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22 Wonderful Letter “W” Crafts Kids Can Do at Home

Wacky walruses waltzed with watermelons. Intrigued yet? All of that and more can be found in these 22 letter “W” crafts!

These crafts are a great way to enhance creativity and motor skills, as well as to retain what they learn much, much easier.

They’ll be able to easily memorize the appearance, sound, and some of the words associated with the letter “W” with these fun crafts!

A Quick Note

Safety scissors are typically best for young children when cutting is involved. When in doubt, cut out templates and shapes for them before getting started!

Also, while some projects on this list provide a letter “W” template, here are templates just in case there isn’t one available.

12 Letter “W” Crafts

1. “W is for Worm” Craft

“W is for Worm” Craft
Photo credit: All About Learning Press

Who can do this: Toddlers

Wiggling their way into your home, here’s an easy-to-do worm craft, courtesy of All About Learning Press. All your kids need is cardstock, googly eyes, glue, a pencil or marker, and the worm template on their site.

2. “W is for Walrus” Craft

“W is for Walrus” Craft
Photo credit: Our Kid Things

Who can do this: Toddlers

They have large tusks and they weigh a ton! While that may sound like I’m describing an elephant, walruses also fit that description.

Our Kid Things shows kids how to make a walrus craft, tusks and all, with craft foam, paper or cardstock, scissors, googly eyes, glue, a black marker, and their letter “W” and walrus templates.

3. “W is for Whale” Craft

“W is for Whale” Craft
Photo credit: Kids Activities

Who can do this: Toddlers

Behold the largest animal on the planet, the blue whale! Kids can bring one home thanks to Kids Activities using pipe cleaners, googly eyes, scissors, glue, and construction paper.

Make the biggest splash with these whale drawings.

4. “W is for Wings” Craft

“W is for Wings” Craft
Photo credit: No Time for Flash Cards

Who can do this: Toddlers

There are lots of critters on this planet that have wings, like birds, insects, and bats. This sensory wing craft by No Time for Flash Cards that’s based on birds is one of the simplest crafts on this list. All kids need is construction paper, glue, scissors, feathers, and markers.

5. “W is for Watermelon” Craft

“W is for Watermelon” Craft
Photo credit: Crystal & Co.

Who can do this: Kindergartners

Here’s a yummy and mouth-watering watermelon craft from Crystal & Co. To make this giant fruit kids will need to use colored markers, cardstock, construction paper, glue, and scissors.

Grab some watermelon afterward as a celebratory snack during a hot summer day!

6. “W is for Wagon” Craft

 “W is for Wagon” Craft
Photo credit: The Teaching Aunt

Who can do this: Preschoolers

If your kids are really into wagons, then The Teaching Aunt has a fun and unique wagon craft just for them! The only materials you’ll need are art paper, scissors, glue, a pencil, and a ruler.

7. “W is for Wind” Craft

“W is for Wind” Craft
Photo credit: Evolving Motherhood

Who can do this: Toddlers

Here’s a really simple letter “W” craft toddlers can do from Evolving Motherhood. Here are the materials you’ll need: a paintbrush, paint, straws, a marker, paint cups, and optional glue and glitter.

This is a great sensory activity for kids to start learning how to work with different types of materials!

8. “W is for Water and Wave” Craft

“W is for Water and Wave” Craft
Photo credit: Moments of Mommyhood

Who can do this: Preschoolers

Moments of Mommyhood has a two-for-one craft that combines both water and waves. Kids can make this super easy-to-do craft with scissors, glue, colored construction paper, and a pen/marker.

9. “W is for Winter” Craft

 “W is for Winter” Craft
Photo credit: ABCs of Literacy

Who can do this: Preschoolers

Winter is coming. But ABCs of Literacy makes sure that it’s not as terrible as the final season of a certain show.

This is another really simple craft that even a toddler could do!

10. W is for Water!

Photo credit: First School

All life starts with water; all water starts with the letter W.

Well, technically, it starts when a chemical reaction that forms two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen.

But I think First School‘s “W is for water craft” prioritizes the alphabet first before the periodic table.

11. “W is for Web” Craft

“W is for Web” Craft
Photo credit: School Time Snippets

Who can do this: Kindergarteners

Weave a web of letter W craft, like the one made by School Time Snippets.

Kids can learn all about a spider’s web as well as the letter “W” with just yarn, a hole puncher, a toothpick, construction paper, and a plastic spider.

12. Origami Letter “W”

Who can do this: Kindergarteners

Here’s a really simple origami “W” from Paper Craft to help your kids explore and refine their fine motor skills.

Don’t forget that kids can always use larger sheets of paper to give them an easier time with folding.

10 Other Letter “W” Arts and Crafts Projects

13. Winter Tree Art

Winter Tree Art
Photo credit: Fantastic Fun & Learning

Who can do this: Preschoolers

Fancy bringing winter inside your home? Then get ready to let your kids forage in their own backyard for materials to create this simple winter tree by Fantastic Fun & Learning.

All they’ll need are twigs, Q-tips, paint, glue, and construction paper. It’s that simple!

There’s no stopping the cold pervading the warm rooms when these winter sensory bins are created.

14. Weather Wheel Craft and Activity

Who can do this: Preschoolers

We don’t have the power to control the weather; as it stands, predicting the weather is already a challenging task!

But thanks to Crafting Chicks‘s weather compass, we now have the capacity to brighten or temper our moods according to the situation. (Of course, having a sunny disposition is always preferable, but feeling down is sometimes unavoidable, and that’s okay.)

15. Worm in an Apple Craft

Worm in an Apple Craft
Photo credit: Glued to My Crafts

Who can do this: Preschoolers

Help your kids grow to love apples even more with this apple craft by Glued to My Crafts.

The materials they’ll need are a paper plate, a jumbo popsicle stick, paint, a foam paintbrush, googly eyes, scissors, glue, a black marker, cardstock, and a stapler.

16. Paper Roll Whale Craft

Who can do this: Kindergartners

Don’t throw away the next empty toilet or paper towel roll! Instead, use it to make this relatively simple whale paper towel roll craft by Easy Kids Craft.

On top of the empty paper roll, kids will also need scissors, glue, paint, a paintbrush, cardstock, and a black marker. It’s SO easy!

17. Paper Watermelon Fan

Who can do this: Kindergarteners

Beat the heat with this paper pop-up watermelon fan!

Craft Daily shows kids how to make this really simple paper fan craft using various colored construction paper, glue, scissors, a black marker, string, double-sided tape, and some jumbo popsicle sticks.

18. Wind Vane

Who can do this: Preschoolers

Want to see which direction the wind blows? Then here’s a wind vane craft from Owlkids that can also be done for a science project!

The materials needed to make this wind vane are straws, clay, markers, scissors, paper, cardboard, a pencil, and a pin.

19. Paper Roll Windmill Craft

Who can do this: Kindergartners

It’s time to harness the power of the wind with this paper roll windmill craft by Paper Craft Ideas.

To make this really cool windmill craft you’ll need empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls, glue, scissors, ruler, marker, cardstock, cotton swabs, a pin, and a bit of scrap foam.

20. Paper Plate Wings Costume

Paper Plate Wings Costume
Photo credit: Mini Mad Things

Who can do this: Kindergarteners

Soar to the skies with this paper plate wings craft courtesy of Mini Mad Things.

While a grown-up will be doing all the heavy lifting, kids can still help out with choosing colors and ultimately modeling the end result!

You’ll need paper plates, paint, a paintbrush, a glue gun, and elastic cords.

21. Worm Origami

Who can do this: Kindergarteners

A paper crane is the most basic origami taught to a beginner. But these paper worms are much simpler than that, perfect for kindergartners.

123 Easy Paper Crafts DIY even showcases how children can blow on these worms to make them race one another.

22. W is for Witch Paper Craft

Who can do this: Preschoolers

These witches made by The Little Crafties aren’t evil, but they’re guaranteed to charm you!

Time will pass so fast during this activity that you’ll wonder whether you’ve been put under a spell.

It’s refreshing to see witches that look more like the Simpsons than those with the complexion of a vegetable.

These witch drawings will similarly put you in a spellbinding trance.

Whimsical Crafts for the Letter “W”

Your children will be mastering the alphabet in no time with these 20 letter “W” crafts. The best part about these projects is that kids of all ages can do them! Who says learning can’t be fun and constructive?

Keep the kids busy with more wondrous crafts: