25 Posh Makeup Drawings You Can Recreate

Enhance your artistic skills like you would your appearance with these makeup drawings!

People put makeup on for many reasons. It’s a form of self-expression for some, experimenting on styles and colors that reflects their personalities; others find a boost in confidence in applying cosmetics.

As an art form, it’s not difficult to find parallels between drawing and applying cosmetics.

Whatever purpose you seek in creating makeup drawings, I’m sure it can be found here!

2 Gentle Face Cleanser

Putting on makeup can be more than changing one’s appearance; it’s a form of self-care and ritual.

Before putting on our foundation, mascara, and lipsticks, let’s first cleanse the impurities with some gentle face cleansers.

1. How to Draw a Facial Wash

Because of pollutants and other debris swept by the wind, being outdoors can really make our faces dirty.

But you don’t need to go outside to feel that greasy sensation—natural oils and sweat can build just as much when staying indoors.

It’s best to use a face wash before going to bed to achieve that clean and restful sleep. Asoy Drawing has got the perfect facial wash for sensitive skins!

2. Baby Face Wash

Facial wash aren’t exclusive to adults. I’m not a pediatrician nor a dermatologist, but I think kids can benefit just as much from a skincare routine.

A delicate skin needs a gentle facial wash, and Whiteboard EZ Drawing provides one that won’t irritate. (It could never with that cuteness!)

2 Soothing Moisturizer

The last thing you want is to have dry skin, which ruins both your makeup and mood.

Revitalize your skin and self-esteem with some soothing moisturizer.

3. Beauty Cream Drawing

Just like figuring out what eyeliner or lipstick suits your style, picking the right moisturizer goes through the same trial and error.

Some skin types respond well to aloe vera, while others may want a plain cream moisturizer—which is what I think Enjoy Drawing has brought to you today.

4. Rejuvenating Cream Bottle

The effects of applying a moisturizing agent on your skin is immediately palpable—it’s just so refreshing!

And with a large cream bottle like this by Drawing for kids, you will feel rejuvenated for the next three months!

5 Cosmetic Kits

Before we get into the individual makeup item, let’s first take an overview of the most common accessories.

5. A Set of Makeup

Colorful Creative Kids prepared a kit for your first ever makeup session: a foundation brush, concealer, powder, mascara, and lipstick.

6. Quick and Easy Makeup Doodles

Unless you have daily practice, putting makeup on is not quick and easy, especially when trying for more elaborate looks.

That’s not the case with doodles, though, a whole collection of which is prepared neatly by Draw Magic!

7. Basic Cosmetics Set-Up

As you become more immersed in the world of cosmetics, so does your table.

You notice your desk being slowly engulfed by each accessory that you told yourself was the last you’d buy.

But each eye shadow, rouge, and mascara brings you one step closer at becoming an expert beautician.

With the expertise that those will bring, you won’t find any difficulty rummaging through a pile of cosmetics like this one illustrated by Dezine Quest.

8. More Cosmetics Doodle Ideas

Cosmetics enhance appearances.

With The Petite Planner‘s comprehensive makeup doodles, cosmetics will also beautify your bullet journals.

9. Kawaii Beauty Bag

In dragged out social events, retouching makeup is a must.

Carry all the essentials with this kawaii pouch by Draw So Cute, who appears to create a bottomless container to store all your brushes and pencils and lipsticks and powder.

3 Soft Makeup Brushes

10. Two Brushes in 3D

Whether natural or synthetic, brushes must be made of soft bristles.

FourN Drawing presents two brush options that can be used in a jiffy—one for blending and one for precision work.

11. Realistic Makeup Brush

In Find art by Nisa‘s video tutorial, art imitates reality by transferring a real makeup brush into a blank canvas.

12. Makeup Brush Watercolor Painting

Blending foundation into one’s skin is a subtle art. Mixing the colors of watercolor painting is not so different.

JunniSun Studio demonstrates the nuanced technique of watercolor in their video tutorial.

Even the brushes with a unique pink color seem natural because of the impressive skill involved.

4 Quality Lipsticks

13. Colorful Lipsticks

Kids can put on whatever color of lipstick they like, as long as it’s Halloween.

Magic Star Art a lipstick color paired with an emoji.

With two such elements as color and icon, the combinations for your little ones are endless.

Speaking of Halloween, try entering one of these haunted house drawings!

14. Cute Lipstick

It’s natural for kids to imitate what they see. Like putting on lipstick.

The urge will be even more irresistible when the lipstick is as cute as this one, courtesy of Cute Easy Drawings.

15. Lippy Lips from Shopkins

Putting on makeup can be a huge boost in self-esteem.

Small wonder that an anthropomorphic tube of lipstick—a drawing of which is presented by Art for Kids Hub—would have such a sassy personality.

16. Lipsticks with Colored Pencils

How many details can an artist put in a tube of lipstick?

Judging by ARTISTIC ZONE‘s art, it’s surprisingly many.

But the design isn’t concerned so much with the amount of detail, but rather with the level of detail, which, for a pencil art, is really astounding.

2 Waterproof Mascara

17. How to Draw Mascara

This is not known by many people, but The Weeknd warns us of the dangers of wearing mascara users when he sings, “Save your tears for another day.” Truer words were never spoken.

Make sure those tears don’t fall, too, when making this mascara by Azz Easy Drawings.

18. Foolproof Mascara Drawing

If you’re afraid of smudging, oil-based mascara are widely available in the market.

And if you’re afraid art fading away, use oil pastel just how One Art Center‘s did in their mascara drawing.

3 Glossy Nail Polish

19. Sassy Red Nail Polish

A tinge of this nail polish by Mister Brush can leave your fingers with a dazzling look.

Too much of it can look ominous, though, like trying to hide a bad odor with plenty of perfume.

20. Realistic Nail Polish

There might not be any embellishments or designs on the nails on Nipa Craft Studio‘s drawings, but rest assured that the nail polish will brighten those fingers.

21. Don’t Spill the Nail Polish

Don’t let this spilled nail polish by Arts Core dry, otherwise you’ll be needing something stronger than acetone to dissolve that mess.

With the proper technique, even colored pencil will inject a true-to-life effect in your drawings.

4 Girls Doing Make Up

Would a list of makeup drawings be complete without drawings of people putting on makeup?

22. Anime Girl Doing Makeup

Putting on makeup isn’t too hard for experienced beauticians.

But it sure won’t be as easy as making this sketch by Art by Dr. Shehnila, who poses a challenge for any artist wanting to step up their game.

23. Glamorous Woman Putting on Makeup

I don’t know which is more stunning, the woman’s hair or her facial features.

Whichever takes your breath away more, it’s all thanks to the artful depiction of Mukta easy drawing.

24. A Quick Retouch

Chandra Art produces art as fast as the woman in their drawing can retouch her makeup.

Seeing how refined this sketch is, I’m sure the cosmetic retouch isn’t necessary.

25. Realistic Makeup Sketch

I thought I was looking at the mirror for a moment! That’s how detailed this portrait by Farjana Drawing Academy is.

The design is executed masterfully executed that, just by looking, I can sense the softness of the brush’s bristles.

Keep Calm and Create Makeup Drawings!

Mascara may have ruined your face and evening (The Weeknd did warn us), but sketching is a great way to meditate and focus on yourself—creating makeup drawings is no exception.

Drawing can remove that stress away, so here are more lists of drawings you could make: