19 Loud Rooster Drawings To Wake You Up

Making rooster drawings is a great introduction to barnyard animals.

Rooster, hen, chick, chicken—all of these terms refer to the domesticated bird found in many farms and rotisseries.

There are different ways to call them because males and females have special traits and exhibit unique behavior. (For the article, chicken and rooster may be used interchangeably).

Without further ado, let’s learn all about chickens while sketching these fantastic rooster drawings.

Some Basic Materials for Rooster Drawings

  • Pencil kit: Nail the nuances in these rooster drawings (and other farm animals!) by using a tried-and-tested pencil.
  • Sketchbook: Keep your drawings neatly compiled in a sketch book.

Rooster Drawings for Preschoolers

Roosters are among the first animals that kindergartners encounter in their activities.

These first drawings will help them familiarize themselves with these livestock more easily.

1. Rooster Stick Drawing

Chickens belong to the class of birds that have limited flight. They can propel their bodies to roosting bars, where they perch to sleep, but that’s it.

The farthest a chicken can fly is probably the neighbor’s backyard.

Their strong yet lightweight skeleton—best seen in the stick chicken drawing by b6 Arts for kids‘s—allows chickens to fly short distances.

2. Rooster in Its Habitat

Photo credit: Art Projects For Kids

A key difference between a rooster and a hen is their striking plumage.

Art Projects For Kids, who sketches a free-roaming chicken, uses basic colors for the chicken’s body to make the plumage’s deep purple and blue colors stand out.

Plus, the sickle feathers on the rear are highlighted further by its sheer size.

3. Simple Chicken Drawing

Do chickens have ears? It’s not that bizarre of a question, since when do we ever see the ears of birds?

Searching for an answer, I learned two things: first, chickens do have ears; second (and most importantly), never look up “chicken ears” again.

Fortunately, these avian ear canals are covered up with a healthy amount of feathers so those with trypophobia—the completely rational fear of holes—don’t get too traumatized.

Drawing with Diego also does a great job of distracting us from that fact with their rooster drawing

4. “2023” Into Rooster Drawing

It may be the year of the Rabbit (2023) in the Chinese zodiac, but by drawing this 2023 Rooster, M P Drawing Tutorial suggests not to wait until 2029—the next year of the Rooster—and make their luck now.

Whatever alchemy they’re brewing here, transmuting “2023” into a rooster is a sight to behold.

5. A Basic Rooster

Photo credit: How To Draw For Kids

Unlike my three-year-old nephew, chickens are not picky eaters.

This fowl will probably eat anything you offer it—nuts, grains, worms, you name it. That’s how chickens like this by How To Draw For Kids grow their legs juicy and their breasts meaty.

4 Basic Roosters

Let’s move on to the next level of rooster drawings.

These next roosters will still be plain and appropriate for older kids. But just because it’s basic, doesn’t mean it will be simple.

6. Crowing Rooster Drawing

A rooster crows at dawn to signal the start of the day. But that’s not its only purpose.

This crowing rooster by drawstuffrealeasy could be crowing in the afternoon to notify the flock of predators. Or it could be asserting its dominance over its territory.

7. Rooster with Vibrant Colors

It’s established that roosters have colorful plumage. COLOUR KIDS took it seriously, and applied all the primary colors from the color wheel to to make this incredible rooster.

This chicken may not exist in real life, but the drawing is admittedly eye-catching.

8. Nine-Step Rooster Drawing

Photo credit: Hello Artsy

A stark contrast from the bright plumage that we expect of male birds, this rooster by Hello Artsy is depicted with darker shades.

9. A Fierce Rooster

When observing roosters, one particularly noticeable part is their neck feathers—known as hackle.

If there are two roosters in the same pen, they’ll square off and these neck feathers will puff up.

The hackle almost always makes up the head down to the chest part of a rooster’s drawing, as is shown on Everyday ART.

3 Cartoon Rooster Drawings

It’s easy to make animals in a cartoon style.

These next three rooster drawings will demonstrate that!

10. Easy Cartoon Rooster

Photo credit: Easy Drawings

For a simple cartoon outline of a rooster, simply follow the intuitive guide made by Easy Drawings.

11. Silly Rooster Drawing

Photo credit: Easy Drawing Guides

Roosters and hens have wattles, or the dangling piece of skin beneath their beak.

Hen’s have combs, too—the fleshy organ on their head—but it’s not as prominent as the rooster’s.

This rooster by Easy Drawing Guides exudes confidence, especially with that Johnny Bravo-style comb.

12. Cartoon Chicken, Brush Pen Technique

A person with skinny legs is often teased about having “chicken legs.” That’s mostly due to chickens having twigs for feet.

But that’s not the case with Art Easy‘s rooster, which looks like it never skips leg day at the gym.

The vibrant colors in this art are achieved with the use of brush pens, a material that an intermediate artist ought to know how to work with.

A Couple of Famous Chickens

With more chickens than humans on the planet—33 billion to be exact—there’s bound to be at least a couple of famous chickens.

13. Chicken Little from… Chicken Little

A blend of science fiction and barnyard animals, Chicken Little is about a young chicken who gets involved in all sorts of extraterrestrial things.

Artimee commemorates this almost-forgotten chicken film in their easy-to-follow drawing.

14. Heihei: Rooster from Disney’s Moana

Chickens aren’t the smartest animals. But they sure are sturdy, as demonstrated by one American chicken who survived for 18 months—that’s one-and-a-half-year, folks!—without a head.

Both of those traits are embodied in Moana’s chicken Heihei, who unwittingly joins the perilous adventures of the Disney Princess.

Go on an oceanic adventure with these Moana Crafts!

15. That Chicken from Family Guy

Photo credit: Sketchok

Let’s not forget one of Peter Griffin’s mortal enemies: Ernie the Chicken.

You can bet that Quahog will be ravaged after an encounter between Ernie and Peter. Sketchok caught the brawl live and has shared it for everyone to see.

4 Almost Real Rooster Drawings

Let’s go all in with these chicken drawings.

16. A Family of Chickens

Photo credit: Envato Tuts+

Chickens may have descended from velociraptors. The idea might sound crazy, but only because we have biased images of what dinosaurs looked like (thanks, Jurassic Park!).

Today, we know the anatomy of chickens, even as non-butchers. With guides like these by Envato Tuts+, depicting a rooster realistically has never been easier.

17. Detailed Rooster

Art.Simple. takes a closer look at roosters and transfers that image with surgical precision on paper.

Without an outline for guidance, this rooster drawing poses quite a challenge for some artists.

But that’s alright, the viewer will be guided in every stroke and curve.

18. Colorful Rooster (Colored Pencils)

Is a perfect outline required to create an outstanding drawing?

As Art@Fadil illustrates in their video tutorial, the answer is no.

In art that’s banking on the vibrant colors to impress its audience, the outline can be as basic as you need it to be. That guideline becomes polished as the colors blend into a cohesive and spectacular result.

19. Watercolor Rooster Painting

Rooster drawings come in all shapes and sizes. This guide is a quick—albeit sophisticated—tutorial on a fascinating rooster watercolor painting.

You may be an experienced artist already, but there are definitely some tips to be picked up in this video tutorial by Watercolor by Shibasaki—like using a hair dryer to speed up the process of drying the watercolor.

Rise and Shine!

I hope you’ve woken up after making these rooster drawings!

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