17 Mighty Non-Extinct Stegosaurus Drawings

Let’s catch a glimpse of the marvelous animals that existed during the Jurassic period with these Stegosaurus drawings!

Stegosauruses are those dinosaurs with enormous plates on their backs.

Drawing these fascinating prehistoric creatures is a great way to stimulate thinking in children and develop their creativity!

Learn how to draw these armored dinosaurs while picking up some intriguing facts to wow friends!

Plain Stegosaurus: Discovering the Remains

Are these dinosaurs complex creatures? They certainly are!

But these won’t drain too much of your mental energy—just look at these plain stegosauruses!

1. Two-Minute Stegosaurus Doodle

Photo credit: Shihori Obata

First on the list is a super adorable stegosaurus by Shihori Obata, which takes no more than two minutes to sketch.

For bullet journaling, this stegosaurus is a great addition to your Jurassic motif.

Even though it’s drawn in a minimalistic style, this stegosaurus is adorned with features that we can appreciate, notably the spikes at the end of its tail.

2. A Teenage Stegosaurus

The stegosaurus belongs to a family of armored dinosaurs, in a classification known as Thyreophora.

If “Thyreophora” sounds boring, remember that it literally stands for “shield bearer” in Greek.

These vegetarians are prepared for war at any time; look no further than the ankylosaurus, which has a sledgehammer for a tail.

Unless threatened, though, these massive dinosaurs will go on about their business eating grass, like E

3. Adult Stegosaurus

The stegosaurus is big. They’re slightly larger than the modern-day African Elephant, which measures 20-25 feet in length (or 6-7.5 meters), and is 10-13 feet tall (3-4.2 meters).

With that in mind, we can easily imagine the proportions of a stegosaurus and sketch this awesome drawing by Mister Brush.

4. Stegosaurus For a Preschooler

Photo credit: How To Draw For Kids

The front legs of the stegosaurus is shorter than its hindlimbs, making this drawing by How To Draw For Kids somewhat inaccurate.

But rest assured—preschoolers won’t be concerned with factual correctness in making their first dinosaur drawing.

5. Nine-Step Stegosaurus Drawing

Photo credit: Hello Artsy

Stegosauruses are ancient, and that’s an understatement.

The time gap between the extinction of the stegosaurus and the emergence of the Tyrannosaurus rex is bigger than that between the death of the T-rex and the appearance of humans. In other words, we are closer in time to the T-rex than the T-Rex is to the stegosaurus.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Once you get over that fact, it’s time to make this stegosaurus by Hello Artsy.

6. A Blooming Stegosaurus

It’s not yet known what the main purpose of the Stegosaurus’s plates is. Even paleontologists are in the dark!

Some suggest that they help regulate their body temperature, while others contend they signal danger for predators or attract potential mates.

Whatever purpose they have, the shape and size of these bony structures are very clear. Viewed from the side, like Art for Kids’ Hub’s depiction, a stegosaurus may look like an animal with petals on its back.

7. Patterned Stegosaurus

Photo credit: Easy Animals 2 Draw

We can’t know for sure what these dinosaurs looked like. And we probably never will.

But I’m hopeful that someday we will have the technology to view these prehistoric creatures in frighteningly accurate detail.

In the meantime, it’s not a sin to reimagine them with mandala patterns tattooed on their skin.

On the contrary, art made like this by Easy Animals 2 Draw can easily enhance the creativity of artists.

Cartoon Stegosaurus: Reconstructing the Fossils

As one of the prominent dinosaurs we’re familiar with, the stegosaurus will have its fair share of kawaii or cartoon designs.

8. Kawaii Steg

Photo credit: How2DrawAnimals

Dinosaurs are known to lay eggs, so it’s safe to assume that this baby stegosaurus drawn by How2DrawAnimals is hatched from one!

If kawaii is what you’re looking for, then don’t hesitate to draw this adorable dino.

9. Baby Grey Stegosaurus

Photo credit: Drawing Howtos

Whoever stereotyped dinosaurs as having a green hide must be burned at the stake.

That’s undoubtedly harsh, but you can’t deny it’s refreshing to see grey-colored dinosaurs. Or even reptilians with an iridescent blue coat.

Mix things up with Drawing Howtos‘s baby grey stegosaurus.

10. Stegosaurus in the Wild

Photo credit: Art Projects For Kids

Art Projects For Kids depicts a stegosaurus out in the wild. But thinking about the “wild” 150 million years ago is absurd since the “wild” was pretty much everywhere.

Let’s just say that this dinosaur is found in its natural habitat… which would be inaccurate too, since stegosauruses probably thrived in areas with thick vegetation, not the desert.

You know what? Just reimagine this scene with a lusher field of grass, trees, and shrubs.

11. Playful Stegosaurus

Photo credit: I Heart Crafty Things

Just as dogs and cats learn how to play and pounce and bite siblings, so too did this scale baby. Probably.

Those are just natural behavior that helps animal survive longer in the wild.

I admit, this stegosaurus by I Heart Crafty Things is a cute sketch.

12. Hippo-Like Stegosaurus

Photo credit: Draw Doo

How much do we know about the exteriors of these animals? Well, we can only speculate, as Draw Doo has in this drawing.

Likening it to a hippopotamus is not farfetched. After all, both love eating plants, are heavyweights, and can deal deadly blows to predators.

13. Roaring Stegosaurus

For a cartoon drawing, this one delivered by Art Land requires more skill than than usual.

If you’re not confident, start drawing the beast with a pencil. Retrace the figure of the dinosaur with a black marker.

Finally, color the animal with a palette of your choice. (Personally, I’d go with a pink shade!)

Realistic Stegosaurus: Reimagining the Prehistoric Animal

Now that we’ve assembled the fossils of these stegosauruses, it’s time to animate these behemoths according to our conception of it.

To get some inspiration, look at these realistic dinosaur drawings.

14. How to Illustrate a Stegosaurus

If we want an accurate depiction of the stegosaurus, according to the fossil evidence available, it wouldn’t be wrong to follow Harriet Muller‘s drawing.

From the spiked mace to the proportions of its limbs, this sketch pretty much nails the image of a stegosaurus.

15. Battle-Hardened Stegosaurus

Photo credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

With a swing of its spiky and hefty tail, a stegosaurus can leave a predator limping away from a fight. That’s right, this vegetarian will inflict serious damage on any carnivore that dares approach it.

From its defensive position, it’s safe to assume that this stegosaurus created by Drawing Tutorials 101 has seen its share of violence.

16. Detailed Stegosaurus Drawing

For its size, the stegosaurus must’ve spent a large chunk of its day just eating.

I’m sure leafy greens must’ve been tasty for these herbivores, but science (and personal experience) tells us that protein or fat are more packed with calories.

But who knows—some prehistoric kale probably provided a lot of energy for these gargantuan creatures.

Plus, the lush forests were yet untouched by its archenemy: the homo sapiens.

17. Stegosaurus Brought to Life

This video tutorial made by How2DrawAnimals helps tremendously in sketching, particularly in the aspect of shading and staying realistic.

The stegosaurus get a bad rap for having a tiny brain, which is illustrated best with the small head in this drawing .

Its brain may be the size of a walnut, but unlike other dinosaurs, it had two!

That’s right, experts speculate that a cavity in its tail may have been the location of a second brain. That or fatty tissue, which makes the steg a fat dinosaur with a singular brain.

Let’s Spike Things Up with These Stegosaurus Drawings!

No matter how many brains it had (and how small it may have been), the stegosaurus still boasts an amazing array of petal-like armor on its back, which is why we love it so much!

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