21 Witch Drawings To Put You Under a Spell

Witchcraft, broomsticks, incantations, and black cats—all of which will be found in these witch drawings!

I think most of us have the same notion of a witch: flying on a broomstick, brewing questionable things in a cauldron, and commanding an army of winged monkeys.

To be sure, you’ll find all those in the sketches below.

However, don’t be too shocked to learn that witches don’t wear pointed hats or always have evil intent.

A Witch’s Tools (Drawing Materials)

4 Miniature Witch Drawings

Witches or dwarves? Both are unique and fantastical, but these five mini drawings makes me question whether it’s one or the other.

1. Easy Witch Drawing

Broomstick? Check. Witch hat? Check. On her way to ruin Dorothy’s day? Hold up—not all witches are vengeful like that.

Isn’t the adorable face on Love to draw‘s witch convincing enough?

Although, witches have been known to wear the skin of other people, so I wouldn’t blame you for distrusting this one.

2. A Young Witch

Photo credit: I Heart Crafty Things

How to become a witch? Full disclaimer: I don’t have any intention to become one. Probably. (What are the perks, though?)

Having the complexion of a broccoli is probably a prerequisite.

The other witch items will probably come after proving your loyalty to the coven.

I Heart Crafty Things draws a witch who just looks happy to be accepted in the super secret group of witches.

3. Kid in a Witch Costume

Photo credit: Drawing How To Draw

How sure are we that this drawing—brought to you by Drawing How To Draw—is a kid in a witch costume?

For all we know, it’s a witch who ate a kid, making this cartoon drawing more sinister than it seems.

Not only do kids have to behave to get that Christmas present, but also to avoid getting eaten by old crones.

4. Witch Doll

If there’s one reward of becoming a witch, it’s probably the ability to soar and reach the stars. And having a black cat.

The power to see the future is just a bonus.

Winnicorn guides the little artists in this drawing of a witch who’s living the dream.

5 Mean Witches Drawings

We’re getting into the territory of mean witches.

5. An Old Witch Drawing

Clearly, the eggplant is another design inspiration for witches, as illustrated on this sketch by HalloweenDrawings.

6. Speeding Witch

I wouldn’t be surprised if this witch receives a speeding ticket from the air police.

There’s no reason to go fast-and-furious when drawing this flying witch by drawstuffrealeasy.

7. Witch Surprise

Remember those spider boxes you prank your little brother with?

Reenact those moments by following Art for Kids Hub‘s witch drawing with a folding surprise!

8. The Sanderson Sisters (Hocus Pocus)

Centered on the lives of three witch sisters, Hocus Pocus is a beloved Disney film that became a cult classic.

Around Halloween season, its devotees gathers as a coven and watch the film, reminiscing about those Halloweens as a kid.

Laura Salee has another activity for fans to commemorate the movie—a beautiful sketch of the Sanderson Sisters.

9. Corrupted Witch

Photo credit: Hubpages

There’s no turning back for this witch portrayed by Hubpages—this old hag is beyond redemption.

A taste of sorcery led to craving more and more, until the obsession pushed her into the abyss.

As the saying goes, “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

4 Kawaii Witch

These next four witches—drawn in a kawaii style—will dispel some common beliefs about witches, mostly about their ugly face and nature.

10. Kawaii Witch with Owl

It’s thanks to shows like Sabrina the Witch and movies like Harry Potter—where the evil witch stereotype is broken by the kind and lighthearted characters—that we embrace these witchcraft practitioners more readily.

It’s also the reason why we have these cool looking witches, delivered by Happy Drawings.

11. Cute Witch Drawing

Draw a witch with a magnetic charm by following Cute Easy Drawings‘s witch, who’s rocking a black aesthetic.

12. Stunning Witch Sketch

The folklore on witches suggests that these powerful women used herbs for medicinal and magical purposes, which often altered their consciousness.

This lends credence to the claim of witches flying on brooms, which might’ve been just the illusory effects of herbs.

But you don’t need any hallucinogen to be mesmerized by the art produced by Danica Sills.

13. Flying Witch — Anime

Brace yourselves for this incredible sketch guide by DoKiDoki Drawing, who reveals tips and tricks to eager artists who draw with an anime style.

The witch illustrated in the tutorial is definitely worthy of a spot in a manga or anime series.

4 Adorable and Witchy Pets

14. Cat Witch

Photo credit:Easy Drawing Tutorials

A witch’s cat is typically portrayed as smart, with some even capable of speech.

I’m not saying cats aren’t intelligent, but this ginger cutie drawn by Easy Drawing Tutorials looks too innocent for a witch’s pet.

15. Halloween Witch Owl

As much as I love black cats, it would be exciting to get another pet to deliver my letters. Like an owl.

Art for Kids Hub has got for you the perfect mail carrier, an owl who’s second only to Hedwig.

16. Adorable Witch Ghost

Photo credit: Draw Cartoon Style

Infamously, witches perform all sorts of occult activities—divinations, incantations, brewing potions. Would it be too esoteric if they added “invoking cute little ghosts” to the list?

I think not.

Draw Cartoon Style has apparently conjured a super adorable one already in their drawing.

17. Witch Cat

When a cat closes its eyes around you, it means it trusts you.

I guess this witch cat by Enrich Minds is just that mistrusting.

4 Witch Set

What makes a witch? Is it involvement in the dark arts? Or is it their noses, which are just slightly behind Pinocchio’s? Perhaps owning a black cat makes somebody a witch?

Whatever your notion of a witch is, I’m led to believe that witches have at their disposal these essential things.

18. Witch Hat

Witches are notorious for wearing hats that let everybody know they’re a witch. Render Demo presents a witch hat that we’re familar with.

Who even designed these hats, anyway? Come to think of it, it has an uncanny resemblance to the Pilgrim’s hat…

19. Witch’s Cauldron

There’s always trouble brewing around witches.

And whether they’re concocting a plan to thwart Dorothy or making a nasty stew, witches always have a very heavy-looking, black steel cauldron in their lair.

It just so happens that we stumbled upon one, filled with a green pool of eyeballs and whatever DoodleDrawArt with Lisa‘s cooking in their mouth-watering stew.

20. Magic Wand

A magic wand is another essential in a witch’s toolkit. How else would their spells work without it?

A carefully crafted wand, this sorcerer’s weapon by drawstuffrealeasy has the strength of an elder wood and the energy of unicorn hair.

That jade handle is no mere embellishment, as it draws power from its user and amplifies it.

21. Suspicious Potion Bottle

Witches gather in secluded locations to keep their wicked rituals hidden. That’s why their practices are labelled as “occult.”

But sometimes their methods are too obvious. I mean, how do you expect your victim to gulp down a drink with an eyeball in it?

Kind of defeats the purpose of all that secrecy, doesn’t it?

Anyways, to brew your own, refer to Draw So Cute‘s sketch, which looks as dubious as any witch potion should.

Witch Way to the Awesome Witch Drawings?

As seen from the depictions of witches above, not all witches are bad. Some are kind, some may look like a vegetable.

I guess the lesson learned is: Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Let’s continue to learn more drawings by following another list: