20 Nightmarish But Easy Halloween Drawings

I’m tired of zombies, skeletons, ghosts, and spiders for easy Halloween drawings. It’s time to mix things up.

Though not uncommon, possessed dolls, cursed spirits, and serial killers are overshadowed by mummies, vampires, and other Halloween figures.

There’s a treasure trove of creepy characters that we can draw inspiration from, ranging from newly emerged demonic nuns; to the embodiment of death; to classic serial killers who continue their spree to this day.

Don’t fret, many of these drawings come from popular movies. Being fictional, however, doesn’t make them any less frightening. So don’t let your guard down in these easy Halloween drawings.

Material For Easy Halloween Drawings

  • Pencils: The shade on these are fantastic. Highly recommended to create the necessary shadings for your creepy drawings.
  • Sketch pad: Compile your favorite Halloween drawings!

3 Malevolent Dolls

A popular (and wrong) way to keep children behaved is to tell chilling stories of cursed dolls.

Here are three drawings of dolls that were considered cute, but have fallen into disgrace due to their surrounding circumstances.

1. How To Draw a Creepy Doll

Dolls are a popular medium for voodoo witches and sorcerers.

They’re often an ugly effigy, stitched up and pierced with pins.

It looks like this doll by Di Drawing has formed a mind of its own, ready to release its anger on anyone who dares use it again.

2. Chucky Doll Drawing

Chucky is more than a cursed doll; he’s an icon in the possessed doll genre of movies.

In fact, the original movie has cemented itself as a cult classic among devotees.

To make it less frightening, here’s Cartooning Club How To Draw‘s watered-down version of Chucky.

3. Haunted Doll Drawing

It doesn’t matter what look a doll has: if you tell me it’s cursed, you can find me at least 500 feet away from it.

But you don’t have to tell me anything for me to know that this doll illustration by CanDo has a sinister energy.

3 Vengeful Spirits

Spirits possess more than just dolls. In the worst case, they will possess a human, as was the case with the next three figures.

4. The Ring, Samara Morgan

Samara Morgan was shunned for her supernatural powers. After being pushed inside a well, she vowed to come for anyone who watches a certain video cassette.

Don’t be baffled if ‘video cassette’ sounds alien. This movie came out in the early 2000s after all.

Thankfully, those don’t exist anymore, which means there’s less chance for this vengeful spirit by Shamim Art Academy to come out the screen and grab you!

But remember this: chances are low, but never zero.

5. Kawaii Sadako

I apologize to those who are on the verge of a mini heart attack from the last drawing.

To help you sleep soundly tonight, I’ve also included this very adorable kawaii Sadako, who feels lonely trapped inside a television box.

Winnicorn really did a great job of erasing those spine-chilling images from my brain.

6. The Nun (and The Conjuring 2), Valak

Valak is a mean, demonic nun and a big ‘nope’ in my book.

Horror movie directors don’t get tired of Christian folklore, which is understandable because it’s replete with stories of fallen angels, devils, and other disgraced figures.

AAARTWORKS‘ Valak illustration is on point, contrasting the light and dark very well.

4 The Grim Reaper

A person’s time is up when this hooded figure appears before them.

7. Grim Reaper

Photo credit: Easy Drawing Guides

While this Grim Reaper by Easy Drawing Guides is drawn in a cartoon style, this figure is not any less serious than its other forms.

Make no mistake, seeing even an animated version of the Grim Reaper is probably not a good sign.

8. Refreshing Grim Reaper

Photo credit: Hello Artsy

Black often equates to death, that’s why Grim always wears a black robe. But in Hello Artsy‘s drawing, Grim stands out by wearing a blue robe.

The black void in the hood is absorbing, calling the souls of those whose time is up.

9. Cartoon Grim Reaper

Is it possible to oppose the Grim Reaper? Probably, but prepare to face his wide array of powers.

Art for Kids Hub sketches Grim Reaper’s demonstration of powers, which includes a bluish fire to extinguish your soul.

10. The Grin Reaper

The Grim Reaper is a supposedly neutral entity, an Angel of Death that eases the soul’s transition to the afterlife.

They’re often robed skeleton who carries a scythe that represents the reaping of souls.

EasyDrawingTutorialsGrin Reaper seems to enjoy its role as death’s personification.

3 Wicked Witches

Witches aren’t that scary. That’s what I thought before I saw these three wicked drawings.

11. Easy Witch Drawing for Kids

You don’t know the terror of encountering a witch until you’ve come across one in Minecraft.

But fortunately, that’s not what’s been sketched in this video tutorial by DrawinGeek, who draws a sleep-deprived-looking witch.

12. Scooby Doo, Witch

Purple and green is a staple in a witch’s motif.

The green skin color (probably popularized by the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz) has been featured in many portrayals, including in Scooby Doo.

Let’s learn how to draw it in this video tutorial by Art for Kids Hub.

13. Realistic Witch Face

I haven’t been more disturbed by a witch since seeing Wayne Tully Art’s sketch of one.

That just goes to say how impressive the details are included in it.

3 Murderous Clowns

The terrifying thing about clowns is that there are no spirits or ghosts involved. In other words, supernatural powers aren’t at play.

That means they can exist among us. I’ll let your imagination go wild with these three murderous clowns.

14. Ronald, Is That You?

Photo credit: Hello Artsy

Clown? Check. Red hair? Check. Can give adults a heart attack? That’s Ronald, alright!

Resembling our favorite fast-food chain mascot, this drawing by Hello Artsy probably has more malicious intentions than just serving greasy fries and burgers.

15. Grinning Clown Gremlin

Clowns often make an appearance at birthday parties.

Children who have been naughty this year will not only be excluded from Santa’s list, but there’s a chance of this clown gremlin paying them a visit on their birthday.

16. It, Pennywise the Clown

Not only do we have to be alert for cockroaches near sewer openings, but we also have to deal with creepy clowns during rainy days.

Though technically an alien, Pennywise loves frequenting sewers and scaring little kids.

Draw It, Too captures that unsettling appearance in their detailed Pennywise drawing.

4 Serial Killers

Sure, ghosts and spirits are scary. But I’m positive that tangible beings—like these four serial killers—are scarier ethereal ones.

17. Halloween, Michael Myers

What’s a more fitting Halloween drawing than the main villain of Halloween?

There’s probably no hope if someone as unyielding—not to mention violent—as Michael Myers is chasing you.

Even Draw So Cute’s adorable style can’t save you from his relentless pursuit.

18. Saw Franchise, Billy the Puppet

Do you want to play a game? Probably not, if we’re talking about Jigsaw’s games.

If you’ve witnessed the cruelty of Jigsaw, then Billy the Puppet is a mask you don’t want to see.

19. Scream, Ghostface

Serial killers are keen on keeping their identities hidden. Otherwise, there would be little mystery holding the attention of the audience of teen screams, like Scream.

Plus, these masks make such classic antagonists iconic.

Here’s 4AM ART rendition of Ghostface.

20. Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger is probably one of the serial killers who doesn’t need to hide his identity.

I don’t know about you, but his scarred face is enough to give me nightmares.

Cartooning Club How To Draw makes his image less traumatizing, infusing Freddy with chibi elements.

Easy But Still Spooky!

Diversifying your Halloween characters is a great way to excite children and invite them to look forward to the spook season.

We’ve dealt with more than ghosts and skeletons this time, and your little ones will be carrying more than enhanced skills when they go to sleep tonight.

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