art Projects For Kids

As a last-ditch effort to intimidate a bear on your heels, you stand on your tiptoes and let out desperate sounds you thought were never possible.

Alas, the grizzly lifts its front legs and stands a towering 9 feet.

Fortunately for you, it just wants a hug, like this bear shared by Art Projects For Kids!

5. Roaring Bear (Cartoon)

Trying to create the perfect symbol of might and terror? Be inspired by How2DrawAnimals’ bear head drawing.

Although made in a cartoon style, this bear figure nevertheless sends chills down my spine—due to both its impressive design and thunderous roar.

(And because it reminds me of poor Leonardo DiCaprio in that one movie.)

4 Polar Bears

Let’s leave the forested and mountainous habitat of the grizzlies, and travel further north to the snowy regions of the Arctic to seek another type of bear: polar bears.

Take a break from drawing; start these polar bear crafts.

6. Bare Polar Bear

You thought brown bears were big? You are in for a surprise.

Polar bears can weigh up to 1,500 pounds and measure up to 10 feet in length, making these behemoths the largest carnivorous land animal.

The size of this arctic mammal is captured excellently in Cutest Drawing’s video tutorial. Remember drawing bigger does not mean harder, but it does challenge an artist in perspective.

7. Cute Polar Bear

Photo credit: How To Draw For Kids

Drawing is a process—don’t rush it. It might mean adding some details along the way, erasing a few lines, or even redrawing it completely.

And that’s absolutely fine.

Look at How To Draw For Kids‘ polar bear design. They draft circles and lines that are polished along the way, resulting in an adorable polar bear in the end.

8. King in the North

Photo credit: Hello Artsy

Having no natural predator, the polar bear dominates the Arctic region.

Hello Artsy captures its regal and imposing presence with its polar bear design.

Step aside Jon Snow—this hypercarnivore is the true King in the North.

9. Polar Bear on the Hunt

Harriet Muller’s video tutorial doesn’t simply show what to draw but clearly explains each detail of their polar bear design.

From its elongated neck and narrow head to its paddle-like paws adapted for swimming, this illustration showcases the polar bear’s features with extreme care.

So those who found the polar bear fascinating can replicate it by following to this excellent guide.

4 Panda Bears

To the south we head again, among the bamboo forests of China, where panda bears are endemic and considered a national treasure.

Experiment with other activities in these Panda Perler beads.

10. Panda Bear and Bamboo

Based on their ability to melt our hearts, it is imperative that we protect these panda bears at all costs.

Thanks to wildlife conservation efforts, pandas have passed from “Endangered” to “Vulnerable.”

So if drawing this panda by Art For Kids Hub is a way to raise awareness about those efforts, then it’s for a noble cause!

11. Panda with a Heart Balloon

If the sight of these herbivores isn’t enough to compel you to draw them, then a kawaii version should do the trick—which is done artfully by Learn step by step.

It’s as if this panda has robbed me of my heart and inflated it into a balloon.

12. Sitting Panda

Photo credit: Biowars

What sets the panda apart from its other aggressive cousins is its peaceful nature.

Seeing a sitting panda like this from Biowars convinces me that they’ve mastered the art of meditation.

13. Grown Up Panda Bear

Photo credit: How2DrawAnimals

Transitioning into a vegetarian lifestyle can be hard. Be inspired by the pandas, whose diet consists almost exclusively of bamboo.

For an even more inspiring undertaking, look no further than How2DrawAnimals‘ realistic panda drawing.

Their detailed drawing is guided by an equally elaborate commentary.

4 Bear Cubs

Before bears develop into scary predators, they’re just adorable babies—just like any other baby animal, they’re irresistible.

Check another predator here: easy tiger drawings.

14. Cute Baby Bear

How adorable it is to find such a bear cub in the wild like this from Articco Drawing?

That’s until you realize the mother must be nearby—and we all know how protective moms can be.

15. Baby Polar Bear

Despite being at the top of the food chain and having adapted to an extreme environment, polar bears are still vulnerable to climate change.

That idea, coupled with the heart-melting cuteness, makes it difficult to not start a drawing like this one EasyPicturesToDraw, and appreciate these animals more.

16. Cute Panda Cub

A baby panda drawing? Say no more.

If these were available—not to mention legal—to rehome, I would. Wouldn’t you?

Fortunately, we can cherish these baby bears in other ways, like recreating one from an illustration shared by ArtHH.

4 Teddy Bear Drawings

Traveling across the globe in search of various bears can be exhausting. Let’s return to our sweet home, where our loyal companion—Teddy Bear—is waiting for us.

17. Five-Step Teddy Bear

Photo credit: Red Wolf Press

With Red Wolf Press‘ tutorial, you’ll have your own companion in just five simple steps.

It’s up to you to add any characterization to this plain bear.

18. Mr. Teddy

Look at this distinguished gentleman, created by Cutest Drawings’ channel.

Don’t worry about the sewing patterns: like moles or stretchmarks in humans, these add character to the bear.

So embrace these “flaws.”

19. Cuddly Teddy Bear

Sometimes it can be hard to say goodbye to a longtime friend. Thanks to Sayah Arts, we can be inspired to recreate our fluffy buddy.

With this video tutorial, we also pick up shading techniques along the way.

20. Furry Teddy Bear

For a more fuzzy bear, look no further than How to Draw and Paint’s depiction of the stuffed toy.

Watch out for the pencil strokes that transform the teddy into a furry friend.

Bear-y Easy Drawings

Discovering different types of bears around the globe is a rewarding experience. Although there’s no physical trek involved, our imaginations allows us to travel far.

To stimulate our creativity some more, we can turn other drawings: