19 Dynamic Power Rangers Drawings

There are a few drawings out there that are as customizable as Power Rangers.

Upholders of justice and fighters against evil, these Power Rangers have got everything a child would wish for: eye-catching colored suits, unique weapons, and an associated animal—all of which can be modified!

While the Power Rangers on the show have fixed characteristics, that doesn’t mean you can’t change them according to your imagination!

Feel free to remodel a weapon shape or helmet pattern; better yet, take these illustrations as an inspiration to create your own Power Ranger.

Materials for Power Rangers Drawings

3 Red Ranger

Let’s look at the capabilities of a leader with the Red Ranger.

1. Red Ranger: The Leader

Photo credit: Easy Drawing Guides

Being the leader of the Power Rangers carries a heavy responsibility. They must be able to make team decisions, coordinate efforts in different situations, and boost morale in dire events.

All of these are tasks that the Red Ranger—usually the leader of the team—must perform. Easy Drawing Guides illustrates a steadfast Red Ranger in their guide.

2. Weapon of Choice: Power Sword

Photo credit: Drawing For All

A key characteristic of the Red Ranger is the ability to adapt to different situations.

What weapon is more versatile than a plain sword, capable of inflicting modest damage while also giving the user parrying capabilities?

Drawing For All showcases the Red Ranger with a sword in hand.

3. Red Ranger: Power of the Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Red Ranger must be relentless to be an effective leader. As such, he’s associated with the Tyrannosaurus rex—a titan among its peers.

Unlike the apex predator, though, the Red Ranger uses his power for good and possesses a sense of justice like nobody else.

Render Demo How to Draw captures the head of the dinosaur well in their Red Ranger helmet drawing guide.

3 Blue Ranger

Up next is the Blue Ranger—for the cool, calm, and collected.

4. The Strategic Blue Ranger

The most reserved member of the team, the Blue Ranger is often considered the brain of the squad, providing key inputs during tactical briefings.

Quick with his mind, they’re often the one with the lightbulb in clutch situations, identifying weaknesses in opponents or quickly planning escape routes to escape a dangerous foe.

Pablo ART’s video tutorial shows us the shrewdness of this character.

5. Weapon of Choice: Double Trident

Photo credit: Draw Doo

The Blue Ranger doesn’t fight with brute force, relying on her mind to outwit his opponents.

The precision of a spear pierces the weak spots of an opponent, a knowledge that the Blue Ranger has studied beforehand.

Should an unexpected foe come from behind, the double-ended trident shown in Draw Doo‘s drawing should be able to handle two opponents at once.

6. Blue Ranger: Intelligence of the Dolphin

Blue is obviously associated with water, along with its calmness and its inhabitants.

There have been many iterations of Blue Rangers—sharks, penguins, owls—but my favorite has got to be the dolphin.

3 Yellow Ranger

I always admired the powers and qualities associated with yellow. Lightning, brightness, sunlight, vitality—all of which the Yellow Ranger can embody.

7. The Agile Yellow Ranger

Fights are often slowed down when we watch them on television. Not unlike in Olympic competitions, milliseconds might mean life or death in Power Rangers.

Talented with lightning-fast reflexes, the yellow ranger isn’t burdened by such issues.

Draw It, Too!‘s channel blends Yellow Ranger’s bright disposition with a serious look.

8. Weapon of Choice: Energy Daggers

Broadswords, maces, and axes are heavy weapons that maximize each swing. While the Yellow Ranger is strong enough to carry such weapons, he prefers wielding light but no less deadly arms: daggers, boomerangs, slingshots.

EZ DRAW demonstrates the swiftness of Yellow Ranger’s energy daggers.

9. Yellow Ranger: Speed of the Cheetah

Combining the explosiveness of a cheetah and an upbeat personality makes Yellow Ranger a formidable soldier on the battlefield.

Even when left unarmed, she’s resourceful enough to use anything as a weapon.

Karya Mamas shows the Yellow Ranger in action with their dynamic drawing.

3 Green Power Ranger

Green Ranger is a member worthy of taking a leadership position. Let’s take a look at why.

10. The Resolute Green Ranger

Green Ranger has the qualities of an effective leader: resolute, powerful, just.

Often a unique addition to the team, Green Ranger always has a trick up his sleeve.

Draw With Me I How To Draw shares a simple yet encompassing Green Ranger.

11. Weapon of Choice: Dragon Dagger

Green Ranger calls upon the powers of the Dragonzord. A Zord is a giant robot that the Rangers use to level city blocks, so a Dragonzord is simply a giant robotic dragon.

The only weapon that can summon the Dragonzord is the Dragon Dagger, a weapon held solely by the Green Ranger.

He might not be the leader of the Power Rangers, but he’s a member beloved by fans—an important consideration to give him a leadership position.

12. Green Ranger: Ferocity of the Dragonzord

The Green Ranger is a complex character.

In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, he transformed from Green Ranger to White Ranger, a watershed that marked the show’s popularity.

Meling Winstead teaches us how to draw Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger that captured everyone’s hearts.

3 Pink Ranger

There’s no shortage of strong characters in the Power Rangers. Pink Ranger is another example.

13. The Compassionate Pink Ranger

Many mistake the Pink Ranger for being a soft member of the team, when the appropriate term is compassionate.

It takes a lot of strength to show mercy to opponents, especially the egregious ones who have wronged you.

That’s why many look up to the Pink Ranger, who Niro Artlaza has drawn tactfully.

14. Weapon of Choice: Power Bow

Photo credit: Draw Doo

Another misconception is to see Pink Ranger as a mere support for the team. With her power bow, Pink Ranger can eliminate opponents from a distance, effectively turning the tide in the Power Rangers’ favor.

Draw Doo shows the smooth movements of Pink Ranger in their drawing.

15. Pink Ranger: Grace of a Lily Flower

Whereas others boast strength or agility in their arsenal, Pink Ranger outperforms her rivals with the grace of a lily flower.

On the battlefield, he moves seamlessly from one enemy to another, exhibiting grace, beauty, and sensitivity.

Cool Kids Art shows us how Pink Ranger gets it done.

2 Black Ranger

16. The Disciplined Black Ranger

The epitome of discipline, the Black Ranger doesn’t work harder than anyone else. In training and emergencies, though, no one will be as punctual as the Black Ranger.

Aspire to have the discipline of this character in your drawings, too! Start with Draw With Me I How To Draw’s video tutorial.

17. Black Ranger: Power of the Mastodon

The creators of power rangers love to draw on prehistoric animals to model their characters. Black ranger is no exception, based on the extinct elephant ancestor, the mastodon.

The figure is prominent on this Black Ranger’s helmet, drawn by XCollectable.

2 White Ranger

18. The Mystical White Ranger

White—the symbol of purity and the mythical. Those are qualities embodied by the exceptional White Ranger, often taking the symbol of a white tiger.

Gilded with bronze and steel, the armor of the White Ranger is hard not to be admired.

Pablo ART’s appealing drawing makes it hard for us not to recreate it.

19. White Ranger: The Majestic Tiger

Here’s another rendition of the White Tiger, shared by Draw It, Too!

The details on the helmet are enthralling, making it irresistible for White Ranger fans.

Who’s Your Favorite Power Ranger?

From dynamic stances to intriguing animals, these drawings help the ultimate fan bring their favorite Power Ranger to life.

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