19 Cheeky Hamster Drawings

You’ve been captivated by the charm of these critters—no doubt the reason for clicking on these hamster drawings!

I’m fascinated by hamsters, too, I must admit. As we’ll see below, these teeny pocket pets are more complex than the chubby cheeks they’re known for.

Whether you own a hamster or are on your way to caring for one, these drawing guides below have captured the adorable features of these pets!

Materials for Hamster Drawings

4 Baby Hamster Drawings

If adult hamsters are small, their newborn is just bigger than a gummy bear. Let’s magnify their size with these four baby hamster drawings.

1. Hamster Squared

Photo credit: Drawing How To Draw

Absolute beginners—preschoolers and myself—don’t have to be ashamed of drawing a square hamster. It’s a stepping stone for the more challenging hamsters waiting ahead.

Drawing How To Draw draws a perpendicular line inside the square, and adds the details in perfect symmetry.

The hamster is then colored with a creamy beige;

2. Happy, Happy Hamster

A noticeable feature of hamsters—probably the one that catches the most attention—is their cheeks.

Unique to these rodents, their expandable cheeks allow them to carry more food than they would with their petite hands—which is a skill that comes in handy in the wild.

In caged environments, these inflated cheeks serve as treats to save for later, and entertainment for us humans. The cheeks on this hamster by Happiness Drawing are quite prominent.

3. Hamster Emoji on Paper

The hamster might not have made it into the twelve Chinese zodiac sign but it’s part of the roster of emoji characters, which is relevant and important in its own right.

With their video tutorial, Art for Kids Hub teaches us how to the hamster emoji, which is inspired by one of the most common hamster pets, the Syrian hamster—also known as a golden hamster.

4. Round Baby Hamster

The largest of hamsters grow up to seven inches in length—small enough to fit in the palm of the hand.

That’s why they’re carried around without any difficulty. But the question is, should you?

Unless you’ve developed a close bond with a hamster, approach the critter with caution as they can become territorial. But this plump hamster by

3 Simple Hamster Drawings

Still keeping it simple, we move on to these three hamster drawings that will continue to practice an amateur’s skills.

5. Simple Hamster, Front View

The furs of hamsters come in a variety of colors—most likely a result of camouflaging with their natural habitats to avoid predators.

Having brown fur, like this hamster from Shany’s Art, makes it easier to blend in the fall foliage and hide in their dugouts.

6. Six-Step Hamster Drawing

Photo credit: Hello Artsy

Hamsters are inquisitive. They’re curious about many things, wandering about, climbing their surroundings, sniffing toys, and investigating novel things.

This hamster by Hello Artsy is wondering about that treat in your hand.

7. Wild Hamster

Photo credit: Art Projects For Kids

Hamsters are thought of as pets, often forgetting about the more hamsters in the wild.

Hamsters like this one by Art Projects For Kids survive in the wild by relying on a combination of instincts and hoarding abilities.

These resourceful rodents can create an impressive maze of burrows, complete with different chambers for food storage, waste disposal, and nesting.

4 Cartoon Hamsters

Just as Barbies are customizable to the preference of their owners, these hamsters can be tailored to their liking because of their cartoon nature!

8. Hamster Siblings

Photo credit: Draw Cartoon Style

Cats or dogs are social animals that get along with their siblings and even enjoy the company of other species. Hamsters are the complete opposite.

They’re possessive and they fight even with their siblings for every inch of their land. Hamsters are the epitome of “small yet terrible.”

These couple of hamsters by Draw Cartoon Style might be cooperating to get treats for now; check in on them a few moments later to discover their true nature.

9. Cute Hamster

Despite their small size, hamsters still require a lot of attention. Owners must give them a big enough space to live in, the appropriate bedding for their burrowing behavior, and toys to keep them happy and curious.

You know you’ve done a great job when your furry friend is waving at you as SimplyTooCuteVideo‘s hamster does in their drawing.

10. LOL Surprise Cherry Ham

There’s a reason hamsters are ultra-rare in LOL Surprise: they just look superior to the rest!

It seems Art for Kids Hub has opened Cherry Ham, a plump hamster wearing very chic accessories. See their drawing in this video tutorial.

11. Hamtaro Drawing

Few animals have been as successful as Hamtaro in making it into the highly competitive anime industry.

Drawn like a real manga artist, this Hamtaro is captured accurately by Kids Drawing Ninja.

5 Hamsters Holding Food

What is it about hamsters holding their food in the way that they do? And what does it tell about our obsession with it?

Let’s observe some hamsters in a behavior that we adore so much.

12. Hamster Munching on Strawberry

Hamsters are omnivores; they can snack on nuts, seeds, fruits, small creepy crawlies, or even cooked chicken.

Doaa Moaz, with their strawberry-munching hamster, reminds owners to give them a balanced diet.

13. Hamster Eating Nuts

Small and independent, these cheeky rodents are low-maintenance, requiring smaller space and less food than, say, a cat or dog.

Like fish or lizards, hamsters are recommended for first-time pet owners. Here’s another hamster by Rainbow – Coloring Pages For Kids, ready to munch and puff up those cheeks.

14. That’s a Big Hamster

Photo credit: Super Coloring

Like humans, or cats, or dogs, each hamster possesses unique personalities and food preferences. This chunky hamster created by Super Coloring looks like it enjoys almonds for a snack.

15. Cookie Hamster

You’ve met the Cookie Monster; now, prepare for the Cookie Hamster!

Drawn By DrawSoCute, this cutie is given a cookie as a reward for not chipping away at its cage.

That’s right, hamsters have an instinct to shave off their continuously growing teeth, and they do so by nibbling on stuff.

Give them a proper toy to chew on before they destroy your furniture.

16. Kawaii Hamster with Almond

Hamsters have a lifespan of two to three years. With such a short time to love them, I’d give them my all if I were a hamster owner.

Winnicorn, the artist of this endearing hamster, knows how to keep their pets satisfied.

3 True To Life Hamsters

If the goal is to commemorate your pet hamster, then it’s essential to do these three realistic hamsters below!

17. Poised Hamster

There are long-haired hamsters, like the so-called Teddy Bear Hamsters; and there are hamster variations with no hair.

There are also hamster types that lie in between those two extremes—the short-haired hamster, which is exemplified by markcrilley‘s impressive sketch.

18. Realistic Hamster: Colored Pencil

Beginners start honing their skills with graphite pencil practice. To be skilled artists, however, they must also master the domain of coloring, an eye-popping example of which is given by Drawing and Arts Uday.

Working with oil-based or wax-based colored pencils is a completely different beast, as many professionals will attest.

19. A Real Hamster Standing

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with going complete graphite. How2DrawAnimals masterfully illustrates a hamster standing on its hindlimb and snacking on a nut—a work of art achieved solely by graphite pencil.

Let’s Go Nuts with These Drawings!

Fierce, independent, and curious, hamsters are more complex than initially thought. Think twice before getting one as a pet, because even though they’re low maintenance, they deserve as much attention as other domestic animals!

But if you’re just here to draw, then feel free to head on to our other lists: