20 Easy Drawings of Haunted Houses You Can’t Escape

Any horror enthusiast would be thrilled to conjure up these easy drawings of haunted houses!

Halloween is just around the corner—time flies so fast, when is it not? That means it’s time to elevate that heart rate to a healthy number.

That’s easily achieved when exploring these haunted houses. There’s a variety of cursed houses featured, including doodles, realistic, and cute ones.

Get ready to draw these easy haunted houses, and explore them in your nightmares!

Materials for Haunted House Drawings

Ghost hunters carry all sorts of paraphernalia to detect paranormal activity. Make sure to be properly equipped before entering these haunted house drawings.

  • Pencil set: Whether it’s drawing a simple, rectangular house, or sketching the creepiest building, these pencils will be your trusted partner.
  • Sketch book: Blank sheets to compile the different haunted houses you come across.

Haunted House for the Uninitiated

For some, the point of creating these houses is to improve their artistic skills; others just want self-induced insomnia.

Here are some easy and not-so-scary haunted houses for the uninitiated. The nightmarish buildings will come after.

1. Doodle of a Haunted House

Photo credit: IQ Doodle

It’s only appropriate to include Halloween-themed doodles in your bullet journal around October.

Here’s a simple doodle that won’t take five minutes to make, brought to you by IQ Doodle.

2. The Plan of a Basic Haunted House

What is a haunted house but a building with spooky elements added to it?

Before getting into architecturally spectacular houses, though, hone skills of making lines straight and curves error-free first.

I’m sure you can square with the simple methods laid out by Artwork Pictures.

3. Three-Story Haunted Building

Photo credit: Art Projects For Kids

At first glance, this yellow-painted house drawn by Art Projects For Kids doesn’t seem haunted, which is a reassuring thought for little artists drawing it.

Although, I can’t quite tell if the figure on the second floor is a human.

I’d probably enter this house just to pet that black cat. That is, if I reach the third floor…

4. The House of Horrors

How did you figure out that this was a house of horror?!

The ghosts probably gave it away. Anyway, let’s appreciate Rainbow Playhouse‘s effort in spicing their house up with a Halloween motif.

5. Haunted House Cards

Not too demanding yet aesthetically pleasing, these cards with a haunted house drawing—made by Art by Ro—are a nifty way to put up some spooky elements this coming Halloween.

That House is Definitely Haunted!

You don’t need a sixth sense to figure out that these four buildings are haunted—the shadowy ambience does a good job of telling that.

6. Letter “W” Haunted House

The only thing scarier than the label “haunted” in this drawing by drawinghowtodraw is the structural integrity of this leaning house.

If it were a building in the real world, this cursed building would probably attract more tourists than the Tower of Pisa.

7. A Living House

Photo credit: Drawing Howtos

We shiver at the ghastly sights we could encounter in a haunted house. The thought of finding a person is even more terrifying.

But both of those probably pale in comparison to the thought of an actual living house, conscious and harboring malicious intent.

Fortunately for us, this house made by Drawing Howtos doesn’t look as terrifying as described.

8. Black and Yellow House

Photo credit: Just Paint It Blog

When black and yellow are the only colors on a house, there’s something obviously wrong with it.

The exterior designer of this painting made by Just Paint It Blog is probably Gothic—and I’m not talking about the architectural style that emerged in medieval Europe.

9. Surreal Haunted House

Photo credit: Faber Castell

Free the subconscious and unleash your creative potential by following Faber Castell‘s surreal haunted house.

The approach in this art isn’t as spooky as the other ones, but it’s just as captivating.

If it’s a confrontation with your inner self, however, then that’s something I would consider terrifying!

Upgraded Haunted Houses for Horrorphiles

10. That House in the Middle of Nowhere

The big spirit warmly welcomes you into this cozy house in the middle of nowhere.

The lodge by Moshley Drawing is furnished with the essentials to provide the best experience a visitor can get: creaking doors, time distortion, and indoor bats.

Apologies, that’s supposed to be the “best horror experience.” That’s a package deal, and you don’t even need coffee to stay awake!

11. House with a Graveyard

Unless it’s in a rural area—or, I don’t know, it’s the 1800s?—entering a house with a graveyard beside it is probably not the best idea.

Everything about this sketch made by Art Easy For Beginners screams “Something terrible will happen if you continue this path—” if it hasn’t already… which makes it even more appealing for thrill seekers and horror fanatics.

12. Haunted House with Aesthetics

Be bold in your drawings, and paint your haunted house with a unique color palette, like this one by Brave Kids Art Club.

13. A Haunted Apartment

During the daytime, this seemingly peaceful house looks like it’s got nothing wrong with it.

When the sun sets, though, all the cool ghosts, bats, and black cats gather at this place, turning the place into a house party!

Join the thrill by creating Art for Kids Hub‘s drawing of a haunted house party.

14. Bright Haunted House

For a haunted house, this one by Draw So Cute doesn’t strike fear as much as it should.

Sure, there’s Swamp Thing waiting on the second level and ghosts roaming around, but the vibrant colors—plus the exaggerated house proportions—really lighten the eerie mood and make the illustration more appealing, perfect for enjoyers of the kawaii style.

The Ultimate Haunted House Experience

15. Is This Transylvania?

This building almost reminds me of a castle in a remote mountainous village in Eastern Europe. Certainly, a pale geezer with oddly long canines didn’t send a business invite for you to come.

That’s my back cover summary of Dracula, by the way; a super condensed chapter one that doesn’t do the novel justice.

But this castle constructed by Fancy’s Art certainly could. Expect to encounter the legendary vampire in such an impressive mansion.

I really shouldn’t have called him a geezer… I guess I’m not sleeping tonight…

16. Impressive Haunted House

Photo credit: Gathered.

If we’re talking about sketches that are satisfying to look at, then this house by Gathered. is one to follow.

Their guide is very detailed, taking a closer look at even the brickwork on this structure.

To appreciate how much detail was put into this, let me direct your attention to the slice of Swiss cheese that is the moon. I can’t see its craters in real life even if I squint!

17. Haunted House with Watercolor Technique

Houses with wandering ghost spirits, which oh-so subtly suggest “haunted,” are a dime a dozen.

Those ghosts probably get tired of moving in and out of windows, too. I know I do when I see such drawings.

It’s so refreshing to see those ghosts take a break in such art as the one masterfully painted Tanya Leintz, who conjures up the haunted house with watercolor.

18. Just a Dilapidated House

We’re quick to label buildings in a state of disrepair as “haunted.” That may not be the case with this one, a ramshackle house showcased by Artisfun.

That’s until your gaze gravitates towards that doll hanging from a tree.

If that’s not a major red flag and signal to “turn around and get the hell out of here,” then the skull chilling on the edge of the well is probably another cue to leave.

19. Hallucinatory Haunted House

More than emanating a creepy aura, the view of this haunted house made by Art Arena is strangely calming.

Whether it’s the giant moon that gives a light of hope or the soothing purple background, for once I am unafraid to enter a haunted house, which honestly looks serene.

On second thought, the orange coming from inside the house just reminded me of the flames of hell, so I think I’ll back out.

20. Haunted House

A master of perspective in art, Circle Line Art School shares a stunning view of this haunted mansion.

Disciples will be impressed by the parts of this palace, whether it’s the broken windows or the slanted fence post, which abide by the principles of perspective—though, it may not seem like it because it’s dilapidated building.

Trespass, If You Dare

After drawing these haunted houses, I think we’ve got a pretty good idea of their structure and the spooky elements that define them.

Although these chateaus of horror have already instilled fear in us, we still have the task of actually exploring the interior. But that’s a list for another day.

If your spook meter hasn’t risen to an acceptable level yet, then head on to our other lists of spooktastic activities: