19 Classic South Park Drawings to Follow

Capture the striking style of the show South Park with these drawings!

While it may have simple drawings—a positive for beginner artists—the issues brought to the fore in South Park are anything but.

With its satire and critique of some aspects of our society (as well as the moral dilemmas presented), South Park is a show intended for adult audiences, but the entertaining dynamics between the characters have attracted a viewership of all ages.

Materials for South Park Drawings

The Marsh Family

Like father, like son; Stan and Randy often find themselves in absurd circumstances, creating an opportunity for father and son to bond together.

Below are six drawings of Stan and Randy Marsh.

1. Stan Marsh Drawing

Often portrayed as the star of the show, Stan constantly faces different moral dilemmas on an episode basis. His personality traits—fair, empathetic, and witty—earn him the spot of the leader of the squad.

It’s only fitting to have Stan as the first item on the list. Brought by Toon2Draw, this drawing is as simple as it needs to be.

2. Frowning Stan Marsh

Because of Stan’s fortitude and maturity, sometimes I think that he’s an adult soul trapped in a child’s body.

It’s what makes him admirable as a character. Celebrate the fourth-grader with this drawing presented by Art For All.

3. Waving Stan

Photo credit: Sketchok

Another character trait that impresses us when we watch Stan is his wit.

We’re often presented with absurd situations and societal issues, and Stan often hits the bullseye with his satirical remarks.

It’s easy to forget he’s just a kid; Sketchok‘s Stan drawing is waving here as if to say, “Hey, I’m just ten!”

4. Stan’s Dad—Randy Marsh

I love watching the complex dynamic between Stan and his father, Randy.

Randy’s beliefs and practices, traditional if not antiquated, are often challenged by the younger views of his son.

What might seem like a serious disagreement is often dissolved by the warm and unconditional love that both father and son have for each other.

Randy is my favorite; if he is yours too, then don’t wait to follow this tutorial by Art For All.

5. Plain Randy Marsh Drawing

Photo credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

It’s funny to see how immature Randy can be sometimes. It’s as if Stan and Randy have switched roles.

His impulsive personality matches his hobbies and professions, which he frequently changes.

6. Another Randy Marsh (No Pencil)

Randy is a fan-favorite, so many won’t be able to skip How to Draw Simple’s Randy drawing tutorial.

The sketch starts with a marker, but don’t hesitate to outline with a pencil first before finalizing the drawing.

The Broflovskis

Let’s get acquainted with some of the members of the Broflovskis.

7. How to Draw Kyle

When Stan is absent, Kyle often becomes the voice of reason among his friends.

Being level-headed and morally conscious, he too is a source of satire and commentary, especially on religious issues due to his Jewish background.

Learn how to draw the intelligent Kyle by following Toon2Draw’s video tutorial.

8. How to Draw Stan and Kyle

Between a self-centered individual and a mysterious, silent type, Stan and Kyle definitely are the more sensible members out of the four.

They’re also the closest of the bunch, relying on each other’s support and ideas.

It’s not surprising to see them paired up in this video tutorial shared by Draw It, Too’s channel.

9. Another Kyle Drawing

Kyle is a critical thinker and has a strong sense of justice. But that doesn’t mean he’s immune to episodic outbursts of anger, especially when perturbed by hypocrisy or injustice.

Such dramatic moments just add more depth to an already intricate character. For a contemplating Kyle, look no other than How to Draw Stuff’s video tutorial.

10. Ike Broflovski

There’s no denying that South Park’s art is unique. No character shows that fact more clearly than Ike Broflovski.

The creators of the show are so effective in making their characters so memorable that I see Ike every time I look at an egg.

Easy Drawings’ video tutorial teaches us how to draw Kyle’s adopted, Canadian brother.

Eric Cartman Drawings

Stan or Kyle may be the central moral figures, but Eric Cartman is certainly the face of the show.

11. Annoyed Cartman

Photo credit: Easy Drawing Tutorials

Always frowning, seems like Eric Cartman has a grudge against the world.

Come to think of it, I’m puzzled by how Cartman fits within a group of level-headed individuals. But the dynamic works.

The clash between Cartman’s personality and the others makes it an amusing watch.

Here’s a typical expression painted on Cartman’s face, presented by Easy Drawing Tutorials.

Angry Cartman

Photo credit: Draw Doo

Stop making fun of Cartman, he’s had enough. He’s about to take his rage out on someone by the looks of this drawing by Draw Doo.

If you don’t, then “screw you guys!”

12. How to Draw Cartman

It’s a good day when you see Cartman with such a wide smile as shown on this video tutorial by Cartooning Club How To Draw.

13. Carman Eating Chips

Photo credit: Edimay on DeviantArt

Cartman, overweight, is occasionally the heart of issues such as body image and obesity.

Such topics are addressed in both comedic and dramatic ways, often creating friction with other members.

Despite what you may think of Cartman, he’s an essential figure in South Park.

Kenny McCormick Drawings

Kenny McCormick is the most enigmatic in the group. Here are four drawings to help us understand this character better.

14. Kenny McCormick Drawing

The fact that Kenny shows only part of his face adds to his veiled nature.

Kenny’s recurring death has become a running gag in the show, but I’m convinced he’s hiding the elixir of immortality under that hoodie.

Art For All teaches us how to draw Kenny and paint him with colored markers.

15. Cartman and Kenny

Photo credit: Draw It, Too

Cartman and Kenny comedic pairings are one of my favorites in the show.

When placed side-by-side, Cartman’s selfish and egregious behavior and Kenny’s compassionate and reserved nature result in hilarious moments.

Draw It, Too captures a scene of the two together.

South Park Side Characters

South Park is joined by a vibrant cast of side characters who add their unique personalities to the show’s storyline and humor.

16. How to Draw Jimmy Valmer

Photo credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

Though not always featured in the group, Jimmy Valmer is a close friend of the four, often stepping in at the right moment to provide comedic relief with his one-liners.

And he does a good job of it. I expect nothing less from an aspiring comedian.

Drawing Tutorials 101 demonstrates how to draw Jimmy in their written guide.

17. How to Draw Timmy Burch

There’s no shortage of issues to tackle in South Park.

Persons with disability are represented by Timmy Burch, who is seen as a positive figure in their elementary school.

How to Draw Simple is straight to the point with their Timmy drawing.

18. How to Draw Craig Tucker

Another beloved character is the iconoclast, Craig Tucker. If you have an opinion about an issue, Craig Tucker has another.

But that’s just his stoic personality, a refreshing contrast against the more energetic people around him.

Moshley Drawing’s channel has got the perfect Tucker drawing for you.

19. Butters Stotch Drawing

Photo credit: Sketchok

A South Park drawing list is incomplete without the endearing Butters Stotch.

Naive and compassionate, it’s easy for this character to capture our hearts.

I Learned Something Today…

…and it’s how easy to draw South Park characters. We love the cast of South Park, with their complexities and personalities.

That’s probably why you started searching for South Park drawings in the first place.

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