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23 Brilliant South Park Perler Beads

Construct your favorite comedic ensemble with these South Park Perler beads.

Joining the ranks of classic American cartoon comedies such as The Simpsons and Family Guy, South Park is beloved by many for its satirical humor and critique of society.

South Park doesn’t shy away from controversial subjects: from provocative religious topics to polarizing political discussions to everyday social issues—all presented with satirical humor that has made us laugh over the years.

Now, the chance is here to create your favorite character from South Park!

Perler Bead Materials for South Park

3 Stan Marsh Perler Beads

Stan has the honorable qualities we aspire to have: a strong sense of justice and integrity.

These traits alone make me want to create some Perler beads of Stan.

1. Stan: the Head of the Group

Armed with a moral compass, Stan guides his friends to choose the right path and make moral decisions. That’s referring to Cartman in particular.

You could say with Mystfang Media’s pattern that Stan is the head of the group.

2. Simple Stan

Photo credit: Free Beads Patterns

Set in a fictional mountainous town in Colorado, South Park never seems to give its characters a break from the cold, seeing as the boys are always covered from head to toe.

The most recognizable look from South Park is the style of each individual.

Here’s Free Beads Patterns showing us what Stan’s usual winter outfit looks like, a red and blue beanie paired with a sweater and pants of the same color.

3. Stan Marsh Without a Beanie

Photo credit: Bra1nl3less_k1d on Kandi Patterns

If it weren’t for the distinctive art style of South Park, I would’ve guessed this pattern of Stan created by Bra1nl3less_k1d was a character from another show.

That’s because the only thing rarer than summer is seeing the boys without their headwear.

4 Eric Cartman Patterns

4. Cartman’s Face

Photo credit: meisanna on Bracelet Book

A true South Park fan would forgive Cartman’s self-centered attitude and behavior: some scenes are just too funny!

This chubby boy is often the subject of weight issues, which gives creators a chance to explore topics on body image and obesity.

This Cartman pattern by meisanna looks innocent, but we all know he’s far from being one.

5. Usual Cartman

Cartman often has the look of someone who got his favorite chips stolen from him, a situation that would actually irritate him.

Here’s and1chewy showing us what it looks like when it does happen.

6. Rare Cartman

Photo credit: happentripwire3 on Brik

Cartman woke up on the right side of the bed today, evidenced by the happy face on this pattern by happentripwire3.

7. Furry Cartman

Photo credit: Sp1derweb1 on Kandi Patterns

The Peruvian Flute Band has warned of his coming: the Furry Death.

I see this Furry Cartman by Sp1derweb1 as the one prophesied in that one episode.

3 Kyle Broflovskis

8. Kyle Perler Bead Tutorial

Kyle, with his rational mind and idealism, has got to be my favorite among the four.

Jolenebydesign’s Kyle pattern is a must-do for anyone else who roots for Kyle Broflovski.

9. Happy Kyle

Photo credit: happentripwire3 on Brik

If like me you’re a fan of Kyle, then build an effigy of him with happentripwire3‘s big pattern.

10. Kyle Broflovski Without the Headwear

Photo credit: eyezgg on Kandi Patterns

The headwear is part of each member in South Park. It’s a style that’s as ingrained as their personalities.

In a meta-commentary about the characters’ design, Kyle hesitates to remove his winter cap for the school picture, saying it was “part of him.”

He removes it for a split second, and eyezgg took a snap of what Kyle looks like without the headwear.

4 Kenny McCormick Patterns

11. Kenny McCormick—Pixelated

Photo credit: BaaXy131 on Bracelet Book

Who knows what hides underneath Kenny McCormick’s puffy coat?

In their pattern, BaaXy131 makes Kenny look like the Grim Reaper, who Kenny ironically murders in an episode.

12. The Mysterious Kenny

Photo credit: Free Beads Patterns

Even though we can’t understand Kenny’s mumbled speech, we understand and treasure him nevertheless, like Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Free Beads Patterns helps us make a Perler bead pattern of Kenny, who as always is covered almost completely.

13. Kenny and South Park Logo

Photo credit: blaesfmr on Bracelet Book

Kenny McCormick comes from a dysfunctional family, which contrasts with the more comfortable lifestyle of others in South Park.

Despite these issues, Kenny spreads his kind-heartedness to others. Here’s Kenny with a South Park logo, delivered to you by blaesfmr.

14. Zombie Kenny

Photo credit: eyezgg on Kandi Patterns

We don’t know why Kenny reaches his final destination at the end of each episode, but we’re relieved that he appears in the next one.

So we’re not too worried even when he becomes a zombie, like this one by eyezgg.

4 Patterns of The Boys

15. It’s Too Cold!

Photo credit: armadillo on Bracelet Book

Cartman prioritizes warmth and comfort, so he decides to leave the group out in the cold.

“It’s too cold! Screw you, guys!” says Cartman before he abandons Stan, Kyle, and Kenny in this scene depicted by armadillo.

16. The Squad

Photo credit: PNGItem

Despite being simple, South Park’s artistic style is unique.

Let’s also appreciate other artists who illustrate their favorite squad with their flair, like PNGItem here.

17. The South Park Boys’ Headwear

Photo credit: Aspen14 on Bracelet Book

Fans won’t take a second to recognize these beanies, trapper hat, and hoodie—patterns knitted by Aspen14.

18. Guess the South Park Character

Photo credit: Whizzer on Kandi Patterns

I’ll give you a challenge with Whizzer‘s South Park minimalistic patterns. I’ll give Cartman as a bonus point, since, like his loud personality, he stands out in these miniatures.

5 More Patterns of Side Characters

The story centers around the group of Stan, Kyle, Eric, and Kenny. But the comedy and storylines are enriched by the people around them.

Let’s get to know some interesting side characters.

19. Randy Marsh

Photo credit: Cooromoor on Kandi Patterns

Randy Marsh is Stan’s dad and often steals the spotlight in the show with his antics.

He’s become a fan-favorite over the years (he certainly has become mine), especially during touching moments with his son.

Cooromoor shares a simple pattern of the man.

20. Ike Broflovski

Photo credit: missmando on Bracelet Book

Part Canadian and part football, Ike is the adopted, younger brother of Kyle.

Unlike the maniacal Stewie from Family Guy—who likewise belongs to the species of football-shaped babies—Ike is innocent and has a limited vocabulary.

From the looks of this pattern by missmando, Ike is ready to be carried.

21. Butters Stotch Perler Beads

Photo credit: fartykid122 on Kandi Patterns

Butters Stotch is another naive and kind-hearted kid on the block. His wild imagination lets him take on the persona of a superhero. Or a supervillain on a bad day.

Commemorate this resilient fourth-grader by making fartykid122‘s pattern.

22. Timmy Burch Perler Beads

Photo credit: Xeina-rose-of-death on DeviantArt

This Perler bead pattern by Xeina-rose-of-death is simply a work of art. The artist has Timmy Burch’s every detail—from the wheelchair to the hairline.

23. Tweek Perler Beads

Photo credit: love4heathledger on Kandi Patterns

Tweek Tweak’s hair, as shown on this pattern by love4heathledger, tells us a lot about his personality: frantic and anxious, worsened by the addiction to coffee.

Despite that, the warm relationship he has with Craig Tucker provides some wholesome moments for the show.

South Park

These Perler bead projects are a way of paying tribute to the beloved characters and irreverent wit of South Park.

Which one is your favorite?

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