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21 Acrobatic Dolphin Perler Beads

What other sea creature could be as fascinating as the dolphin? Discover interesting dolphin facts while making dolphin Perler beads!

Dolphins are highly intelligent beings. We often see them in zoos or water parks, where they exhibit their social capacity and cognitive skills through spectacular performances with their trainers.

But these animals are observed to be very social and playful even—and perhaps more so—outside captivity.

What else could we learn from these marine mammals?

Materials for Dolphin Perler Beads

5 Baby Dolphins

The Perler bead activities will proceed from easy to hard, just like observing the development of dolphins from infancy to adulthood.

1. Round Dolphin

Photo credit: CosmickAcid on Kandi Patterns

Let’s start with one of the simplest dolphins. A basic pattern like this one requires very little guidance from an adult.

Created by CosmickAcid, this baby dolphin guide requires us to arrange our beads on a circle pegboard.

2. Baby Dolphin

Photo credit: aamck08 on Bracelet Book

There are about 36 species of dolphin in the world. The one we’re most familiar with—and the cutest—is the bottlenose dolphin, distinguished by the plump snout that we very much care about.

Here’s a simple representation of the species, brought to us by aamck08.

3. Simple Dolphin

Photo credit: marcoshmb on Brik

Do blue dolphins exist? This pattern by marcoshmb seems to think so.

But there are no actual dolphins with a blue coloration; the ones we see with such colors are simply deceiving us with a mix of lighting conditions and water clarity.

4. Dolphin and Friend

Photo credit: dianis on Friendship Bracelets

It’s established that dolphins are mammals. Can these coexist with other creatures of the sea?

Why, yes! Even though they are carnivorous and feed on small fish, squids, and shrimp, we can clearly see that they are happy to be out there, like this friendly pattern by dianis.

5. Cartoon Dolphin

Photo credit: HamaBeadPatterns123

Dolphins are so widespread that there are few waters—freshwater or saltwater—that they do not inhabit.

We can probably attribute that to their intellectual capacity and social interdependence. (Just like another species that we’re too familiar with).

6 Teenage Dolphins

Moving on to the next life stage of a dolphin, we see the growth from infant to juvenile. In Perler bead terms, the difficulty is higher with bigger and slightly more challenging patterns.

6. Pink Dolphin

Photo credit: uglypossess on Brik

Now we know for a fact that blue dolphins don’t exist. That doesn’t stop us from creating yellow, purple, or pink dolphins, like this pattern, shared by uglypossess.

7. Kawaii Dolphin

Photo credit: nanii98 on Bracelet Book

Don’t panic: It’s just a costume! I don’t think dolphins are capable of such boa constrictor horrors.

Viewed in that manner, this pattern by nanii98 is indeed very adorable. Whether it’s a cat or some other animal wearing the dolphin costume is up for debate.

It’s a cat, trust me. Perfect transition into these cat Perler beads.

8. Jolly Dolphin

Photo credit: BiggestOfMoneies on Kandi Patterns

Did you know dolphins can drown? After all, we mustn’t forget that dolphins are still mammals that require a supply of oxygen.

Witness a dolphin go to the surface for air with BiggestOfMoneies‘s pattern.

9. A Couple of Playful Dolphins

Photo credit: squidvibes on Bracelet Book

It’s remarkable how much dolphins can learn. This couple of dolphins made by squidvibes is no doubt inspired by real-life dolphins.

Given their intellect, I wouldn’t be surprised if these water geniuses assembled a water polo league. On their own.

10. Lovely Dolphins

Photo credit: sodapop on Bracelet Book

Dolphins are highly social that they forge friendships that last for decades.

Some human relations are lucky if they last over a couple of years. Here’s sodapop‘s pattern of a dolphin finding a real one.

7 Adult Dolphins

Let’s dive in to take a look at the responsibilities of an adult dolphin: hunting for food, protecting their young, paying bills…

11. Jumping Dolphin

Photo credit: Emoji PNG

Some dolphins are quite the performers, doing water acrobatics like they were trained for them.

These are called spinner dolphins, and Emoji PNG‘s pattern shows one in mid-air.

Warning: do not attempt this at home.

12. The Friendly Dolphin

Photo credit: MommaCrafter123 on Kandi Patterns

Dolphins, despite being marine animals, aren’t so different from man’s best friend.

They learn various behaviors and tricks through positive reinforcement, just like how you or I would give a treat to Fido for not leaving an unpleasant surprise on the carpet.

MommaCrafter123‘s dolphin pattern is ready to catch a ball and a mackerel treat.

13. Dolphin and Sunset Scene

Photo credit: Cj Froom on Pinterest

There are a variety of reasons that explains a dolphin’s tendency to leap and spin.

One is to communicate with other dolphins in the pod (which is the term for a group of dolphins). Another is for humans to capture a dramatic sunset scene, like this one by Cj Froom.

How thoughtful of the dolphins!

14. Thick Dolphin

Photo credit: uglypossess on Brik

It seems this dolphin by uglypossess indulges in a sea buffet every so often, evidenced by the layer of fat—or blubber—that it has.

But blubber is not a bad thing—far from it. It’s essential for a dolphin’s body temperature regulation, buoyancy in water, energy reserve, and even impact absorption from leaping.

Spread that body positivity.

15. Mario Dolphin

Photo credit: Throbz on DeviantArt

One of the more prominent water creatures in the Mushroom Kingdom, the dolphins help players leap out of danger and take out-of-reach items.

Throbz teaches us how to make a dolphin, complete with its goggles.

16. 3D Perler Bead Dolphin

It seems we’ve never recovered from the extinction of gray dolphins. All of the patterns are in blue and white.

This pattern on Laceys Crafts, however, is not lacking in gray matter. And why would it? Any 3D pattern requires that level of sophistication.

17. Dolphin and Ducky

Photo credit: Perler

Of all the dolphin patterns, this one by Perler is the creme de la creme.

The level of detail and the concept imparted in the pattern gives me the impression the artist enjoyed creating it.

5 Killer Whale

If you’re tired of inaccurate, blue dolphins, don’t worry, it will only be black and white from here on.

18. Basic But Deadly

Photo credit: Perler

Orcas, commonly known as killer whales, are massive sea creatures that live in complex pods.

Like other dolphins, orcas communicate with other members through vocalization.

So, these apex predators are far from simple. But Perler manages to make its pattern uncomplicated.

19. Like Mother Like Daughter

Photo credit: ENCB1408 on Bracelet Book

It’s fascinating to know that these marine mammals live together in matrilineal groups, headed by a female orca.

Here’s a wholesome scene depicted by ENCB1408, who captures a playful moment between a mother and daughter orca.

20. Swim Into The Sunset

Photo credit: ainsleyh on Brik

Some of the largest orcas grow up to 30 feet and 20,000 pounds.

That thought is threatening on its own. Compound that with the fact that these overgrown dolphins love to leap—a behavior termed breaching.

Forget about a breach of security; an orca leaping in the vicinity constitutes a breach of life.

21. Big Orca Leap

Photo credit: amy2lozano on Bracelet Book

Here’s another pattern—shared by amy2lozano—for those who love to observe killer whales create a mini tsunami.

Dolphin-ately The Coolest Water Mammals!

Why are dolphins intriguing? Maybe because we see some striking resemblance between our domesticated friends and these water mammals—like their intelligence, social capacity, and more.

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