21 Fascinating Fly Drawings For Kids

Study the parts of a fly (without the disgusting process of looking at a live—or dead—one) through these fly drawings!

Most humans are bothered by flies. They contaminate your food, fly around your house, and have an irritating buzzing sound. For other animals like birds, frogs, and lizards — flies are snacks! With that in mind, they serve an important purpose in the animal kingdom.

They can also serve as inspiration for artists because, despite being small, their bodies often appear very complex, which is perfect for people trying to refine their drawing skills.

In this article, I’ve compiled fascinating fly drawings for kids, A.K.A. those little artists who live in your homes!

7 Easy Fly Drawings

The first seven fly drawings involve simple strokes that toddlers and preschoolers can use to practice.

1. A Basic but Detailed Fly Drawing

A Basic but Detailed Fly Drawing
Photo credit: Easy Drawing Art

Check out this fly design from Easy Drawing Art. The thorax of the fly isn’t too sophisticated, but they’ve added some nice details on its eyes and its wings by drawing simple lines.

Check out their website to follow the step-by-step guide.

2. A Great Fly Drawing for Early-Stage Artists

A Great Fly Drawing for Early-Stage Artists
Photo credit: How To Draw Animals

Here’s a nice drawing from How To Draw Animals that can train your kid’s hand stability and hand-eye coordination.

While their drawing doesn’t need to be precise, it doesn’t hurt learning how to draw straight lines and curvy shapes, which becomes a foundation for subjects like basic geometry when your children enter elementary school.

3. A Simple House Fly Drawing

Let’s return to the basics with this simple house fly drawing from How2Draw Easily.

There won’t be any fuss when your children attempt to draw this design because it only involves simple shapes and solid colors. They don’t need to worry about adding depth or dimension.

If you like to keep it simple like this fly drawing, then check out our other easy animal drawings that your children can make. You’ll find a variety of drawings for your kid’s favorite animals!

4. An Innocent Little Fly with Itty-Bitty Legs

An Innocent Little Fly with Itty-Bitty Legs
Photo credit: Easy Drawing Guides

This simple fly drawing is great for those younger kids who are looking to step up their drawing game.

Easy Drawing Guides provides a good step-by-step written tutorial on how to draw this fly.

5. Fly Drawing with Easy Shapes

Here’s another easy fly drawing that doesn’t require much time or effort. This drawing by Draw Easy is perfect if you need 15 minutes to wash the dishes or wash clothes.

Speaking of doing laundry, check out our tips & tricks for tie-dying shirts.

6. Painted Fly Art

There are a couple of ways to create a fly that looks authentic. One is to use paint, like Enjoy Drawing does in their fly drawing tutorial.

7. A Chubby Fly

With a few cheesy techniques, your little artists can get away with making their fly art look sophisticated without putting too much effort.

Want to know how? Just follow Abhishek Drawing‘s video tutorial on it.

8 Cartoon Fly Drawings

Flies can be nasty little creatures, but not when drawn in cartoon form! Here are eight fly drawings that’ll make you (and your little artist) forget everything you hate about flies.

8. How To Draw a Cute Baby Fly

How To Draw a Cute Baby Fly
Photo credit: We Draw Animals

Flies can be annoying, but how can your children resist not drawing this cute little companion?

This design from We Draw Animals is great for toddlers who are just starting their artistic journey.

9. A Cartoon Fly Taken from TV

Here’s a cartoon fly that looks like something you’d see on TV.

Unlike other flies created with human eyes, Athaya Drawing stays true to the grid-like eyeballs of flies in real life.

10. A Great Fly Drawing for Kiddos

A Great Fly Drawing for Kiddos
Photo credit: How To Draw Easy

House flies are generally harmless because they don’t bite. Rather, they suck food through their mouth, called a “proboscis.”

How To Draw Easy highlights their proboscis with this easy drawing for kids. Again, this drawing has some silly eyes that make the fly look like they just saw their next meal.

11. A Simplified House Fly Drawing

A Simplified House Fly Drawing
Photo credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

Insect bodies, including flies, are generally made up of three parts: the head, the thorax, and the abdomen.

To make it easier for kids to draw, Drawing Tutorials 101 attached the eyes, wings, legs, and mouth to a single spherical body.

12. A Slightly More Challenging Cartoon Fly Drawing

A Slightly More Challenging Cartoon Fly Drawing
Photo credit: We Draw Animals

If your kids want to make a cartoon fly with more realistic eyes, let them follow this drawing made by We Draw Animals.

It’s easy to draw while staying faithful to the eyes of a real fly. Just hand your kids some coloring materials and see how they tackle this challenge.

13. A Playful Fly Drawing that Mixes & Matches Elements

A Playful Fly Drawing that Mixes & Matches Elements
Photo credit: How To Draw Step By Step Drawing Tutorials

If you know your kids just want to goof around with a simple fly drawing, then show them this silly guy.

How To Draw Step By Step Drawing Tutorials almost makes it look like this is Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer’s cousin by an animal-like mouth and a clown’s nose.

14. A More Realistic-Looking Fly that Uses Simple Shapes

A More Realistic-Looking Fly that Uses Simples Shapes
Photo credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

Adult flies don’t live too long, having a lifespan of 2 to 4 weeks. That’s enough time, however, to lay their eggs and multiply exponentially.

This design from Drawing Tutorials 101 shows a fly that looks like it’s nearing the end of its days on Earth. On the bright side, this slightly more sophisticated drawing will train your kid’s fine motor and drawing skills.

15. Adorable Fly Drawing

People would be less disgusted by flies when they look as cute as this sketch by MimiDom Art.

This adorable fly may not have a sophisticated eye structure like the real ones, but it can see as clear as day that you’re interested in drawing it.

6 Realistic Fly Drawings For Older Kids

If your children are insect enthusiasts, or would just love to express their artistry by drawing flies, then they’re probably a bit more interested in realistic fly drawings — not just something that’s easy or cartoon-like.

16. A Highly-Realistic Fly Drawing

A Highly-Realistic Fly Drawing
Photo credit: Exam Guide Online

Here’s a bird’s eye view of a realistic fly drawing made by Exam Guide Online. Make sure to check your surroundings for hungry birds — this one’s realistic enough that it just might trick them!

Kidding aside, check out how to draw this one by following the brief guide on their website.

If your little artist is a fan of birds, head on over to our owl crafts for kids where you’ll find plenty of owl-related activities.

17. Step-by-Step Training for Realistic Fly Drawings

Step-by-Step Training for Realistic Fly Drawings
Photo credit: Drago Art

Here’s another fun fly design from Drago Art that your children can make. It’s not too sophisticated, but it’s detailed enough that it looks pretty realistic.

Perhaps your young artists give it a little more life by adding depth and color when they’re finished drawing it.

18. Video Tutorial for Drawing Realistic Flies

This realistic fly drawing makes the top of my list because Art For Kids Hub provides a clear video tutorial that kids of any age can follow.

The pacing of the video is also helpful because the artist pauses every couple of strokes to allow viewers to catch up.

I also really enjoy the details and colors of this fly. The artist didn’t go for an unexciting brown color, rather they went for the toxic and mucky colors of a fly.

19. A Simplified Colorful Fly

A Simplified Colorful Fly
Photo credit: HT Draw

Check out this step-by-step realistic drawing of a fly from HT Draw.

While the fly’s body is easy to draw, you might have to pay attention when drawing the wings because it involves a bit more technique (which is detailed on HT Draw’s website).

20. For a Real Challenge: A Photorealistic Fly Sketch

For a Real Challenge: A Photorealistic Fly Sketch
Photo credit: How 2 Draw Animals

If your kids really want to get up close and personal, they should follow this tutorial from How 2 Draw Animals.

While this realistic sketch isn’t for the faint of heart, How 2 Draw Animals provides a well-written guide that will walk you through the entire process.

They detail every component of the fly, ranging from its general outline down to the more nuanced details.

I guess you could say that you can’t draw this on the fly, amiright? *Badum-tss*

This one’s recommended for young artists who like a good challenge, but who will also feel rewarded if they’re patient enough to see this one all the way through.

21. A True Giant Fly


Photo credit: DrawAnArt

I never forget to express gratitude at the end of each day, mainly for the meals, but also for living hundreds of miles away from giant horseflies.

While this is nothing more than a regular housefly, the size of the thing that DrawAnArt illustrates is closer to that of its more dangerous cousin (which I’m not eager to meet anytime soon).

Fly Drawings For Fly Kids

There are plenty of fly drawings that your children can choose from, ranging from goofy cartoon drawings to more realistic sketches.

For other crafts to keep your artistic children busy with, consider checking out our jellyfish crafts and chicken crafts articles, or use the search bar within our website’s navigation to search for some of your child’s favorite things!